Food for the brave! Do you want to try?

Food for the brave! Do you want to try?

The moment is finally here we’re aboutto eat bat here North Sulawesi Indonesiamy Grod are you ready yeah ready let’s do this, I’ve tried a lot of delicaciesin a lot of different countries but many of them are reserved mainly for specialoccasions some locals eat snake in Vietnam but it might only be a few timesa year it kind of grew into more andexotic delicacy of sorts for men onPalawan Island in the Philippines mostlymen enjoy wood worms but it’s not like adaily snack however faced here in NorthSulawesi I really want to know howcommon it is for country folks to eatthis stuff.

Food for the brave! Do you want to try?

mean surely aseven-year-old village girl randomlypassing by wouldn’t ad mit to eating badhave you ever eaten back before goodgood Anashe’ll have like in a week like a coupletimes like set the lingo bit up about it okay okay but maybe it’s like broccolithey eat it but only because they haveto what’s your favorite part of the batis she like this hi she’ll get like thisdelicious delicious really the eating ofthat here is much more common than Iexpected but that doesn’t mean it’salways say what is the risk of eatingthis it could right die yeah there arereports of bat lovers contracting Ebolahow many people have gotten Ebola fromthe bat remember to mention that youdon’t have to eat it a lot. I’m gonna domy best but.

I’ll try to restrain myselffrom eating too much but what doesn’tkill me can only make me stronger unlessit makes me dead let’s find out I amhere right now with Michael the bat guyI wish shows a better name for you howmany bats have you eaten in your lifeprobably if I can count like more than100 did you ever get sick nope good whatdoes bad taste like tastes like chickenbut the texture is like completelydifferent so you’re gonna feel thatletter I’m pretty excited for you greatthree hours from monado cruising down asingle winding road will bring you herea village of about 500 to 600 and ifyou’re with Michael he’ll bring you herethe old traditional kitchen of villagebat chef jelly thank you so much forhaving us here today.

I like you come toin the home thank youjelly is the master of bats the GordonRamsay of dark-winged meat trust me ifyou have to eat this there’s no onebetter to prepare it when is the lasttime you cooked a bat oh this is areason why we came to her yeah thankgoodness that isn’t a delicacy here it’sa staple like Taco Tuesday in the US soit’s no surprise that when I visited oneof north sulawesi spigots markets theywere selling hundreds of bats too eagerlocals Jesus look at this it’s like ameter long oh look how huge this is wellit turns out, I was still surprisedThoma whole market is home to all kindsof bush meat cut and hunted from thejungle and that seems to be the mostpopulous sir how much does this one costlike four to five dollars for a wholebat Batman who are your Robin you don’twant to be the bat here trust me.

I heardthis market was wild and it does notdisappointthis is dozens of ants here they have awhole pile of bat wings you can see he’skind of butchering a little bit the badthe yummy I gotta try this bad at somepoint back in jelly’s kitchen I’veoffered up the bag of furry winged goldfor her to inspectOh what do you think are those good betsyeah should give it a little sniff testyou mentioning this fresh new you seethis part in here yeah I noticed oneyear I was at Taman market they it’spartly that’s like the best cover up andthen like all the pee and all that likego through here so like they remove thispart so make sure thatsmell anything bad at all oh, I didn’ttouch any of these bony there’s theclaws on here to be honest it does smellpretty neutral oh yeah a little bit moreit’s gonna come – yeah there you go soyeah we eat that little feed – yesreally thorough inspection here oh wewant to make sure these bats haven’tbeen stepped on because the only male nomale one things better than Delphine Oladid she just rip off its penis yeahice-cold pina day after ensuring ourbats are fresh they get a quick bath ohcan you see the teeth oh it’s getting inthe gumsthis is then off with their heads as shebegins carefully cutting around anygl ands that emit an unpleasant odour whocriticize me a lot like you never letthe camera guy eat and that kind ofthing and for sure like I you’re welcometo join usno wait okay she then removes the clawsand.

I take that home on the plane youthink I can sound right for you and putit on a necklace or something thensections the body into smaller morebite-sized pieces yes the whole stomachliver and everything – yeah cut thewings in half and it’s ready for thewalk I’m sure it cooks it you can justsay yeah you can just yeah like that Ijust have this weird thought when youwatch a show like this it’s gonna feelso bizarre and weird to some peoplewatching but there’s something aboutjust actually being here and the realityof it like the bats are right here andfeeling the warmth of the people that itdwindles the amount of unusual illness -it feels normal now but earlier I got achance to join a bat hunting team in thejungle and nothing could have preparedme for that well I don’t really haveanything to say he just he just he justbat hunting in theory is simplecarefully tie a net between two longbamboo rods and hightail it into thejungle bad hunting in practice is not soeasy we’re gonna put the bemble up andhopefully those bats will get snot tolure the bats into the netthe crafty hunters create a high-pitchedbat like squeal using some wood and amachetethat’s the sound they’re trying tocreate before we set off there are somebat hunting ground rules we have to bevery polite if we enter the jungle ourintention should be pure.

I feel likehaving this negative emotion over ustaking over and itgood second we cannot jump over thebamboo okay that’s how the localsbelieve it and we should respect in someway okay and just like that we’re headedinto the jungle as the Sun sets behindus how do they know where the bats arethere’s Firefly over there does thatmean that yeah a miss Bence wow that’s agood sign there’s a Fireflygoodbye we’ve have been upon a streamhere and they’re trying to build alittle bridge for a set of rocks but Ithink we might just be getting our feetsoaked in a second and anyone could dieat any timeoh wait no joking we’ve tracked abouttwo kilometers into the jungle herewithout the fire it’s like completelypitch black it’s a little bit eerie andthey say we need a way to possibly evena couple hours here in the dark waitingfor the bats to come this wayso positive vibes so we’re gonna do allright we’re looking up in the tree rightnow they found a tiny bat out therethey’re using the piece of wood on theknife to create that bad sound guysthere a busload up the net can you turnoff your light they’re not the light fornow yes all right guys it’s completelyblack right now but they’ve got the netspread aparthoping something’s gonna fly through andright now he’s just kind of moving thenet back and forth.

I know you guys can’tsee anything we just got one here Wow wegot this tiny bat at meoh this one has like tails and some ofthis species doesn’t have tails and thisis not even the biggest one the biggestone is actually deep inside in themountain they got this one is reallytinyaren’t they ever worried about likeeating too many of them especially tinyones do they ever just let the tiny onesgo okay do they just told me like itwill never run out of like this kind ofspecies of bats because yeah pretty mucheverywhere oh wow they just got anotherone right here oh my god sounds like ababy crying well I don’t really haveanything to say he just he just he justbit the can yak oh my but a bigger oneyou see they slit my throatbat hunting like this makes sense in acommunity where farmers earn about $100a month selling bats for two to threedollars each can go a long way to makingends meetback in the kitchen with jelly our batsare ready to hit the walk-in with thebed oh it’s not putting any oil yetbecause this is the natural way toactually cook it after the bat shetosses in green onions herbs includingbasil lemon grass and pandan leaf myeyeballs are not immune to the smoke.

I’mcrying over air then the spicy pastewith tumeric and chilies finally creamyrich coconut milk there’s no betterexperience than just fresh coconut milkI love it cook for 30 minutes and you’llhave the favorite local treat we’ve gotfive fresh pads in here cooking andcoconut milk I cannot wait to try thisout first of all jelly I have to say I’ma little jelly of your cooking skillscuz I cannot make a bat look this goodthank youwe normally in manasa we eat it onbanana leaf this is a traditional way toeat it yeah this is to show like thecommitment and the sharing andtogetherness within the community isthis the time that’s the fight before webegin I just want to say like the waythis smells oh my gosh all right tons offresh flavors and said I want to peelthe skin off of this bone and I want tojust jump right into it yes ready youare one of the best eaters I’ve ever hadon my that is that unique texture it’slike gelatinous bouncy chewy chewythere’s a little bad eat anus look atthis I’ve got this stretchy piece of bedyou know it’s like innovating ourselvesoh she’s showing the camera – I love herspirit she’s into it okay.

I’m gonna biteinto that you gotta get used to a littlebit all the flavors are wonderful Ican’t even tell if there’s gaminess cuzthere’s so many like strong flavors hereokay so I got a nice piece of meat herefrom the body it makes it wasn’t ricinyeah chicken liver very organizedthere’s nothing meat to get the Hatwe’re jumping right into the head okayso she’s gonna show me how to take apartthe head Europe the whole thing oh yeahthat’s it oh I got it I’m gonna eat allthis head skin I just gotit’s very good why I got too messy hishands here I split the bad head openwhat do i do from here you’ll find athumb oh it’s yeah that is the tongue ofa bat slow sauce some spices some riceright and a little bit of bat tongue ontop mmm the texture it’s very chewy firmoverall like everywhere but not like sohard you have to gnaw on it and then theflavor it’s like a very dark mean kindof it Morgan II the most weird part isthat you know.

I just ripped open the abats head to get a tongue otherwise if Iwas just blindfolded and I had to eat itI’d be like I don’t know what is it youknow it’s just the fact that it lookslike this that I think might bedisconcerting to some people not me notme I do want to say thank you so muchfor your appearance this was nuts Oh forme it really out of my comfort zone butso rewarding and fun and jellyI mean fat cooker of the century soskilled thank you very much for you guysthis video was made possible by one tripVietnam one trip is the highest ratedtour company in Vietnam doing tours fromnorth to south in all major citiesincluding Hanoi new Chiang Danang high Mand Saigon you can experience food toursadventure tours and more to learn moreabout one trip check out the links inthe description down below I will see.

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