Food for only 1 dollar in Vietnam! Cheap price but extremely high quality!

Food for only 1 dollar in Vietnam! Cheap price but extremely high quality!

Meat there’s so much in here it’salready juicy it’s redyou know what kind of seasoning’s inhere they have a secret recipethey won’t tell us even if we ask nicely, i’m going to tell you exactly what’s in vietnam is a street food lovers, paradiseand one of the few places, where you canball out on a budget this isthe least expensive most affordable andi could even probably saycheap for this food adventure do we have truffleit comes to cheap eats these creativevendors have mastered, the artof turning affordable ingredients intohurricanes of flavor and texturesatisfactiontoday. i’m showing you 10 differentstreet foods you can buyfor under a dollar there’s no chopsticksit’s gonna be a bit messyand some even cost less than thatso get ready to give your pennies apinch this is a side of street food you have never seen beforejoining our food adventure a 23 year oldfashion designerand food lover.

She’s lived in australiadenmarkfrance and now her motherland vietnam her name is kimmy that’s it it has begun the cheapeststreet food tour probably in the world, i don’t think you could find food much more affordable than what we have right here these lookfreaking fantastic what is this this is soy ching now soy is sticky rice and jean is uh fried stuff correct the outside it’s made with fried riceit’s been crispified on the outside cut in half and they’ve just stuffed it fullof so many fun powerful tasty ingredients like a thick dressing of mayonnaise chili sauce fried onionliver pateminced pork pork floss and a fried quailegg about 25 cents for one of these a dollar will get you four, i have n’tactually touched one yet see which one speaks to me this one, has its mouth open like it’s calling out to melet’s go for it okay wonderful sticky texture crunchy out sidea little bit spicy with a sweet chili sauce right that kind of cheap, chili sauce still gives it that fast food kind of flavor to itdefinitely and everything, in there is really salty you don’t have to go all the way to sai gon to find this dish you just need to go to the right place.

Which is usually nearby schools because kids love cheap food but if you come to this particular carta cart with 17 years of experience mr bao is setting the standard for yum it’s everything we’re eating today kids food when you’re a student you do want to save what coin you have and you want to make it go far this sort of stuff is perfect well guys stick around we’re going to go to all the places where kids go and probably by the end of the video i’ll get arrested for just being creepy and old and walking around with cameras here in vietnam soit should be a fun adventure right[Music]our cheap eat journey has led us here astreet food heaven with over 50 vendors this neighborhood has been long known as sai gon’s littlecambodiaselling cambodian inspired dishes and so much more meat finally okay so this is our secondlocationsecond dish now one of these deliciousmeat popsiclesis uh how much again 10k like under 60centsand the name of it is nem ballnunsa grilled beef with lemon grass when it comes to southern vietnamese food this is a must tryafter five years of perfecting his meatmr lumnow sells up to 1 000 sticks per day you know what kind of seasoning’s in herethey have a secret recipeit’s a family tradition.

I’m going to deconstruct this let’s try it out i’m going to tell you exactly what’s in it here we go[Applause]i would say a little sugar msgsalt probably a nano oil is making itred oh my god that’s juicy yeah it’s sojuicyseasoned ground beef is wrapped around alemongrass stocksalt and secret ingredients oh wow the meat because it’s beengrilled and there’s a bit of sugar in there the edges some bits have becom ealmost caramelized so it’s just sweet savory juicy and totally delicious i love itall right so we’ve had our appetizer ourmeaty main course and now dessert righthere this is food created to be affordable byresourceful people with simple ingredients like bananas and coconut the nunder the skilled hands of miss kien ittrans forms into a dessert that is unable to be resistant the banana that’s been grilled you know i didn’t even know that was anoption for about 30 years of my life sun-dried bananas are soaked in saltwater grilled until golden brown cut and smothered in a creamy sweetcoconut cream let’s try it out oh so good.

I could get hit by traffic and not care the banana gives it that body gives you that vessel but it’s all about the coconut cream right it’s sweet creamy rich and it has a little bit of that like over sweet frosting flavor to it alittle salty as well this one is only 15 000 don’t that’s alot of deliciousness i know how much more, i can eat we have a lot more to go yeah yeah you gotta toughen up it’s all part of the food base help me please and then she takes another bite this whole market is just bustling full of different types of food this lady behind us has the friedsection just a few stalls awaymiss luanne everything here gets friedbananas sweet potatoes bread fruit allis coated in a flour batter beforeplunging it into the oilbut what stands out to me it’s basicallya vietnamese empanada, i’m gonna break it in half oh i better get a close-up on that oh it’s kicking i feel it kicking it’s gonna break it yeah oh yeah yes look at all that damn this fried goodness is stuffed with stir-fried minced pork and mushrooms plus a quail egg nice flaky crush on the outside insidesavory sweet and more light than iexpected hey kind of makes you think of a bun bell oh you’re wrong that’s what it feels like but just fried you know oh like it’s really similar meat the meat yeah it iso kay.

I agree it’s kind of like thein side of a bun bao where it’s kind of like some steamedpork juiciness yeah that’s also sweet yeah okay i feel you you proud of yourself oh yeah this humble retro style vendor is churning out one of the city’s most affordable food seaten alone it’s boring add on toppings and the sky is the limitactually dried squid might be the limitt his is the least expensive most affordable food that’s going to be on ourlist for this food adventure this isporridge a rice porridge that’s sold for 1 000 dong and what is that even in practically free can you believe iti can it’s just it’s rice porridge porridge is great porridge is a food that you eat when you don’t have teabecause you’re a little kid or you’re very old also when i was growing up this is the sort of stuff my mom should belike eat eat every time i was sick yeah it’s good sick food so is it good though i mean it’s greatespecially with all these toppings there are countless toppings for this kanji salted duck eggcenturies braised pork fat ninedifferent types of dried fish pickled cucumber salted radish or thea lways delightfuldried duck intestines yes it has been fried up just for us cutin to little slices and it will beabsolutely deliciousi think we dump a little bit ofevery thing in there we should start with this pork fat and just get some of thatnicericey porridge let’s try it out oh it’s not so crunchy it’s more chewy it’s like bacon bits butbig.

I’m saying i’m a fan oh reallyjesus christ they’re right there like is aid when i was little my mom should beshoving this down my throat when i was sick we could probably get this lady to feed you is that what you need the rice porridge itself has virtuallyno flavor yeah i like that pork fat it’s like bigfat bacon bits over here some porridgemixed with the duck intestine this is gonna be ourfirst for me. i’m just going to have some more of the porridge um you don’t eat that in australia may bethe kangaroo intestine we can do thatkangaroo intestine that sounds good have you ever had the century egg i have not this is going to be another firm[Music]yummy yeah century egg itself it’s got abold kind of pungentaroma can’t really pin it of those threewhich is your favoritethe century egg.

I’m digging these duckintestines they’ve done stuff to it they’ve been marinated in some kind of asweet sauceit doesn’t look like an intestine at allit’s really good boomsting ray usually people are eating this when they’re getting wasted oh very yummy that is my favorite dishstingrayi’m sticking with these intestinesboom food number six this place actuallyhas an interesting nickname it’ssonya so soy for this dish nyasak for the two morgues which surrounds it well. i’m dying to try this out so should we have a bite let’s do it asuper simple straightforward snacksticky rice on a banana leaf topped with soy saucescallions fried shallots ground peanutschinese sausage and pork floss let’s tryit out that’s right it’s flavored carbohydratesi like the peanut it’s like a peanutdust sorry peanut speed bar clearand pork floss and lots of different funflavors super fragrant the sticky rice very sticky i’m gonna get a little more of these micro sausages i mean it is so thin they must have a really sharp knifeman, i think sticky rice is veryunderrated not enough people eat it we should have more sticky rice in the world what do you think about thati agree we should have it everywherecontroversial but truelet us know in the comments down below.

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