Food at Cai Rang Floating Market-Can Tho! Vietnamese life and beauty!

Food at Cai Rang Floating Market-Can Tho! Vietnamese life and beauty!

Here it is we are on the water this is magical this is the most spectacularplace in which to eat upon me let’s give it a try yeah[Music]today we are going on another fun food adventure this time we are in the Mekong Delta, in a town called gum cos eatingnailed it where we are at the floatingmarket and let me tell you about this market it’s like a normal market butit’s on the wateris that accurate yeah this is the finalchapter in our Mekong Delta tour seriesĘ” already. I’ve learned how to climb acoconut tree here we gowas that good sampled some tasty friedgouramioh god a snake you got caught in a nethuh must be like a crappy day for youand we even cooked a chicken in mud. I couldn’t imagine how you could cook achicken in mud but we’ve done it so besure to check out the full Mekong Deltavideo playlist Oh God today it’s allabout one of Viet Nam’s, famous floatingmarkets we gotta check out our foodoptions while we’re here right here’syour breakfast boat can you slow down okcan you tell me slow downok we’re as fine if I wrong is a hugewholesale fruit selling hub and by 6a.m. it’s already packed with boats lookat this she’s preparing from soup wowthat’s a weird she’s giving it to thatguy up there.

Food at Cai Rang Floating Market-Can Tho! Vietnamese life and beauty!

I’m here to try some of the amazing and unique local food and totake a closer look at life on a boat so every single ball you can see thebamboo stick them hoop all day on thetop the head of rotten asle foradvertising right so from far away thecustomer can see it and get closer tobuy the stuff what is that that ispotato potato yeah and pumpkin rightthere okay oh that’s awesomewhat is that crap right there awesomeboat is there a lot of stuff you can seeon a bamboo and they put it all in thebamboo all that is brilliant. I neverwant to figure that outEduardo spinning bow you can see theynormally stand in a group of three orfour bow like that you know that theyaren’t family related so this is afamily it’s just like a family the wholewell right here it’s about 6 a.m. rightnow can we roll up somewhere to get somecoffeeof course yes. I’ve never gotten coffeein a boat if I imagine then somehow it’smuch better than just coffee on landthis is a coffee boat yep yes yeah yousee no only coffee buddy have soft drinkenergy drink only one top very good shegot it right after you say yeah boom -you want some coffeealright she’s thrown into copy she’sthrowing someone in to clean you saywell why ain’t you and I use somecondensed milk yeah mixing it up a bityou do it the other dayOh oh yeah hello okay what all does shesell here.

I’m gonna do now coconut softring meter water coffee yeahme as well yep cheers beer yeah whattime is it oh it’s it’s almost seven ofthem are out of a beer if it was 5:00a.m. I wouldn’t be drinking a beerthat’s crazy it’s a but it’salmost 7:00 a.m. I’m Maraoh that cold one oh oh this one’s beenin water for five seconds so this is apineapple oh we can even climb up theout of time let’s do that it’s pineappleboat time break we are on top of a boatin the fruit market this guy specializesin pineapples yeah does he know a goodpineapple guy they think he does he’sgot an expert we are here with the baldman himself he’s gonna give us a littlehouse tour I don’t want it like invadehis personal space or anything all rightbut if he’s cool with it then yeah it’sreally interesting to me how they liveso interesting you can see over here sothis is kind of the master bedroom righ there. I Wow tiny and so when he sleeps is he sleeping it into this right here this room he’s got like a few change ofclothes life vest he’s got a cookingarea here right some oh wow very nice he’s got a window here so we can you know see the sunrise in the morning on this side he’s got some batteries whatare the batteries powering hit the Lights made up of the light okay yeah hesent me how you cuz they just kind offancy actuallynot bad yeah absolutely fascinatingthank you so much join me a piece of your life come on thank you on to thenext food or whatever.

What look up hold upoh my god it’s another breakfast boat this is so much fun you can just sitdown roll around hi ladyanother beautiful breakfast boat hasrolled up on us and this lady haseverything grilled pork and what did shemake wooden – no moon oh yeah you got itwhat was at noon okay so like grilledpork noodles what is that one get oneveryone movie crap noodles the restwater rapido soup the Crown’s that wecaught in the pond before right the samekind of crab sex game in one room yepand then they put tomato in there yeahand tofu and then the blood cake did youlike let’s get one one real one realeveryone wouldn’t hit that note is itblowing my mind that this is all on atiny boat and it’s just like a perfectcafeteria she’s got like tinfoil all daytower so this is a movie that no one diddon’t cry I noticed she gave us thiskind of ceramic bowl do people usuallyeat it here and then give it back yeahso she’s just gonna wait for us to eat yeah yeah.

I feel bad like she’s losingmoney no we’re getting slow because thepeople right here they had a betternumber lately Heather very quick strikefirst but they need to work for afterthatokay well we’ll be very metaphoricquickly she’s prepared to burn real Wowlook at themyeah come on BAM look at this twospecialties of Vietnam that. I haven’ttried on my show yet andunreal yeah we’ve got a nice big pieceof pork we’ve got like a mud cake thisis more sauce yes maybe there’s tofudown there somewhere a little bit ofinternal organ okay she’s looking at melike yo my intestines are always cleanson and then here right we have the onesthat know there’s some peanuts yeah pickthe whole rice noodle pick o stuff yeahand then this is the grilled pork yeahthis video isn’t as much about each fooditem as it is just the crazy experiencehere you know so it’s so intense andoverwhelming there’s all these boatspeople coming up to you every time.

I seea boat steaming I’m like Oh what are they cooking in there let’s give it atry some blood cake you got some nudesover there okay Cheers[Music]I lied a fifth oxy anything herepretty good nice little piece ofintestine there. Oh bear sausage oh yeahmmm really good and you just saw thisdishyou wouldn’t think home you got thatfrom a tiny boat okay switch beautifulhmmnever did agree for that one mm-hmm. I’mpretty sure they marinate this pork in alittle bit of fish sauce so it has anice sweetness to it it becomes like aglaze on top and then you have some ofthat burnt kind of charcoal flavor rightI’m grilling it over the fire it’s sogood oh you prefer that one yeah.

I remember this one tell me about this guy nasty is a veryspecial guy sound like a lottery ticketon a boatthese are lottery tickets are you justkidding me so all over Vietnam almostanywhere you go you can find some peopletrying to sell lottery tickets usuallyfor how much how much is a lottery to10,000 over 10,000 like 50 cents thatkind of thing right and he here even inthe market there’s somebody drivingaround on this guy’s as his tiny boatand he’s still driving around sellinglottery tickets that’s completelyamazing how minimizing for you let’s getlike 10/10 lottery tickets he’s blessedme so happy hit this guy this guy is akin champ and this is one of the thingsI really love about Vietnam in SoutheastAsiaobviously the city is born withoutwithout the Vorlon yeah but he’s outhere hustling anyways there’s no excuseslike whether it’s selling lotterytickets or whatever like he’s out herehe’s in the water he’s paddling aroundhe’s selling tickets and he’s hustlingyes and he’s he’s making a earning aliving for themselves but to me that’ssuper touching.

I’m happy tosupport that come on oh yeah listen. I’mgonna give you five Wow okay and I’mgonna give the driver five yeah allright. I hope one of you wins all yeah come on yeah thank you yeah[Music]all ready I’m ready for a secondbreakfast yeah could you eat againsecond breakfast oh it’s gonna shopsomeone freaking head off oh my god thatlooks interested I knew it I knew therewas gonna still be food this is upon meBrett on his mobile. I love alliteration and I love on mehope on me she’s moving on a little bita spec coke carrot a little bit ofpickle vegetable she said that it’sdelicious yeah she is telling us it’sdelicious but look lady I already knowI’m confident is this not the mostadorable cute little boat you have everseen a lady with her little funny caseshe’s got a plant over here it’sadorable the Fung Shui in this mode isis perfect.

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