Fishing Day Challenge – Super powerful mustard-dot sashimi challenge!

Fishing Day Challenge – Super powerful mustard-dot sashimi challenge!

So how deep are we going is it deep wemight go deep alright they’re too smartthey might mess with your hook for fun wait what is that a fish when it comesto food Florida is one heck of a mixedbagso far. I’ve eaten funnel cake inDisneyworld Python in the Everglades andwitnessed a pink cooked hole in theCuban hotbox but today it’s all aboutthe seafood we usually get about ahundred foot visibility out here I’veseen Paul foot tiger sharks right hereat hammer heads – those kind of bitethey don’t just fight they finish themeal master seaman Keiko is leading theway how many rod holders do you have 32rod holders and it’s not enough doingwhatever it takeswait why we’re on to catch a big holyjuicy thumbnail so will I go from aFisher boy to a Fisher man or will Ifloat home empty-handedtime to find out what Mother Nature hasin store for us Key Largo conch housethis is the perfect intersection betweenocean and breakfast we are here for thecracked conch Eggs Benedict because Ihave no idea if we’re gonna catch anyfish later eggs benedict with conch yeahhave you had conch before I’ve had apistol before you know what that is yeah.

Fishing Day Challenge – Super powerful mustard-dot sashimi challenge!

I had it on my Travel Channel pilotwhat happens after I eat this give youactually boost negative oh okay moreboosting my roost yeahgot it more strut in my butt more pep inyour step more stride in your guy itgives you good stamina yep it’s theBahamian viagra this is what your palatewould expect from a high-end Michelinstar rated restaurant says Rachel fromTripAdvisor a huge portion of crackfried calm perfectly cooked soft eggsover an English muffin with tomato andhollandaise sauce top that with alobster and conch ceviche hopefullygonna do this ceviche and mix with eggand mix with hollandaise. I want to makesure to get some of that seafood so I’mhere scoop it up well it’s been a dickwill never be the samebecause it’s a little bit sour gondolaocean Mist in there mm-hmm that’s whatthey do they go to the reef get someocean water and then they just missed itdown before they serve it.

I’m legallyobliged to tell you guys that’s not trueeither you had fried conch like this before my first time we already had likechicken-fried steak earlier in this tripit’s like chicken fried comayeah that’s great it’s like bringingtogether like southern cooking and thenstep over the ocean do you have ayoutube channel[Music]yes oh I do have a YouTube channel whereI mainly just do catching Kooks whatfascinates people about that nation Ithink people like my channel becauseit’s a lot of fails and me messing upand that thing is going straight downlike it went the reality is it takes alot of work and perseverance right yep alot of the TV shows they’ll go out andfilm for three days straight and turn itinto like a one day fishing episode andyou don’t even know that it’s differentdays well guys we’re not doing thatwe’re filming one day you’re gonna seeevery fail and whatever else we need tomake it to ten minutes in one seconda lot of fun this is all for you we arein the man gross but we’re about to kickit up a notch and head into the openocean are you ready.

I am ready all rightpush your lever there we go you swallow a mosquitoright now we’re over sand that’s whyit’s so nice and blue I see it up therewhere it starts to get darker color ohwe’re getting closeall right our destination has beenachieved it’s time to start rolling somelureswell guys what you see here it resemblesa fish but a guy has vicious hooksinside you don’t put bait you don’t dipit in peanut butter or anything nopewe’re gonna just toss it right on itbut I can’t believe how many rod holesyou have on this boat I believe 32 rodholders and it’s not enough and thenwhat are we waiting for they’re gonnabend and start screaminghey stop stealing our fish.

I don’t know it just gotreally Louis oh no we frickin lost it OhNo there it is what a battleno fish can you grab one while you’re inthereit seems our luck doesn’t lie in theopen ocean time to change strategy weare now in protective mangroves a lot offish grow up here and then they moveoffshore they get bigger for collegewe’re gonna anchor up Chum feint somehooks and try to get some snapper maybeeven a shark keep talking goodkeep talking sweeties a chum is thesiren song for the snappers so right nowwe have three fishing rod set we’ve gottwo here for the snapper one for a sharkany moment now a fish can fight on oneof these lines oh it’s got some fight toit it’s hugebum another fish this is what we’re camehere for really look at those fangs it looks like avampire fish it’s pretty good oh snap ohthe sharp linewe gotta get shark this is wildthat’s such a beautiful creature yeahget a close-up of his skin it’s like that diamond pattern Wow feels rock is this an endangered shark no.

they’re notendangered if they’re I think 47 incheslong you can eat them this is not notbig enough to eat all right goodbyenurse shark thanks for being a goodsportmake sure he’s feeling good oh yeah he’sgood that’s the first time I’veencountered like catching a shark rightafter we caught the snapper Yeah righthey nice worknot bad for my first time out Heiko andI have decided to celebrate early thisis sashimi here on the mangroves this isgreat dude he fillets the snappercutting thin slices that will pair withsoy sauce and wasabi two items he alwayscarries on board what are the rules asfar as what fish you could eat raw thereare no girls if you can eat the fishanyway you can eat it rawsome fear that eating raw fish couldgive you parasites and they’re right sounless it’s been frozen beforehand eatwith cautionlook at that fresh mangrove snapperread.

oh my siliceous mmm-hmm see how itis a little bit chewier hmm but it’sstill I mean I like it some variation intextures it doesn’t have to be all softfor me that’s good then this is theperfect platter does it get any betterthan this it’s like we’re at a freegrocery store except for I don’t showwell you get the ideaHeiko and i cought like so many morefish but we didn’t want to bore you withall of that now we’re gonna cook them upfor a proper nautical feast do you eat alot of fish yeah a pretty good amount ofraw fish you check your mercury levelsever oh I think if my mercury levels arehigh I would feel it so and I feel finetoday’s menu mackerel and black fin tunasashimi + grilled white MargateHeiko shows me a little trick I’m gonnaopen his stomach up let’s see what he’sbeen eating Oh jeepers there is a lot ofsand in here’s because they’re pickingthose crabs off stick around it listento the sand it’s so prettygive us a good eater.

that’s how he gotnice and juicy like this is that yourcatchphrase that’s the catch all we gotthe catch catchphrase juicythe Margate is doused with olive oilblack pepper capers minced garlic onionsliced cherry tomato and parsley wrappedin foil then set to grill on low heat[Music]from the ocean we’ve got fresh sashimiand then our faint fish huh I’ll tellyou what we caught with his bait fish myheart like that that was for the ladiesI’m gonna start with the mackerel I likeyour style of cutting it is rustic andjagged I would say here we gogot some soy sauce on there 100% amazingthat is so good clean soft tender so shemeet men are you sure your body is notyour blood stream isn’t just coursingwith mercury cuz I would be eating thisriver every day if you eat enough of itit actually makes you stronger at onepoint does the metal detector go offwhen you go through it no tech therealways goes off when.

I go through the way all right here is the black in tunaoh they’re so good a little bitdifferent taste in that your averagetuna they’re less fatty than youraverage tuna Blackfin tuna you can’t buythem in restaurants normally becausethey don’t have enough fat for them tofreeze mmm but it still tender oh yeahreally soft to menice antastic all right we’ve also gotthis one here the white argot a littlebit of fish a little bit of tomato alittle bit of caper a bit onion that isa good smell here is incredible looksoft tender flakyhmm good that’s great just super flakythey’re carding and flaking fish withchopsticksyeah that’s a tough one looks like yougot some tinfoil here hmmwell you know that prepares nicely withmercury deep-sea fishing it’sunpredictable uncomfortable unforgivingand totally worth it Heiko what’s upthank you so much is this an amazing dayfollow him South Florida fishing channelon YouTube and other social medias aswell.

I had a lot of fun we caught ashark did you see it the part about theshark from researching and shooting toediting and mastering our 10-person bestever food review show team works hard toroll out the highest quality travel foodentertainment twice a week if you likewhat we do here please considersupporting our patreon patreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysong and receive a load of extras likeearly video releases private q and A’sand beyond to learn more about ourpatreon check out the link in thedescription box down below and if youcan’t give or don’t even feel like itthat’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here thank youso much for watching I will see you nexttimeokay keys all right let’s get to Chum itor Chum and touch up we’re gonna jumpguys more chill more just Chum it’s notfor.

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