Fishing boat life in Binh Dinh

It’s dangerous, he almost fell down. There’re fish that we don’t need to.. Should I cut chillies into the noodles? [Man 2]: No, it’s spicy! This looks like a sour soup pot We must have this to stick the wrappers Beautiful![Mrs. Mười]: When you go to catch fish, there’re prawns too, use them to cook noodles. Here…There’re people singing karaoke so I can’t talk loudly. They have just finished the karaoke. I’m loading stuffs on the wherry. So we can go to the waterfront And we’ll catch some fish tonight Can I climb on now? Yes I dropped my slipper. Hi, good morning… Oh!?Hi, have a nice night, everyone! I’m Khoai, welcome to Khoai Lang Thang channel.

Can you hear that sound? It’s because I’m on a wherry and we’re going fishing at Bình Định. Over there is Quy Nhơn city. It’s would be more beautiful if we went here at 5-6PM But it’s a pity that we have to go at this late, it’s 7PM now So we cannot see anything except the light. This is the first time. I have gone with a wherry on a sea. I’m pretty nervous And curious too. But with this trip, I can see another perspective of the sea. In my memories, sea is fulled of living creatures And as I remembered, seas have beautiful blue color Just like when I see it from the land But…In this trip…I can only see a sea with full of trash Seas are not small at all. So where was the trash from? Why the amount of trash is even larger than living creatures?Take a closer look! I can see…We have…An instant noodle packagePlastic cupsPlastic bags and even a toothbrush…Are you familiar with these? These are what we use daily[Khoai]: Wow, only catching fish, we can see how much trash is Maybe you also have the same thought like me Trash mostly comes from land From us From human! Throwing trash into canals, ponds.

Then it’s delivered into rivers and finally, seas Trash can only be seen visually on the ground So how about under the sea? What we can only see is the beautiful blue sea And only with this net. We can really see the reality Full of trash! The question is, who is gonna clean the trash? There were people told me that” The fishermen will help cleaning the sea” Some others said” The government will do it!””Maybe there’ll be the volunteers””Or it can self-decay after hundreds or millions of years” No one has enough strength to clean it allIf we continue to throwing trash without any controlI really don’t want this video to be in this kind of mood But we have to look at the reality Seas are dying![Khoai]: I’m lighting for you to see After the first catch Because we couldn’t catch too much fish, so we decided to go homeIf not, we would spend oil for nothing.

She’s behind my back She’s making fish cake. I tended to film the fish cake making processes in the morning. But because I had a really bad seasick And I woke up late, for around 9AMSo everything was nearly done She bought the fish and fillet them. She ground it and now she’s smashing the fish paste. So the fish cakes will be chewier With this fish paste, she went to the market in early morning Bought some fish then filleted them And brought to a place that they’ll grind the fish for us Now she only needs to smash and season it well. The paste can be flattened easily[Mrs. Mười]: Smashing like this help consolidating the fish cake structure[Mrs. Mười]: The fish cake won’t naturally become delicious Smashing the fish cake like this will help it become firm. The fish cake will be chewier and more delicious. The chewiness of the fish cake is partly from the kind of fish we choose. It’s not …The fish cake in the market is usually made from unknown fishes. So it won’t naturally chewy. They have to add flour and chemical. But here is 100% fresh fish Just some smash and it turns round like that?

You could see there 4 types of fish cake Coin-shaped, Marble-shaped. This is …[Mrs. Mười]: Big round fish cake [Khoai]: Big round fish cake[Khoai]: And this is flat fish cake [Mrs. Mười]:Roll that with Vietnamese coriander is very delicious. Depend on different dishes, we turn it into a different shapes. But it’s still from the same ingredient. We turn it into such flat but it’s still firm, no doubt about it chewiness. It’s thin so we grab it gently or it will be bruised. The fish cake smells really good when we fry it. We could steam or fry Depend on our purpose. It looks like frying prawn crackers. The fish cake is thin so it’s cooked very fast. It becomes chewier after frying. These marble-shaped fish cakes looks like fried buns or fried banana cake. So delicious[Mrs. Mười]: Stir continously. This is the fish cake that has just been friedIt’s very fragrant.

The smell of fresh fish, pepper, and some additional spices. The outside is really chewy And very sweet. The sweetness from the fish. When we eat this, we can feel that it’s totally different from the fish cake we buy at the market Really fragrant! And it has just been fried so it’s still hot. The outside is also little crunchy. This is tapioca starch, she will mix it with some water. Then cook it till it turns gooey And use this as glue to stick the fried spring roll. It’s like “Bột Mì Nhứt” which is usually eaten with fish sauce Lately, I will use the prawns we caught yesterday to make fried spring roll. It’s called “Chả Ram” which is the speciality of Bình Định people. These are the prawns from last night. Which are head-cut and steamed. The aroma of the fish cake is still around. We will roll the spring roll on the table so we clean it carefully Normally, to make the fried spring rollWe have to use the bigger prawns.

But here we are using what have from last night to make. We usually use the prawn at this size right?[Mrs. Mười]: Bigger! [Khoai]: Bigger than this? And here as you see, I have some prawns like pretty small. In that small container is pork stir-fired with shallot and…pepper to awaken the smell then strain. We select the big prawns for the big spring roll Then the small ones we use for smaller roll later. That’s the glue which is cooked from Tapioca starch and water And it will become gooey. We must have that to roll the spring roll. Because this rice paper is the thick one. It’s not the thin one we usually use in the West of Vietnam. So we must have…that food glue to stick the edge of the roll We must fold two sides of the rice paper to keep the filling insider and the roll will have a delicate shape. We make the fold parallel to each other. The prawn will be placed along the roll and ticked out its tail There we go!Mrs. Mười told me that. The pork and the prawn are well-cooked. The rice paper is like wiseso we could eat the roll immediately without scaring of diarrhea.

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