Filipino street food at Quiapo Market, Manila!

Filipino street food at Quiapo Market, Manila!

I never knew. I be at a place in my life where. I’m eating fried chickenintestines and comparing it to calamari but here. I am today, we’re in ChiappaMarket in Manila Philippines. basically this market is a giant Walmart with everyday low prices but if the Walmart was outside on a bunch of tables they have everything here do you need awrist watch do you need some chickenballs dude that’s going to make sensesoon, we’re going to be trying out all the common food Street Fair of the Philippines, and probably all of its going to be fried my heart is veryexcited as is my heart arteries quickinterviewhi.

Filipino street food at Quiapo Market, Manila!

There really quick question how are you doing today Monni, ok cool how long have you worked here providing, deliciousStreet food to people. I’ve been therefor almost. I guess clear can. I have some quick like and some of it please. I’m starving right now this is my first dish for today so when you eat the quick-quick it should be a littlecrunchy on yes. I definitely reallyFrench you’re going to pry this up it’s a lot going on in there let me introduce, you to the fry lady high priority you’re killing it can. I get a pound yeah all day what you know about that fried life to start off the day and, we’re getting alit tle bit of quick by the quail eggs that have been wrapped.

in the orange batter and fried and then oh oh so fastso efficiently look at that does anybody eat the food here just claim without any thought yeah no it’s not completewithout the sauce you’ve got to get that vinegar on there yes immediately that ‘smy favorite what’s most important is you want to put vinegar on everything BAM lots of vinegar and then a little chilisauce a this looks intense I am NOT the most spicy loving est person. I can hand lespice but generally in life I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. I don’t want to have food that’s burning my face off I just want to enjoy my food okay oh.

I was pretending at first but this is actually really good. I can not talk about the vinegar enough it is soimportant did you make this vinegar dang this is swimming in vinegar, and that’s what you want nice and crispy on the outside a little bit of egg in thein side and just enough yo, we have alarge ball of batter that’s non fried with bits of veggies inside and soaks in tons of vinegar and a little bit of chilli sauce, that is fantastic actuallysuper-heavy if you eat just here you ‘regonna, have to take like a two-hour nap before, you get back to work after lun chit’s not about balance it is just all about do you want indulgent greasy fried foods.

I think crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside very nice[Music]the most fun part about shooting in this market is that everybody is looking at us like what the hell is this guy doing how do you say hello in Tagalog Tagalog hello hi hi no back fish ball schicken balls all right today I’m putting every kind of ball possible in my mouth the fish balls are prettycommon as Street food in the Philippines. I did not know they had chicken ball – I am curious what part of the chicken this is, I don’t okay you cannot get anystreet food unless it’s doused with somekind of sauce the food itself isincomplete whoa now that is aninteresting ball the outside gets a little bit crispy and almost creates atough membrane that squeezes onto the inside so then the inside is just like a chicken nugget almost but the outside isa kind of a crispy membrane that is good with this also.

I’m telling you this islike good kid food like 12 year old name would eat so many of these none next[Music]so basically what I’m doing today is trying to get myself a heart attack by eating all the most greasy deep fried food that the Filipinos streets have to offer could I have some calamari you can choose your own, okay that one is good and that one is good and that one is good it’s already been fried once. we lllet’s hit it again a little bit of oil so what she’s doing now is cutting up the calamari vinegar or hot sauce let’s go oh. I wish I could reach out to you people on the internet right now let ‘sgo with vinegar it’s been requestedsunny you’ve got to eat the calamari in the Philippines, so these are squid ringsI mean most people don’t calamari is squid rings they’re breaded they’re deep fried this lady has a very nice mobilecart it’s attached to a bicycle so when she’s done she just biked home and then in the morning she biked to work againobviously okay. Oh hmm this is probably one of my favorite things.

I’ve had today you know my favorite thing about shooting there’s people are either very impressed and curious or very like the owner of this card she’s looking at me like what ever oh my god Oh mm-hmm oh she won’t look at me it is good though they’re crunchy the vinegar brings it to a bit of a soggy place but again there’s a nice scenesomething, in that breading it works it works for everybody and at the end of the day everyone is very happy what is this one a sweet ball can. I have this you know what we’re going to knock out every type of ball the Philippines has today about that much. I think she’sstarting to like me she’s coming around she’s coming around you know. I had a lot of very savory things today but now we’re having somesweet balls all right so we have thes weet balls with what tastes like asweet tamarind toss now. I want you tonotice this plastic banging around the bowl very convenient because when we ‘redone with this bull she doesn’t have towash it she just throws the baggie away.

I recommend you do this with all things in your life you could put these baggies over your socks and you don’t have to wash your socks you could put them over your shirts over your furniture never has this lady seen somebody add a little food salt so excited about a sweet ballbut here we go it’s three full-time oh oh I have noidea what’s happening it tastes like afried piece of bread and then they put some kind of syrupy tamarind sauce on it if it’s a hot day you’re in the Philippines you want a snack that’s alittle bit savory and a little bit sweet and shaped like a ball most importantly come and get some sweet balls you know it’s not every day that we see real-lifeheroes walking among us and, I am NOT talking about Superman I’m not talkingabout BatmanI am talking about the fried Esau man[Music]last time I was in the Philippines.

I tried to eat South the chicken intestine that’s grilled and I never came upon the favorite classic of many which is the fried Esau so they’ve taken the chickenintestine they put some batter on it and they fried it up and it makes such a beautiful shape on this stick I’ve noidea what to expect I know it’s going to be a little meeting and then a littlecrunchy oh it is about a thousanddegrees out here it’s the perfect time to be eating some fried Esau step 1, I’m going to have to dip it in this vinegar this is what you do you can dip one time and that is it you get one shot if you go back to double dip they will have your head you’ll be ostracized from the community and generally people will just not be a fan of it that’s the worst part okay so here we go Friday sound with a little bit of vinegar O hand so yummy it comes right up, I thoughtit would like stretch you don’t tasteany of the intestine flavorit’s just crunchy and then truly on thein side it’s a lot like calamari I never knew of you at a place in my life where.

I’m eating fried chicken intestines and comparing it to calamari but here I a mit’s pretty dang good. I would absolutely eat this againEsau it is an instant classic and thank God that we have heroes like this walking our streets delivering the semorsels these mighty morsels ofyumminess thank you and thank you aftera long day of eating a lot of fried foodincluding many varieties involved. I’dlike to set up my stomach with a nice dessert that is also fried and so what we have here is a couple nice tastytreats we have fried banana and we have here what I believe is called da dong which is banana and it is wrapped withsome rice paper and fried right and then there’s a sweet sauce on the outside.

I definitely want to try some of that hmm some parts of the outside have become candy if I’d like crystallizedsugar on the outside the banana on thein side very soft sweet crispy on the out side it’s kind of like what you mightimagine but instead of being some kind of processed pop-tart or some thingit’s nice it’s made with who leingredients okay all you paleo people you’re going to love this one banana rat to the rice paperit tastes like so maybe tamarind sauceon the outside but who knows for sure itcould be almost anything do you like this you like this tfn she’s not a fanhold on you don’t like bananas oh okay I thought little kids like bananas maybe not oh this is a lot of dessert veryinteresting out of everything I’ve triedtoday this is certainly in the upperechelon of yumminess is how, I wouldde scribe it. I don’t do a rating system but if there was a hierarchy of yumminess this would be near the top this would be like a Duke this is the Duke of YUM next time you’re in Philippines next time you’re in Manila when you see a bigbowl of vegetable oil boiling and some food or frying you need to come and eat we’ll see you next time on the best ever food review show.

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