Exotic tribal food in Kenya! Rarely Seen Food of the Maasai People!

Exotic tribal food in Kenya! Rarely Seen Food of the Maasai People!

I can’t stop being shocked what is going what is going on this sushi. I’m not I have to draw a linesome where the Masai tribe of Kenya the irdiet consists almost exclusively of animal products you want to test sure sure sure yeah some of them are filthy rich but live in houses made from cow dung the male houses are made of cow dung and every few months they moved to freshgrazing fields and rebuild all overagain their way of life wouldn’t work if were anywhere else in the world but in this part of Africa in this part of Kenya somehow it all makes sense the kidney belongs to the children and the intestines belong to the women they are divided into every part this two video series we’re digging deep into the Maasai culture how they live and most important to me how they eat turns out it’s harder than.

Exotic tribal food in Kenya! Rarely Seen Food of the Maasai People!

I love from the irseemingly bizarre daily food rituals this is raw this just came out of the goat just eat it you guys all ready yeah all the way to cow bleeding think of it like cow milking but for blood. Oh oh my god right now Kenya native Wendy and. I are leaving that row B and heading toward on Boselli one of the country’s largestnational parts overlapping hundreds of miles of Masai cattle grazing land butfirst breakfast today we are headed from Nairobi to UMBoselli in Amboseli there’s a specialtreat we’re gonna meet some people there who are gonna cook up a goat.

The goa thas this board here cut from a jug and then what does that do when the goat tries the mountain lady he’s gonna beblocked so he can’t get any action that’s goat contraception but first we’ve come to this small village so we’re heading towards Namanga this is closer to the Tanzanian hotel so we have a lot of likes and Senormigrants that have come and settled here because of intermarriage and trade and things like that so before we go to Amboseli we’re gonna check out life in the village grab some breakfast and maybe even try out some narcotics wait what not a joke let’s go so we’re heading to do some drugs okay great but what do you actually call it locally so it’s called Mira or mochait’s just cuts it’s just a stimulant and this is over the counter yeah it’s sold everywhere all right -Tata Mira oh they have more coca give us some cheese yeah.

Can I please have four bangs it’s like how high do you wanna get so it makes you high no it just makes you euphoric and very excited it’s almos tlike a dropping acid top is a stimulantoften used by long-haul truckers let’s see if this stuff messes me up it’s very bitter is so bitter I’m not like anaspirin I think I feel something deal nohow much do I need to feel it want youto finish this whole vibe for you tofeel it I don’t even eat salad to behealthy I’m not gonna eat a salad to behigh[Music]very much like Kenyan home cooking justfor tables outside with benches sothat’s like the chef and the sous chefhow long have you been running thishotel Mick while he was agony threeyears this is a fairly typicalfamily-run village restaurant knownlocally as a hotel okay so what shouldwe go have you try something ebay it’sjust mixed amazing business theirspecialty breakfast including Qatarimandazi Swahili fried bread and cabbageknown locally as cabbage it is calledjust cabbage it’s just a mixture ofbeans and maize it’s very important yeahbeans and corn just boiled for likethree hoursall right let’s go for it mmm party babyyeah that kind of Quarren plump chewylike Hardy corn.

I think that’s enoughdescription it’s beans in corn you guysyou get it right made easily grows hereso a bite you’ll grind it and make Daddyor you make a dairy on the side cabbageand the cabbage was fried I mean withall this fiber and the beans I mean it’sgonna be a good afternoonno I’m saying oh that is a cow that I’veseen there’s a lot of free-roaminganimals in this village I like it BAMbeans on top corn maize cabbage breadOlga mmm one of my favorite nocombination is to party in bins this islike really close to that perfect heartybreakfast from here we are hitting theroad we’re gonna find some goats[Music][Music][Applause]we are right in front of a Maasaivillage thank you for having us todayJacob a community elder will be showingme around today I want to talk aboutyour outfit particularly your shoes isthat me from entire yes you made theseyes basically you created a strap heretwo straps in the front it stays oneasily it looks cool thank youthere are over 800,000.

Maasai in Kenyafor hundreds of years they’ve beenliving peacefully alongside big-gameanimals and surviving off theconsumption of cattle like cows goatssheep and donkeys sorry guys we don’thave any shots of a donkey in thisvillage is around 56 people living butthere is no good pasture so we normallymove with a ghetto what is the longesttime you stay in one place two to threemonths and by then the animals haveeaten most of the greens yes harsh Sunand weak soil leaves little chance foragriculture rather their nomadiclifestyle means they move from place toplace in search of hurdle feeding groundfor their cattle what animals are youworried about the mostlion Lions will attack the goats andcows that’s just easy for them rightbecause. I saw a gazelle on the way here yeah those are fast yeah.

They’re fast goats aren’t that fastif you don’t fence your homesteadproperly they can’t break and get in thearchitecture of a Maasai village is rather genius precious and valuablelivestock must be in the centersurrounded by a barrier made from thornybranches these smaller stalls can beused to separate animals or newbornssurrounded with houses framed with wood and covered in cow dung on the roof this and glass the houses are built by women and a house took three weeks to buildthe inside maintains a constanttemperature during the hot days and cool nights then the outside barrier made al so with thorny branches so if a lion wants to steal a goat which is a problemvery few of us ever think about then the lion must leap over two walls grab the goat and leap out while not beingattacked by these guys the village Warriors have you had a lion come into this one yes once we call just a man and make me scream and the lion get out get out of the village oh well there’s no lions today right there’s no land okay good today we’re about to enter yeah.

I noticethere’s a lot of people waiting for usyeah hiending can you can use we are going tohave a prayer and someone is going tolead us with a prayer no no okayhey thank you as your link you see Ishared links you say a or learningin myself I share alonggreetings completes time for lunch onthe menu today and almost every day goatwe go outside of the village toslaughter the goat yes and no women nokids no women ok slaughtering and eatingoccurs about 300 meters outside thevillage walls these young warriors arenot allowed to eat food seen by women there’s a there’s a woman right there it’s ok because he’s our guestso everyone’s just gonna slaughter cookeat right in this little area 300 metersfrom the village yeah and then bringback the food for the ladies yes but if men are far off cooking what’s to stop them from eating all the meat you migh task we have some piece of meat herewhich belongs to women and some meathere belongs to boys so everything isdivided into everyone is there a piecefor sunburnt white guys yes ok Chris yesis it the balls yes yeah.

I thought itmight be what parties for the guests yeah sorry get Lincoln so they’re takingthe blood you know that’s where we getiron from they go he’s doing right now Iknow you want to test the blood ha hawhat if I wanna test do you want to testsure sure surewait yeah does the Amazon is there aright way to do this yeah no just anyhowdid you see did you sip your river howdo you find it okayyeah it’s murky it’s so deep yeahabsolutely you and there is where we getiron from. I’m pretty full man yeah I’lltake it more later big chunks okay yeahI don’t want to be rude a little bitmore you eat it you eat it that is thevery fast very fast part that alliancetouch after. I killed a cow and that iswhy the line is very strong the ladiesare missing out on this song it’s goodno it’s good it’s good stuff mycompliments to the chefyeah making it diluting it with the hubhe’s a warrior when they lie on attackedour animal that the people they try tokill the lion you see now this till theblood is diluted so it is good fordrinking hi[Music]decided to special would the acacia andcedar that we used to make the fire wenormally use donkey down because of thelittle fiber that we have oh my god thefire ha ha ha you gotta be quick withthat manyes so you come in contact withdifferent Masai people before right howdoes this compare to any of that thisisn’t an unlike anything even up witnessand you know what they said earlier thisis the first time in this village thatthey even showing this to visitors youk now.

I heard about the separation oflike Oh at this point sorry for the mendisperse stuff for the womenI mean you drank the blood I think I’mok with it like I’m not gonna complainby this point guys my manthe warrior has eaten a five course mealof raw goat that part belonged to thepeople who have slaughtered the backbelong to the lady that the goatbelonged to a pregnant woman get this tomake soup for her herself this one goesto the old man the other leg belong tothe young man the chest belong to theboys who are looking after the ship theribs belong to the chief and the otherone belonged to the owner of the boat sowe subdivided every every part is thereany part that nobody eats yeah we havelike the boy eyeballs it’s only maybetheir dog with a hyena other hyenas outhere yes they must come here tonight itjust seems like a almost a practical wayyeah to not have fighting there’s onemany people so how do you make that fairpregnant universe if you were like anelder you’re getting this hey look he’sdoing some good work over here this isthe ribs it’s just the man ribs for thewoman ribs so this is for the women noone here is[Music]what is going on this is goat sushi.

I’m not I have to draw a line somewhere that’s the goat fat are you just doing it for the camera at this point this Fuh do you want to have a little yeah it’s a little you eat it raw yeah okay that was easiest this is fineI saw some fat there’s just some fats ome time we eat the Hat sometimes you eat the heart wrong yeah look that’s the kidney yeah that’s a kitten you need toei ther get in it but the kidneys for the kid this one is usye ah we’re like this is mine hold on what is going on it’s a kidney so let’ seat this is raw this just came out of the goat rock and neat just eat it you guys eat it already yeah delicious that was great good how do you feel how do you feel the test man is just very intense yeah turns out cooking it does wonders whatever organy kind of flavor you’ve experienced that is like times athous and saltines yeah you like that yeah is that safe hey DC oh I want to throw up a little bit no no don’t okay cuz.

I’m a warrior yeah I’m awarri or yeah this is a lot of new stuff like in within five minutes men okay the parts of meat are ready so we are going to to add those old men’s and have deliver what age do you get to starteating this when you are like 28 yearsold does that mean everybody under 28has never tasted this yes they mustthink it’s like the coolest thing everthe forbidden liver yeah it’s incredible[Music]let’s go let’s try it out there’s somekind of sharp astringent taste to itit’s almost like bitter yeah does hejust go in a circleyes and then you get a bite you get abite yeah again yes that is the sweetestsweet sweet and sweet raw good food doyou eat every food like this style yesoh my god we said everything.

I love it you know there’s all about fairness it’sliterally the only way you could feed this many people is by having this kind of cooperation you go around the circleit’s like at the puff-puff pass of goatmeat super fair no one can complain. ityou guys the lunch is readyterrible you know we made you such avibrate our lunch is ready so we cannot go half this meat and some of these pieces we will take to the village and share the women sharetogether oh yeah right from the ribs look at this Godhe’s cutting it and he’s handing it outright how is it all right good is thisamazing. I’m gonna try it now Oh guys gots ome now too oh the ribs. I love the ribs it’s warm just bubbling with your easiness isthere even salt here Oh for that me oris that you yeah yeah sure yeah you know it’s very tender and fatty as well you see the tripping off it soon aseveryone gets a piece no complaints noquarrels are they really eating this every day yes they’re never like oh it’sTuesday I want tacosI’m sick of goat I feel really guilty ifI don’t like clean my bone let me show you.

I’m soeverything O Negative like oh my god this in part two of this massage series we go even deeper exploring one of the most bizarre and controversial foodrituals in the worldOh oh my god[Music]huge thank you – holiday destinationsafaris for putting this itinerarytogether for us here in Kenya also for you guys if you’re going to Vietnamany time soon I highly recommend acompany called one trip one trip is the highest rated to a company in Vietnam doing tours from north to south in allmajor cities including Hanoi new Chiang Danang high M and Saigon you canexperience food tours adventure tours and more to learn more about one trip check out the links in the description down below I will see you next time apeace boom-boom-boom-boommi is it just me.

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