Exotic Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai, India!

Exotic Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai, India!

I don’t recommend doing double Chili’s. I’m dying over here sitting on the best-ever, food review show we are going on another fun food adventure, and we are trying out some of the most exotic food, that we can find here in Mumbai India foods had a little boy from central Minnesota might have found to be a bit unusual in the past as a goat heart that’s smaller than I would have got for a goat heart and the brain is bigger than. I would have thought. I’ve searched Mumbai and Delhi to find some of the most unique food in this country whether it’s buffalo milk I help get myself or is this one broken or this dangerous flaming pun I’m determined to prove that one man’s weird is another man’s delicious.

When I came to India so many people from India, we’re like sorry man no weird food here. I think I found a couple of special
things. I’m not gonna say they’re weird by their extra-special. I have never tried buffalo milk let alone chick milk, a special name given to the nutrient dense milk produced immediately after a buffalo has given birth also this place housing 375 buffaloes is not exactly in the countryside these Buffalo, are in the middle of the city here’s a giant Buffalo, and here’s an apartment next to apartment buildings right next to a main highway right here in the middle, of the city until I have to be quiet so we’re gonna be with our Buffalo voices there’s a guy milking them so, they’re milking the Buffalo but, they’re doing it by hand man that’s gotta be such a relief to get all that milk out she looks very satisfied right now look at look at that face oh don’t be shy now come on
Buffalo they’re feeding they’re eating and then they’re a little bit curious too because maybe they’ve never been on a YouTube show so right now we’re going to milk the Buffalo and, I told them that. I knew how patella got a Cossack they’re bigger.

Okay! I have no idea what’s happening but this is great sure yes did you see there’s a little bit of milk maybe. I need Vaseline these guys have Vesely whoa oh I thought one of these nipples was broken it’s just me mm-hmm come on come on don’t base yourself Sonny I’m trying to be like gentle this Buffalo likes it a little bit rough I think they brought me to a dry cow what does it happen this is like the most bizarre field trip I’ve ever been on no boy white boy I don’t think I should note this one cuz it has an appearance can I drink some milk one liter of milk that’s absolutely gonna give me gas instead of trying the plain buffalo milk.

I’ve been told to wait for the rare chick milk from a mother, who had just given birth that morning but first. I’m heading in to gosh Walla for a dessert made from the same kind of milk so we are inside the fresh dairy store and the first thing. I spotted here was
they have some special Guinot ghee is like the clarified butter, and this isn’t cow ghee most of the game here in India is from cows they have sheep ghee and they have goat, Gate we also have ham fresh camel milk we’re not gonna try it today because it’s frozen stall if they prepared a dessert that we’re gonna try right now from that special Buffalo chick or chick milk they’ve made this dessert here we have the plain version just straight-up white and then this yellow one is made with saffron this is supposed to be super nutrient dense healthy.

I mean after this. I can lift a car or maybe at least a buffalo let’s try it out that’s really good oh it’s very mild flavor creamy cross between like cream cheese yogurt cheese, and cold milk if you combine all those things that’s what it tastes like no Buffalo enos at all do you like this one yeah so let’s try the bite with the saffron mmm it kind of changes the texture somehow no less
creamy, almost crumbly you know but very dense thick and you know it’s just a nice refreshing treat ,who knew that’s up there on the unique scale normally patrons come here to grab milk by the bag but a bag of chick milk cost three times the standard variety and right now the owner of this table has invited me for a warm frothy cup there’s a baby calf and the mother we’re gonna go try that milk now we will take the milk from this Buffalo it was a pregnant in the morning now he had given the kid that baby today yeah a two-day morning yeah and the baby and this baby after three hours or after four hours that baby will go to London so the baby gets some milk oh yeah and we get some milk oh yeah.

Okay see. I thought we were like taking away the baby’s milk but everyone gets milk I’m having the milk right now now it’s trying to helping you out it is a it is a colostrum milk has a 99% consumed Wow yeah that sounds almost dangerous oh it’s very nice.

This milk just came right, from the teat it’s very frothy of top it’s bit creamy its body temperature very whoa and you just take it down yeah and it is as it is a free form of bacteria how do you say cheers yes yes like there’s some different tastes over there so this some waters how salty and like that word yeah it’s just it’s salting whoo that is unique creamy salty fatty ha ha ha well thank you sir there you go a very special experience yeah sure thank you next up we’re headed to the suburbs for a local snack that’s
prepared and eaten in a very unique style we’re in this residential area here at Mumbai and just on this street corner these guys pop up out of nowhere and then immediately people who knew the stand started coming up and ordering some food what is special about this place how many you usually eat 10 to 15.

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