Exotic Bangladesh !! Discover Chittagong’s culinary secrets !!

Exotic Bangladesh !! Discover Chittagong’s culinary secrets !!

Do you know what kind of fish is thisstingray? I want to pick it up but I’mscared. I’ll do it dude Halloween’scoming up just might get oneyeah strap it to your face day one Bangladesh our journey begins at thecountry’s biggest port should it go theport city and the face is the biggestfish market in Bangladesh razor blade bymyside raphson a college kid from Dhakawho yearns to one day be a professionalreviewer of food on YouTube food whenyou eat this fish and when the bone getstough you’re done for your gg do youknow what’s GG you know. I feel thatserious generation gap with my senseitoday we’re on a mission to hunt downthe city’s most unique street food oh mygod this one’s pretty crazyit looks like tobacco. I can put that ina cigarette and smoke it you’re goingdeep scouring the country’s biggest wetmarket and shopping there’s some not socommon ingredients how do we choose thebest quality version he’s confident thathis one’s amazing finding out what makesChittagong different from anywhere elsein the world.

Exotic Bangladesh !! Discover Chittagong’s culinary secrets !!

Oh where’s a fork dude you got to eatwith your handsit’s Bangladeshi tradition come on hihow you doingI like your orange beard looks nice canwe see that we gotta close up on theBearden it’s fantastic Chittagong fishmarket early morning have you been tothis market before honestly this is thefirst time I’m coming here what’s yourfirst impression as someone is easy youcan’t even walk in and we have a hugecrowd this is the mosh pit rightChittagong Bangladesh is second biggestcity plays a vital role in the country’seconomy and Chittagong port is the MaineMaritime gateway to Bangladesh it’s thethird busiest port in South Asia and ifyou look around it’s pretty easy to seewhy fishermen not only from Chittagongthey come in from whoa munching fromkhulna they come in with their fishes inthis place on a good day it sells ahundred ton did you see any fish you’venever seen beforeI saw this coral leaf it was insane itwas this big all right we’re gonna takea look at the fish.

I think we gotta gowe’re literally holding up traffic yeahfishermen distributors buyers sellerstransporters within the apparentrandomness of these chaotic complexinteractions there are underlyingpatterns on the parent to me andprobably you as wellthis is Fisher begat inside of Chilegoing port it seems like they haveeverything here carp catfish climbingperch those fish with the sharp lookingteeth this is a coral fish this is likenearly 16 pounds cool you’re gonna havevery smelly feet never wear shorts to afish marketand over here a table that stands outfrom what the rest are selling in thismark in all kind of faces this is housewith logical house house house house Ipick one up yeah sure, I can feel thissmell with my fingertips my hands aregonna smell like this all daystingray have you ever had this no oneever now have you ever had this um Iwould guess since this is a hot spotthey’re just gonna kind of chunk it upand throw it into a pot oh.

I hope we getsome face Maine in our hot pot yeahactuallywhoa how does it it’s really good I hadit oh yeah nom in a hot pot it looksfrightening but it’s thickened just likefull of meats our plan today we’re goingto two different restaurants I justwould like to show up with this dishlike Iron Chef your ingredient isstingray would they have any idea howthey confess they just might they mighteither real bad or they might make asuper good[Music]thank you so much for having us todaywe’re right outside your lovelyrestaurant right now where you’re makinga common dish on the cross Bangladeshcalled Vorta yeah part of–part Operawe’re at member hotel restaurant knownlocally for the last 40 years recentlyin search of a more healthy menu they’veintroduced a huge variety of boertie andthe local folks are loved what, I noticehere as soon as I stepped inside.

I seepeople have like 40 dishes in front ofthem are they eating all this food sowhat they do is usually they givesamples you choose from it and then theorder that sono food is actually wastedporters are the simplest ultimatecomfort food of Bangladesh they aremashed goodies most are eithervegetarian or made with fish it can bemade with fresh or dried ingredients thepoint is to mix it with your rice givingit a new flavor the presentation iscolorful the aroma allure and the flavorI’m about to find out but first I have asurprise for the owner we brought somefood for you we went to the market I’mabout to show you but listen if you like it cool if you don’t like this kind offish cool.

I just saw a unique fish so Ibought it and a quitter uniquetemperaments Bangladesh is a Muslimdominated country so when it comes tofood most adhere to a halt all diet thatcoincides with religious teachingsthere’s food that’s completelyprohibited like this and this and thisthese are known as Haram in English itjust means not permissiblehe says his down to cook anything andhe’s here to enjoy well let’s find outthen there are foods that are hollow orpermissible stuff like this and this andthis as long as it’s been slaughtered inthe correct way but with some seed fromabroad it’s another story oh here it iscan you take the lid offyeah have you ever eaten this before ohno these stingrays are likely to beeaten by non-muslim people those tha tadhere to the Muslim faith might callthis mock gruel it’s in between halaland Haram it’s called mcruiz it’sdiscouraged and could become Haram ifanyone were to perform a monkey actexcessively would you try it no no itcould be a bit confusing for outsidersso I’ll stop buying strange seafood as agift and stick to the men he hasprepared a huge fish and he wants us totry it out let’s try that out yeah let’sdo that let’s do that what do I do withthis do you know anybody throughout ourjourney in Bangladesh rough son will bedemonstrating his food reviewingabilities the porta hard top porta pawfor doctor Rico haha porta yeah oh yeahI’ve been saying wrong this whole timewhat he doesn’t know is.

I’ll beassessing him the entire journey to seeif he’s really ready for the big timethis is tops Colait’s like unripe bananas so it’s justbeen mashed up yeah okay this one’spretty crazy I’m gonna try it out whatdoes it taste like beef jerky in powderform it’s so salty and powerful to methis is like a seasoning how many fiveliters of rice to to make sure this nothis is the form of beef in some kind ofveggie boertie garlic garlic Cornel theNational one at Lubert yeah potatopotahtodude this is an abomination what is itthis is a lu+ shoot key it mix it up youshould really try this one on this isdried seafood water ground dry shrimpare mixed with mashed potatoes then bayleaf salt red chili powder fried onionand mustard oilit makes thoroughly and eat dude what weshould film this[Music]Wowit is so intense the flavor it’s likesuper salty fishy potato II and thenpotato and then a lot of just startscoming through but they thought no whichone does he recommend from here oh it’sa fish market ah he uses quite a varietyofficials in here not just one each onehas a unique texture this one is likehow to dry and gingery and a pasty notreally good that’s the best one we foundit out this one is super fresh aromaticwhich unique like this one it tasteslike a normal mealyeah but having these taste like fewerseasoning are you serious some peoplewould eat this whole thingpeople are thinking.

I’m today I believethat next a huge tilapia oh whoayes dude in a big bowl my man marinatesthe tilapia with sea salt add capsicumonion paste tomato paste sour yogurtgarlic paste gira powder red chilipowder turmeric black pepper a bit ofmustard oil and rub that fish down realgood fry it up in a pool of geek whenthe skin begins to crisp upon flip andadd even more marinade on top[Music]so this is the tilapia swallowingthere’s cucumber when you put thecucumber down I’m just gonna sink myhands in go for it Oh shoes a littleketchupblow me those skins better than KFC mmmnow that is the I love superjuicing intense flavor like that a friedonion on the outside until crunchy andchewy just incredibly juicy my god thatis a good fish man I gotta say I’m notthe biggest fish fan especially freshwater yeah but here I’ve never seen sucha bold flavor with tilapia so muchcomplexity and so much intensity likethey elevated fish to give it some punchthis is like staple food for us fish andrice fish both freshwater and from thesea are an absolute staple in this partof the world like this root Chadha atraditional dish we’re about to try atour next location but first we’restopping off to buy an ingredient andanimal I didn’t expect to find inBangladesh whoa.

I did not see that that’s Haram forsure and it’s Jude I don’t want to noone’s eating the cat go anything else isthis a pet store a food store a grocerystore kind of a mix of everything shadokind of done it’s a bird storeso it’s all-purpose bird yeahall-purpose is like a listen you takethe burden you have a pet you havedinner whatever you want you can dig itas a bit of evidence better you can doboth this is something kind of unique Ididn’t expect to find here in Bangladeshbut people do eat pigeon yeah peoplelove business my mom loves eatingpigeons our Shin loves eating pigeonseveryone loves eating pigeons andthrough this whole video I’m learningthese little lessons about like what’sokay to eat what’s not okay to eat solike stingray off-limits pigeon go forit yeah you can go for it even eatostrich – right[Music]this is Hotel Nisa in Bangladesh likeIndia Hotel is synonymous withrestaurant and this restaurant isfamily-owned and one of the most popularin Bangladesh over the last 30 years weare in the kitchen with the owner AnwarI don’t wash sir thank you so much forhaving us today really appreciate itcan we come in between there theultimate handshake whoasuper respect.

I’m gonna do that from nowon yeah John you’ll get flattered wecame here for something that for me isreally unique I didn’t expect to findthis in Bangladesh tell me about thispigeonso it’s very popular in Chittagongbecause pigeons aren’t availableeverywhere they’re especially availablein Chittagong that’s why it’s superpopular and the cooking sell everywhereit’s different but there one is bomb youshould be the judge of thatwhat’s that the translation nearly ohyes very like a hip way of speaking forme growing up in the US the thought ofeating pigeon used to seem weird butI’ve tried it now in Vietnam where’d youget it from just outside and now here Iam in Bangladesh trying to get my pigeonfix this time in a curtain first thepigeon is marinated in a mixture ofturmeric garlic paste ginger paste eggchilli paste then deep fried in hot oilnext the curry in a hot wok they blendcinnamon black pepper and chopped onionadd ginger paste garlic paste turmericpaste coconut paste nut paste then chilipaste salt and waternot unlike India here any dish withfewer than 20 ingredients would likely be considered flavorless finally a touchof fried onion and a few bay leaves inany Bangladeshi household if you gothere to eat you have a ton of like kurikuri kuri kuri kuri dude we love curry.

Where do we start first you take therice rice is a foundational and elementto any meal here right yeah like we loverice it looks like it could be a quailit is not it is a pige on that has beenwrapped up in such a way that it’s likegiving it self a headlock analogous aball of meat and limbs to start fryingRoop John de root John now this is superpopular it’s their best seller okaylet’s jump into this now this is what wecame here for the root Chadha the fishis marinated in a mixture of garlicpaste ginger paste turmeric paste eggand salt they add flour to enhance thecrisps penis as it’s deep-fried in hotoil and we’re just getting startednow the ricotta gravy a mix of nut pastecoconut paste turmeric paste red chilipaste salt water and onion this smothersthe fish along with tomato greenchillies tomato sauce and oil[Music]there’s a huge ass bone in the middlelike if you feel that there’s like ohsorry I’m touching your food.

Oh do you see that flavor that spicy kickoh man you can feel all that 70 herbsthey use they did remind me of being inIndia because they’re making a hugespice blend 15 different flavors mix itall togetherand it’s like oh no that was the firstgravy now we had to do the second gravyby the time it’s finished the sauceitself has become like thick and chunkyit’s so delicious yeah boom fish fliplook at that bite it’s got some stretchyfatty skin on the outside nice texturemmm if you just dry the skin you canfeel the layer of fat on top it justgoes a deep complex flavor spicy savorybut those words don’t do it justice weneed like a bangla word for this mmmboom last thing okay I have a confessionyou’ve never eaten this nice so how areyou supposed to eat this I thoughtyou’re gonna be kind of the local expert. I’m just gonna break it from the middleand eat it Yolo yeah let’s yellow thismeal that the breast meat is super toughyou know one thing.

I noticed pigeon meatit’s a more darker form of meat thanchicken yeah it’s very nutrient tenseyou know they’ve been eating Big Macsfrench fries KFC and it makes it reallynutrient dense[Music]kind of tastes like chicken achoo ohit’s tougher lemon that’s good it’s adelicious powerful blend of spices spicyfragrant super aromatic yeah you can’treally feel that spigen flavor I thinkit needs more of these spices ricepigeon spices oh yeah that’s gonna begoodoh man that’s the move now I know allthese juices that can like fall off theplate all that seasoning you got a pilethat high back onto the food you cannotlet that gothat is where all the flavor livesthat’s so delicious you know I couldlike not have the meat and just have thecurry it’s not even kidding you eat thisdon’t eat that it’s been one day inBangladesh and I can see I’ve got a lotto learnluckily for the next three videos mydude raphson will be by my side tellingme how it is you’ve been doing YouTube for a whileright now do you take this as a careeryou’ve been doing this you’ve beenkilling it thank you what would be yourpro tip for me Oh for you.

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