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Hey there, viewers! Trying to lose weight, but  your work schedule leaves you with no time?  Well you have to try high intensity  interval training, or HIIT.HIIT interval training involves a high intensity  workout done for short periods of time.  You’ll be alternating between bursts of intense  exercise and recovery periods. One of the biggest  advantages of HIIT training is that you can  get maximal health benefits in minimal time. What  is a burpee interval workout? How to do  resistance band finisher? We’ll be talking.

Burpee Interval Workout.

 Burpees are a bit hard to do, and  usually end up leaving you tired.  But it’s good to feel tired. It works your  heart and muscles in a very effective way. To do a burpee, you’ll need to start from  a standing position. From there, squat  down and push your feet backwards in a jumping  motion to put yourself into a plank position. Keeping your body straight from head to heels,  do one pushup. Make sure to not let your back sag  or to stick your butt in the air. Now jump  your feet back to their starting position. Stand and reach your arms over your head.  Jump quickly into the air so you land back  where you started. As soon as you land with knees  bent, get into a squat position and do another  repetition. You just completed one burpee. For this workout, you’ll be doing burpees  along with a couple of other  things for a complete workout. You start with pullups, doing as many  of them as you can in 30 seconds.  You follow that up with 60 reps of jumping  jacks. A rep is counted as a minute of high  intensity exercise followed by a minute’s rest.  Then you continue with 20 reps of burpees. Once you complete the entire sequence,  take a rest for a minute, and then  do it again. You can do a total of four  cycles every day to get the maximum benefit. Do you enjoy doing burpees? Which is your favorite  exercise? Share your preferences with the Bestie  community in the comments below. 

 Resistance Band Finisher.

 A workout finisher is certainly not for those  who have just started with an exercise routine.  We’re talking high-intensity! You must only do a  workout finisher if you’re sure you can take it. A workout finisher can have an excellent effect  on your body. It involves doing a workout session  right after you finished your actual regimen. Considering it’s very tiring, a workout finisher  requires you to be 100% motivated. If done the  right way, it targets all your muscle groups. To do a resistance band finisher, you start  with a jump rope and do it for a full minute.  You follow it with 12-15 reps of dips. Once  you’re done with the dips, you do the high  knees. Each knee needs to go for 30 reps. The final step in this finisher is 20 reps  of curls with resistance bands. Once you  complete the entire cycle, rest for a  minute and start from the beginning. You need  to do the entire circuit four times every day. Interested yet? Make sure you join our millions  of followers, and hit that “subscribe” button  for all our great Bestie content!

 Lower-Body Interval Workout.

 As the name suggests, the workout focuses on  the lower part of your body. Squats and lunges  are the main parts of your workout and target  your legs the most. You can get a cardiovascular  and muscular benefit from this workout. You can start this workout by doing a 30  second sprint, followed by 45 seconds of squat  jumps. After the squat jumps, you need to do your  lunges. About 20 lunges per leg would do the  trick. Lastly, you do 50 reps of calf raises. Once again, after the cycle is completed, you need  to take a rest for about a minute. Once that’s  over, you must re-do the circuit again. You’ll  complete the day’s session by doing this regimen  at least four times a day. It is, of course, not always possible to  strictly follow the regimen. If you need to take a  longer rest, by all means take it. You can modify  the workouts too, to whatever is suitable for you.

Abs Interval Workout.

 For most people doing workouts, one of the main  things they’re looking forward to is getting a  six-pack. Or at least some tighter abs. An abs  interval workout can help you do just that. In this particular exercise, you’re working  with planks, using targeted twisting actions and  high-energy cardio. The combination will help you  challenge your core muscles and sculpt your abs. You can start with 50 reps of regular crunches,  followed by one minute of bicycle crunches.  Follow that up with 15 reps of sit-ups  and another 15 of hanging knee raises.  Once you’re done with them, do oblique  crunches, 20 reps on each side.  End the cycle with 20 seconds of half burpees. You can rest for a minute after the burpees,  and start the cycle again. Doing this  entire cycle four times a day will give  you well-sculpted abs in no time. Just  remember to follow the right meal plans! Before we move ahead, here’s another  video you might like. Watch and  learn more about the 6 exercises that  can transform your body in just 4 weeks. 

Battle Rope Interval Workout.

If you’re looking to improve your  full body strength and endurance, a battle  rope interval workout is the best option.  Battle ropes are not only thick, but also heavy.  This makes them perfect for giving resistance. You’ll be using both ends of these ropes at  a time. This way, you’ll be working on each  arm independently, but also maintaining  strength in the other. You’ll also ensure  there’s not too much of a load on your joints. To start this workout, you first fix the ropes  on a sturdy object like a pole. Anything  concrete that won’t move will do the trick.  Half the reps will be with both arms, while  the other half will be with alternating arms. In the double-arm motion, you  take the ends of both arms and  whip them up and down as fast as you can. This  will extend and flex your arms simultaneously. How high the rope goes will depend on your arm  and how high you can raise it. Make sure your back  region is braced hard while doing this. Your hips  will be the ones leading your arms in the motion. In the alternating-arm motion, you’ll do the  opposite. This means, when one arm goes up, the  other goes down. With this, your hips will remain  steady. All the motion should come from your arms. You can do this workout for 10 to  20 reps, depending on your stamina.  This high intensity workout usually  takes 20 to 40 minutes to complete. 

Resistance Training Interval Workout.

This particular workout involves a combination  of strength and power exercises, along with  conditioning work. There are four parts to this,  and it’s best to take about  20 seconds of rest after each. You start with the dumbbell squat and punch.  Take two light dumbbells and bring your arms  up to bend your elbows with the palms facing down.  Your forearms need to be parallel to the ground. Maintaining that position, you  need to squat as low as you can.  From there, stand and slowly push your  arms out so the elbows are straightened,  and then return to the starting  position. Do this for 20 reps. The second part is about short  sprints. Start with a five-yard sprint,  turn immediately and sprint back another five.  Increase the distance to 10 and 15 yards.  After you do the 15-yard sprint, come back to  10 and then to five. Do a total of 10 reps. The third part is a rotational lunge with a  resistance band. You’ll need to fix a light  band to a pole or a pillar – again, something  that doesn’t move while you’re exercising.  Keeping your feet apart, take the band with  both hands and move away until it becomes tense. Now, facing the side where the band is attached,  put your arms out parallel to the ground and  perpendicular to the band. Keeping them  straight, rotate to the left and lunge.  Pause, and then get back to your starting  position. You need to do 10 to 20 reps of this. The final part is stabilizing yourself with a  single-leg dumbbell and punch. Take two light  dumbbells in both arms with both elbows bent. Now  bend the right knee and raise that leg high above  you. Make sure your left leg remains straight. Once you’re in position, punch your arms  straight ahead. Then return to the starting  position. All of this counts as one rep. You  need 10 to 20 reps on each leg. Do the entire  circuit five to 10 times every day and you’ll  see the difference very soon.

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