Enjoy a classy Hamburger! How will it taste?

Enjoy a classy Hamburger! How will it taste?

This is a food illegal in the biggestcity in the usa that just makes it morerare more interesting and more exoticespecially in vietnam this is toppingour burger[Applause]the hamburger the recipe is simple allyou need is buns burger bun cpr and beefthe rest is up to you is it ham is itbird and does itso just a hamburger now this classicamerican food can be foundall around the globe with each countryand each chef giving it their own twistwhen i think of a yummy hamburger thelast place i’d expect to find it is at asushi place[Music]today we’ll see what happens when youapply unlimited resourceit’s like everything i have in my fridgeand super high-end ingredients to thishumble dishlots of gold useless flakes that i canpoop out one daywe’ll be trying out very affordablethere’s no indoor seating here oroutdoor seatingand very very expensive burgers have youevereaten a burger in a wine room so doesmore money mean a better hamburger mywallet needs to rethink oris it better to keep things simple it’sa messlet’s find out hambu rgers it’s every body’s favoritefood but what aboutthree hamburgers at three differentprice amounts of money that’s.

Enjoy a classy Hamburger! How will it taste?

What we’redoing todaywelcome back to bang for your buckburgers have been around in vietnam forless than a generation even mcdonald’sonly opened here in 2014 but thisclassic american dish has come a longwayin a short time today we’ve got threeburgers one winner and two luckydudes doing the eating me and some guynamed namwelcome to the show my dude does notmean five or a year orsomething else it’s like when the cookiemonster eats and it goes oh is that whatit isnam he’s 24 from arizona and he’s eatenfoodnearly every day of his life i amexcited today he’ll do his best to helpme navigate the complex and overwhelmingworldof burgers do you speak vietnameseprobably enough to survive can youtry telling her what’s happening and i’mand sayhamburger we’ve come to chiangnui a veryaffordable burger stop loved amonglocalsthey sell over 1 000 per day they’refamous for their add-ons you want aplain jane burger no problem you want toadd on a chicken fileta shrimp patty smoked sausage an egg ina can of tuna.

You can do that tooso they say the specialty here is thestacks for examplewe can get 20 patties if we want reallyand she said it was about this bigand it was over a hundred thousanddollars a hundred thousand dollarsour first burger of the day is simpleand straightforward one spoon of butterfresh lettucethen a violent saucing occurs ketchupchili sauce and mayonnaisenext the beef a well-seasoned friedpatty blanketed with a slice ofprocessed cheesebun to completion and eat there’s noindoor seating hereor outdoor seating there’s no seating ofany kind no we got these seeds from nextdoor we got these plates from next doorokay i’m looking at this i seethin patty the bun is not very dense butit matches the thickness of the pattythere’s cheese on there it’s kind ofhalf melted there’s a lettuce so there’ssomething green just go for it i’m not mad oh this didn’t make youangry that’s goodwhat happened you’re not in control ofcutting hairmoist button seasoned meat.

I wouldn’t doso much chili sauce i think it’s thechili that overpowers the padit’s a bit on the thin side like me likeus this is pretty satisfying for howcheap it is this is their base levelburger so we have a good anchor pointbut nowwe’re going to go up a little bit inprice and in volumeand that’s coming up now no dom and iare taking advantage of the famousadd-ons available here making thetallest burger possiblefilled first with the chicken filetcheese then two halves of instantsausagemore lettuce more cheese a shrimp pattymore sauces a fried egg cheeseagain then smoked sausage a freakingbeef patty and one lastfun square now that is a burgeri don’t know where to bite there’s onlyone way oh i just cut myself with this is thatbloodor ketchup oh just blood every time ibite into it i’m feeling joy there’s somuch meatand protein and sauce it’s just verypacked with sodiumit just became much more manageable ican’t say.

I don’t like it i like itthere’snothing not to like this burger goesagainst almost every religion the muslimdiet the jewish diet the hindu diet thevegan diet it’s nearly impossible to eatdrop a little bit of itand that’s still good food it can be putinto another burger this whole thingonly seven dollars how much do you thinkthis burger would cost if you’re in theusa at least like fifty dollarsdo i have sauce on my face be honestnah you’re good oh this is reallyembarrassing what’s your name again jakeit’s jakeyeah it’s crazy right meet jake thefounder ownerand head chef of jake’s jake’s originstory starts the same as mine inminnesota since leaving the land of tenthousand lakes he’s run barbecue jointsin the philippineschina and now here in vietnam for thelast five yearsdoes your northernness reflect in yourbarbecuei would say a little bit of it doesgiving it the minnesota twistreally dealing with the ketchup-basedsauces but i also have a big heart fornorth carolina-style stuff jake’sbarbecue prowess is reflected in hisbarbecue ribs pulled pork sandwichesand bacon ladies this guy makes his ownbacon i’m swiping rightsome things about making bacon are kindof standard across the board.

With allbaconwe’re reaching over here already jake’sbacon starts where all good bacon startsthe pork belly coated with salt pepperand brown sugar and left in the fridgeto marinate for seven days when the timecomes it smoked for sixhours and fried until it’s just a bitcrispy she is[Music]smoking salty a little bit of sweetnessthe natural porky sweetness coming outthat’s a good thickness this is likea perfect blt bacon yes the majority ofthisdoes go on all of our sandwiches whetherit be our bltor flying pig all of our burgers youdon’t want people like trying to gnawthrough it or whateverwe’re here today for the triple b whatdo those big bad bees stand for jakebeef bacon and blue cheeseokay it almost slipped yeah it almostdid beefground into two patties grilled andseasonedbacon fried until crispy yet juicy bluecheesea hit of sharpness melted on top to cutthrough the heavy flavors what is itthat you like about the blue cheese thecheese that we’re using today is adanish blue cheese it’s a mild typeblue it doesn’t really have a realpungent ora real hard kick jake like me is a bunsman i need a bun that’s just like apillow that i could put mymy head on at night so he’s worked thelocal bakery to make the perfect carvingcradle for this meaty monstrosityall held in place with a steak knife sorry.

I’m trying to get air inside thatold burger is still inside of me yeahfirst of all the whole burger’s beenstabbed this is very clearit’s not gonna be like our toothpickincident i just cut myself with thiswhat i like is that he’s not put any ofthe vegetables on the burger ooh i’m abig fan of that the bunoh i’m giving it cpr let’s give it mouthto mouth afteryeah and i’ve never seen blue cheesemelt like thisyeah it’s like i’m gonna be a crumbleand if you don’t like me being a crumblego yourselfit’s usually with blue cheese exactlyyeah wigglesthis is one meaty beast that is atextbookbite i had a stretch off camera you guysstretch your jawwait did you what do you do with yourtongue stretch everything i’m very impressed by these buns it’sfortified thick it’s soaking up all thejuices and not letting anything outthe bacon is the perfect texture for aburger stays crispya little chew to it finally the bluecheese.

I was reallyworried about it being overpowering buti feel like it’s perfect it’s justenough to add something but to not takeit over it’s coming in at around 30bucksthe next burger one hundred dollars whoait’s really really similari thought you would have a different one david nice to meet you pleasure to behere likewise david and his brotherpatrickstarted the premium steakhouse el gauchoin vietnam almost 10 years agoin that time they’ve established thebenchmark for contemporary topquality houses of steak in southeastasia the restaurant proudly servesargentinian steakhouse style food howdoesargentina do steak differently theydon’t do anything differently they justhave the best quality they have and theyjust put it on the grill withoutmarinating it without doing anything toit just a good rock saltthere you go best quality is what elgaucho is bringing to our one hundreddollar burger today we have our mostexpensive cuts which is a vague filetnine plusand a vagary by seven eight because ofthe fit and because of the marbling ofthe meat you know it almost looks likesteak combined with homemade trufflemayonnaise andfor ground top that’s what we do justthe best ingredientstaying true to their argentinian stylethe wagyu patty is precisely grilledwithout seasoning to a mediumtemperature.

The foie gras is seared until goldenand baked in an oven have you ever hadtruffle i have nothave you ever had foie gras i’ve never this is like a lot for you and actuallyit’s recently been made illegal in new york that just makes it more rare moreinteresting and more exhaustingespecially in vietnam this is a foodillegal in the biggest city in the usa this is topping our burgerour wagyu foie gras burger is takingshape with a homemade sesame buntruffle mayonnaise and ketchup lettucefresh oniona slice of tomato a sprinkle of saltthe wagyu patty then the foie grasas the crown that is elegancewrapped up in one burger can i note thatwe’re in a wine roomhave you ever eaten a burger in a wineroom i only meet the most importantpeople in one roomit’s a lot of first for you oh yes firsttime having truffle have you had wagyuno really never had a wagon oh my godyou’re like a newborn baby what aboutradish i’ve tried radish you tried rightokay i like here they’ve also put abeautiful steak knife into it burger buncprnow the juices are flowing and here they don’t give you a choice they’ve got thered white and greenlike the uh what flag is that mexicolike the mexicanflag the beef itself should be prettyfatty but that foie grasis gonna be like super smooth superfatty okay we should stop talking weshould try it out you ready.

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