Eating ONLY Animal Tails for 24 Hours!!!Giant Dinosaur Meal!

Eating ONLY Animal Tails for 24 Hours!!!Giant Dinosaur Meal!

We’re about to enter the crocodile cageluckily he has a big is this a sword ohit’s just a stickokayin today’s modern protein paradise some body parts get overlooked what why is there liquid in here this seriesis an homage to the offcutsbody parts that in the west might getthrown in the trashi feel a little sick last time wediscovered tasty heads wow this isnuts this is like an anatomy class andnow it’s all about tailsthis isn’t even something americanscould be freaked out by because they wouldn’t even know where to startnobody’s sitting at home making memesabout animal tale foods until todayuntil today today we’re on a hero’s mission showingthat these underrated animal parts havethe powerto rise above they got texture there’scollagen it’s aninexpensive cut and nowadays there’smore chefs using those odd end piecesin their cuisine four foodsfour shots cooking up dishes that arenot just tolerable it’s basically veganbut crave worthy it’s justlove on a dish and delicious are youready i’m ready are youlet’s go pumped gojoining me today california native andesteemed taco chef calvinsincho m how you doing oh you are tallhow tall are youa meter 50. almost as tall as you.

Eating ONLY Animal Tails for 24 Hours!!!Giant Dinosaur Meal!

I knowwith a little bit of helpmeet the very sweet and the verticallychallenged miss home owner of this herefood stallthe street side eatery that sells over175 pounds of pork per dayyour height has absolutely nothing to dowith what we’re here for today today isall aboutanimal tales and you are serving someanimal tales herethe pigtail what is this dish shesimmers the tail for two hoursand that makes it tender and juicy thenshe adds it with a copious amount ofspecial noodles which gives you today’smagic dish pigtail noodles it startswith blanched thick rice noodles oh isit the one in the pictureno what’s that huhguys he doesn’t know top bills withpigtails chopped into medallionsout of all the delicious and yummy pigparts that we all love why the tailin our case they’ve even included somewhole tails thoughtful oh she goesnose and tail on her dishes but the tailhas the best flavor she saysthen scallions fried shallots andfinally the broth the color of the tail itself is a littledisconcerting i mean it looks like acadaver right can i be honest with you iam not looking forward to this dishreally yes but this whole series isabout proving to people that these offcuts can be truly yummy.

Which i thinkafter eating this i might change my mindokayi hope can we try this broth first yesyou canoh a lot of flavor comes from the friedshell is that what makes it a little bitsweetyou see them floating around all overthe place let’s try these noodles we’reworking our way up to the tail yes weare all righthow’s your good noodle that’s a goodnoodle i’m changing my mind right nowthe broth is great the noodle is greathow could the tail not be great nowusually people are just going to eatthese thin slices here but we have bigfat tails i mean yours has a nice arc toitvery desirable this one is chipper likea puppy that’s happy to see youoh let’s go for it okay here we gothat’s pretty good changed my wholemindset for two hours she cooked thisand it got to thesilky savory consistency it’s got alittle bit of proteinfat and then thick skin so the ratio oftextures is interesting it’s like a rolobut with bones in the middle bolo bolotoday we’re going to be witness to somerecipes neither of us have ever seenbefore but here in pigtail it’s a greatstart i’m feeling very optimistic i’mpumped.

I’m pumped i’m pulled i’m pumpedi’m pumped i’m very pumped i got thelast word though oh look who’s thatpunt our second tailed dish brings usall the way to spain gentlemencheers cheers cheers well at least to aspanish restaurant serving traditionalspanish foodssangria it tastes like spain it tasteslike apples and orangesyeah from spain cooking for us todaychef toronto thank you for being heretoday he acquired his cooking skills inspain anda colder version of spain known ascanada right now we’re doing a seriesthat’s focusing onnose to tail dining this episode todayis focusing just on animaltales so far we’ve had pigtail herewe’re going to have oxtail but can youeven think of any otheranimal tails that could be eaten periodi would say horse thing horse tail ithink you can make a violin bow out of ahorse tail.

I don’t know if you can makefood out of it you know think ofanythingit’s a tough category because there’snot a lot of edible tails out there butone of the most famous edible taildishesout there is the oxtail soup did yougrow up with oxtail soup it is a verycommon dish in spain linked tobull fighting history so you go aroundany city with a bull fighting plazaso you can find them there very easy and they’re amazing you went to canada yesso i’m curious do you notice a bigdifference between the types of meatpeople are willing to eat in spainversus north america there are somecats that you help people in northamerica that they don’t even knowwhat is that they’re evolving i’m notsaying that it’s not us not involvedjust remember mcdonald’s started inamerica yeah how dare youmost of the world outside the usa andcanada does eat nose to tail so i can’tfigure out why this hasn’t caught on asa mainstream trendin my own country food distribution inamerica it’s a very big box businessit takes a lot of time for thesecompanies topull out those pieces so they muchrather just get the prime cuts throw therest into the mincerand say hey i can get more product perhour than to old school butchering whereyou goin and you get different cuts fromdifferent muscle parts i think he solvedthe mysterydamn that made me hungry.

I ‘llstarve you let’s eat some oxtails toooxtail still start by dicing onionscarrots and celerythen the tail cut it at the joints thoseget seared on high heat to lock in theflavorthen add in the diced veggies thenthe tail add tomato sauce rosemaryred wine and water cook that for fourhoursuntil the ox tail reaches a fall off thebone level of softnessit looks beautiful it smellsphenomenal i could understand someonehearing oxtail soup for the first timebeing confused and possibly put off butwhen you just see it just looksfantastic it looks likebraised morsels of goodness we just hadthe pork and of course that was cookedfor a couple hours but it wasn’t nearlyas tender as this i mean this is likecoming off the bone revealingthe vertebrae oh look at that cheersi just went to heaven right now reallygood the sauce is glistening i mean doyou see howsheen it is it looks fantastic the tailis toughit’s untenable and so it needs time andit needs love and afterfour hours of racing all this connectivetissue has just kind ofmelted down into the meat and it creates like.

This wonderful sticky textureit’s one of the most satisfying beefproducts i’ve had in a long time whenpeople think of eating animal tails thisis usually the first thing that comes tomind there’s a reason for thatit’s legendary it’s delicious you justhave to be a little patient and know howto prepare it properly yeah foodtakes time and love takes time food islovethat’s rightbefore we can try the biggest taleyou’ll find in vietnam we need somethingelse to compare it to so we’ve come hereto get a little filipino tale mrdodong sir put her there how are youdoing me mr dolong he comes from cebu inthe philippineshow do you say hello in tagalog will youshow that you say hello hellohello hello hello hello this restaurantspecializes in all things chickenroasted and prepared the filipino wayhow do you saychicken ass chicken food well that’swhat we’re here for today chickensdo they have a tail in the ass of thechickenyou can see that you know really tinyyeah a tail of any size is the tail the chicken butt what isgood about that the way when you eattaste somethingthat’s different from regular body soit’s some variety yeah yes.

I grew up in the usa i didn’t comeacross anybutts of chickens my whole life do youthink americans are missing out shouldwe be eating more bunt yes i think soall right sir i’m excited to try yourass let’s do it thank you thank you somuchmr chicken’s chicken butts are cleanedand marinated in their super secretdistinctly orange marinade and grilledfor only a couple of minutesmore secret marinade and serve and okayhere we are so here it’s been grilledhe’s put his own signature sauce on topwhat do you think is in here i thinkthere’s gonna be a bone he said it’sboneless well he saidjust eat the whole thing all rightwhat she said she said enjoy your mealoh that’s nice it’s not even her foodi’m gonnatake a bite very cautiously i’m afraidthere’s something hard in there butlet’s seeyou gonna eat cheers no did i eat thatnojust kidding it is so fatty yeah veryrich fog raw is similar in that richnessso when you eat foie gras it just meltsin your mouth this melts in your mouthin a different way in a more aggressivehostile might.

I say violent way there is some bone in there but it’s soft enough you can like chew and kind of crack it up and get through it not a big deal i’ve had the chickenbutt beforein cebu the land from which he hails and it was much bigger and not cooked down as much as this so i don’t know how long he’s grilled it for but it’s been long enough to kind ofmake it soft you know you can just eat the whole thing chickens have one butt this took afamily of chickens that’s tough to think about huh it’s like 20 chickens rightherewe lost 20 bucks today you’re behind mefinally it’s time to eat one of the biggest tales you’ll find anywhere[Music]for that we’ve come here a crocodilefarm that hasover 5 000 of these meat eating reptilesright now we’re at the crocodile farmwe’re about to enter crocodile cage and he’s gonna help protect me luckilyhe has a big is this a sword oh it’s just a stick it’s a piece ofwood crocodiles hate woodright right okay let’s go i’veencountered crocodiles in the philippines can i kiss him yeah ohmy godin cuba we don’t know and even this tube-shaped crocodile in florida no nono they might look slow and docile but they can beincredibly quicksprinting your way is freaking huge and taking a bite out of your thigh before you know it biting down with theforce of a t-rexit’s one of the most dangerous predatorsin the worldi was right behind you all right youcleared them all yeah all right next time can i get apiece of wood too tan.

What’s up my man meet my protectorhis name is mr todd the crocodile slayeroh never mind he said we can’t call him that so we cleared all the crocodilesand now we can be here have a civil conversation with a littlebit of danger is this a speciesthat’s native to vietnam this isindigenous to themkevin do you think that by talking moresoftly the crocodiles won’t hear you idon’t knowbut they might how many peopledie a month here comeyes yes yes five how long has there beena crocodile farm here how they mothered2003. he started with just two now they have fivethousand that’s a lot alligators aresold for not only their skin but thevietnamese now use the alligator bonesto cure bone ailments ah look athow yes[Music]start by removing the tailbone the trick is to avoid all the fat so you don’t get that gamy crocodile tasteif you’re out of crocodile powder seasonwith chicken powder and throw it on the grill before this croc feeds usit’s only fair that we also feed thecrocs here i’ve got a chicken head on astick they said don’t put your hands outbecause it will bite off your hands.

I don’t know if i like this idea that much do it for youtube i have the manliest scream after 30minutes it gets coated with theirhomemade marinadeoh fight it dude they’re so fast i know and back to the grill it goes i don’t know how you win this game mainly bykeeping all your limbs oh my god that bite is vicious finallyit’s scissored down to manageable pieces and that’s it it’s ready to eat sorry guys no more chicken hedge we’re gonna eat some crocodile tail a fewi never mind that’s awkward should we go eat we should let’s goit’s ginormous i’ve never had this before i have a few concernson what this is going to taste like i’m not that concerned because the cheflooked super confident he used a subwaymayonnaise knife to play this they also eat the skin but i think weshould eat the meat first and kind of work our way up to that when you look ata piece of pork you can’t hold the skinof the pork the way you can do with thecrocodile it’s like string cheese the way you can peel the meat back you know that crocodile it’s in this murky dark dirty looking water but then the meat isso pure and white.

I was gonna saysupremei need to stop saying in this climateit’s not appropriate yes it is the meat is so white and privilegedenough talking cheers[Music]for an animal that uses this muscleconsistently to get through the waterthis has to be the most tender piece ofmeat i’ve hada long time and for being super leanit’s quite moistthere’s certainly some porky notes inthere i think it’s something betweenpork anda fish that tastes like chicken i think that’s what crocodiles are we’re on thesame pagehere we have the very tip of the tail webuilt up to this moment all rightcrocodileskin let’s go for it[Music]it doesn’t have a lot of taste to it notat all it is thick it’s very chewy superchewy hard to get through almost like agummy worma fishy gummy bear yes overallvery pleased today was a challenging daybecause animal tales are not that common for eating but considering we foundthese different examples throughout the day it feels like today.

I was living afairy tale limitations push innovations when you see it uncooked it’s hard toimagine you could ever eat it it’s thesamein the food world do you think americansare missing out should we be eating morebuttscertain cuts of meat like these tailsare often cheaper to purchase why would you throw away such a great piece of ananimal all that’s required then is tocreatively and carefully produce arecipe that brings out the best theseoffcuts have to offer this has to be the most tender piece ofmeat i’ve had a long time and the tail is certainly no exceptionfrom researching and shooting to editingand mastering our 10 person best ever food review show team works hard to roll out the highestquality travel food entertainmenttwice a week if you like what we do hereplease consider supporting our patreonpatreon allows fans of the show tocontribute a monthly sum and receive aload of extras like early video releasesprivate q and a’s and beyond to learnmore about our patreon check out the link in the description box down below and if you can’t give or don’t even feellike it that’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here guys thatis it for today a huge thank you tokelvin over here you can follow calvin right here on hisinstagrampage guys that is it for this one thankyou so much for watching we will see younext timepeace i’m gonna push you in the water ohdon’t don’t even joke.

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