January 17, 2021


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There are people looking for home based jobs because of our situation today, many of them have lost their jobs.

So, what's this video.

This home based job might work for you.

This website does not require diploma.

Watch this full video tutorial.

Don't skip so you won't miss any important detail.

Later, I will announce the winners from our previous Shareit Giveaway.

This is the website, fiverr.


I will put the link in the description box-if you want to try this website.

We're now in Fiverr.

Click on Become a Seller.

In this website, there are lots of ways to earn.

It says here, “Work your Way – You bring the skill.

We'll make earning easy.

” So, if you have skills suitable here in Fiverr, you can earn from it even without having a diploma.

This website is very flexible.

It doesn't have a schedule.

It will depend on you and your skills.

Here, you will click Become a Seller.

Meaning, we will sell our skills.

We can sign up using our Facebook, Google or Apple (if you are using Macbook, you can sign up using Apple account).

In just one click, you can alreadycreate an account here in Fiverr.

This is now my account.

As you can see, my picture is here.

Click this.

These are the skills they need here in Fiverr: Graphics and DesignDigital Marketing Writing and Translation Video and Animation, to those who like Streaming, this will work for you.

Music and Audio, they also have Voiceover here.

Programming and Tech BusinessLifestyle Industries Under Lifestyle, they have Gaming.

You can teach how to play games.

So, this is really applicable even to teenagers If you are staying at home, why not explore this website.

You might earn from here.

Let's go to Writing and Translation.

Click Business Names and Slogans.

How can we earn by just writing names? If you love creating business names or slogans, Fiverr is for you! I will show you the people who works for Fiverr or the sellers.

This one says, “I will create 30 business name, brand name, company name ideas.

” He charges $30 for his work.

Another one, “I will create engage in business names.

” for $300.

So, it will depend on you if how muchyou will charge for your work.

Specially, if you're really creative you can demand for a higher rate.

But, if you want more and constant clientsyou can charge a lower rate.

Just like this, rate starting at $10 or $15.

Specially if you don't have a rating yetyou can start at a lower rate.

There's another one, “I will create 10 unique business names with taglines.

” for $350.

Let's click this.

Penspearls has 5.

0 ratings already.

She is a top rated seller here in Fiverr.

Meaning, she is in demand here.

There, 9 days delivery.

She will be giving 10 business names, 10 taglines included, social media handles and domain research.

Those are her skills.

Now, how to be like Penspearls?Let's check her reviews.

As you can see, these are all 5 stars.

“Wow Penspearls! Over and beyond.

You took the names to a whole different level I haven't considered! Thank you so much! Business names and taglines are very important that's why it is in demand in Fiverr.

Name is the brand of the business.

That's why they are willing to pay for unique and creative business name ideas.

How to become a seller here in Fiverr?Just click on Become a Seller.

Ready to start selling on Fiverr? Here's the breakdown: These are the things we need to learn.

Discover the do's and don'ts to ensure you're always on the right track.

Create your seller profile.

I will show it to you later.

Publish your gig – Create a gig of the service you're offering and start selling instantly.

Here, they will pay you for the skills you have.

Click Continue.

Here, they have suggestion on how to create a successful Fiverr profile.

Then, click Continue.

Now, let's talk about the things you want to steer clear of.

Just read this.

Let's continue.

This is where we will fix our profile.

As much as possible, upload a decent picture.

It doesn't need to be in business attire.

As long as it's decent, not wacky.

Here, you will put a description.

This is mine, for example.

I stated where I graduated.

You can also state here your skillsand the things you can do.

Click on Add New.

If you can speak other languages, select from here.

Here in Fiverr, as long as you understand English, it's fine.

Then your occupation.

Choose 2 to 5 of your best skills in Writing and Translation.

I chose business names and slogans.

You can also select the other options like Website Content, Transcripts, Translations.

Then here are your skills related to the services you're offering.

Translation – Level: Intermediate It can also be typing or Microsoft word.

It will depend on your skills.

Then, educational attainment – It doesn't matter what you have attained as long as you have skills.

And if you have certifications.

Also if you have personal website, you can put it here.

You will notice an asterisk here.

Meaning, that information is mandatory.

Here in Education, if you did not graduate, it's okOr if you don't have any certification.

Let's continue.

It is important to link our accounts here like Google, Facebook or Twitter to be verified and become a trusted seller.

Then continue.

There, you have to verify your email and contact number.

Let's finish.

This is where we can create a gig, when you're done completing your profile.

You can edit your profile here any time.

When you will have new skills or certificate, you can add it to your profile.

Here, you will enter your gig title, the things you can do.

For example, you will create a business name and slogan.

Just like this one, this is the gig title, “I will create 10 unique business names and slogan.

” Don't copy that.

Think of better unique title.

It has a limit of 80 characters.

Then, select category.

Writing and translation.

Then let's choose business names and slogans.

This is the Gig Metadata.

Select the service you will name.

Is it company, book or app?For example, company.

Here, you will enter search tags.

5 tags maximum.

Use letters and numbers only.

Now, let's continue.

Click Save and Continue.

Next step is the Scope and Pricing.

How much is the rate of our skills? Name your package.

Describe the details of your offering.

Then here, your delivery time – this is when you can submit your work.

Business product and names.

Select the number of names you will provide.

For example, 10 business names.

And then, the number of slogans.

This can also be 10.

And then, if you will allow revisions.

For example, the client did not like it.

We can offer three revisions, this will depend on you.

Then, social media handles, if you know this.

Here in Trademark check, this will check on the availability of the names you will submit.

Of course, when you create a business name or slogan, it must be unique.

Then if you can also do domain research, you can check this.

This is the price range.

You can set the price from $5 to $995.

Imagine, that much! Of course, since we're just starting.

You can select $10.

Just lower the number of the business name.

If $10, you can have choose to offer 3-5 business names only.

This will depend on you.

Add Extra Service, you can offer extra fast delivery or competitor research.

After that, click Save and Continue.

On the side, do you have a tutorial on how to setup your basic gig package.

You may watch this video.

They have some tips on how to create a successful gig.

Let's go to Description and FAQ.

Briefly describe your gig.

You can also input frequently asked questions.

Next step is there requirement.

This is where the specifications, dimensions, brand guidelines or background materials go in.

Tell your buyer what you need to get started.

Of course, before you create a business name you need to know their business.

You can stay here what you need to know about their business.

Then here in Gallery.

I won't be able to click save and continue this.

In gallery, you will upload photos.

Last step is publish.

Our offer will be like this after you publish your gig.

This is the title.

This is where you will see the photos you will upload.

You can edit a picture just like what she did.

This is her name.

Her tagline: The write gig.

Stand out from the crowd.

She has her own tagline in her gig.

When you scroll down, this is where you will see the price you've set for your gig.

If you're just starting here in Fiverr, it's better to search on other gigs to get some tips on how to create successful gig or offer.

Some of the gig here have 5-star ratings or top-rated sellers already.

Get some ideas here.

How do we know if we already have a buyer? They will message us here — Messages.

You will see it here.

This is our inbox.

Payment methods are Paypal, Bank transfer or Fiverr revenue card.

I'm not familiar with this.

The most convenient for us is Paypal because we will be receiving dollars.

if you have a USD bank account, you can choose bank transfer.

For more questions they have here Help and Support.

So if you have questions about withdrawals or setting up your Paypal account, you can see it here.

This is their withdrawal process.

When a buyer places an order, they pay Fiverr.

Once an order is completed 80% of the funds are assigned to your account and will remain on pending status.

Meaning, you will wait for a 14-day clearing period.

Technically, it's like having our salary every 15 days.

What that's fine because this website is legit.

We can sell our skills here in Fiverr.

I will now choose the winners from our previous shareit giveaway.

This is my post.

Now, let's pick our lucky winners.


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