October 22, 2020

Earn P200 GCASH PERO ANYARE SAKIN!? | Frustrated App Review | JOIN P1000 GIVEAWAY!

Okay, so hello guys! I'm Jhazel de Vera and welcome back to my channel.

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For today's video, we are going to have anotherearning app that we'll give us free GCash money.

So I want you to stay tuned until the endso that you won't miss any information.

Alright for today's video, we are going to feature Milieu.

Is it Milieu or is he far from your heart? Nothing like that.

for the proof of payment, thank you, thank you so much to TJ.

Tender Juicy.

He recommended me this mobile app.

He already received his payment as well.

As you can see, it's here.

Trisha Joyce, sorry I thought it was tender juicy.

She received gift several times.

She has 200 here and another 200here, which is a total of ₱400 earned.

Here on Milieu.

That's why we're going to feature this mobileapplication and we'll check if it's still okay until now.

Because I've already seen this earning app on YouTube.

Let's just to a latest update about it.

Because that is how earnings apps are, they haveupdates, they're paying a moment and in another not.

Those kinds of things, okay? We'll signup for an account.

I think in my case, I'll signupusing my Facebook account.

Here it says, create your account.

So you just need to provide your location.


Nueva Ecija, shoutout to subcribers in Nueva Ecija.

There, tell us about yourself.

As far as I know, Milieu is a survey app.

That's why you have to provide your true identity.

So that they'll give the correct.



survey for you.

It's so slow at loading! So while it's loading let's talk.

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You can join it, who knows you may win the raffle.

Thank you to who sponsored ourgiveaways, may the Lord bless you.

Until now, it's still loading, it's so slow, right? Let's do it again! We have to signup again, it's so slow! I'm tired of it.

There, I did it again.

It's still like this, it's just loading.

I don't know what's happening, is it just me or? Let's try logging in using our email address.

So we're in create your account.

We lost so much time! We're in tell us about yourself again and I hope that this is it.

There! It says that I need to verify my email.

This is it.

(dramatic music) It says that I have multiple accounts! Let's try another email address.

Guys, it's just spinning.

I don't know if this only happens to me.

Comment down below if you'refeeling the same experience.

This is how it is.

So if I do it again, I'll sign upagain, I'll do all the process again.

Oh Gosh! It's not just spinning It says I'm a multiple account user.

So I have never signed up foran account here on Milieu but they're accusing me of beinga multiple account user.

Even though I'm not puttingreferrals links or code anymore.

I think I won't force it anymore to sign up here.

Because it's not accepting me.

So we're running out.

Here is its page on Google Play.

If we look, there are mixed ratings here.

But most of its ratings are 5 stars.

Its average rating is 4.

1 but most of the users are alreadycomplaining about bugs, stuff like that.

A user says: “This is annoying! I just reset my phoneand reinstalled milieu app, after that I tried logging in but it's not allowing me anymore” There, it's the same situation.

Multiple user accounts.

Okay? I think they are limiting their users already.

But it was okay at first.

Actually, I've already seen thisapp from other YouTubers.

It was okay.

But for now, maybe it's not okay anymore.

If you signup today, right? Regarding TJ, this application was okay.

But I do deliver that it's okay, she received proofs of payments.

It's okay that we did a video about it.

This Milieu, as of now, at least I gaveyou an update about Milieu Surveys, right? You saw a while ago that I did mybest to signup for an account on Milieu I gave my Facebook, I registeredusing different email addresses but still, they accused me ofbeing a multiple account user.

Maybe this is its situation right now- Well, I guess that's it for my review.

Here on Milieu Service.

I hope this helped you to get the latestupdates regarding this mobile app.

It's just sad I didn't get to try it.

Sad to say.

So sad.

Okay, that's my honest review regarding Milieu app.

I hope you enjoyed this video even thoughwe didn't use the mobile app we didn't test it at all.

I think this is still helpful for you toget informed about this mobile app.

That's all and thank you so muchguys for watching this video.

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