DISASTER or Delicious??Korea’s Bizarre Meat BBQ!!!

DISASTER or Delicious??Korea’s Bizarre Meat BBQ!!!

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DISASTER or Delicious??Korea’s Bizarre Meat BBQ!!!

I thought that was a ponton leafthis series is an homage to the offcutsbody parts that in the west might getthrown in the trashthat’s an eyeball people eat this invietnam rightyeah last time we discovered tasty bonesoh mylord is good and now it’s all aboutanimalskini don’t think in america we use skin inany other dishother than the chicken pork today we’reon a hero’s missionshowing that these underrated animalparts have the powerto rise above the fatty collagen-fillednature of skin makes it perfect foradding some kind ofrichness to certain foods four foodspoor chefscooking up dishes that are not justtolerable wow but crave worthyand delicious so how will they do itlet’s find out let’s go let’s go let’sgo let’s goi said let’s go go go go[Music]today we are on a skin mission startinghere at your fine establishment thisrestaurant specializes in all thingsbuffalo includingthe skinhe grew up in a region of vietnam thatwas near thailandi think.

What he’s saying is he grew upnear an ethnic group known as the thaipeople and there eating buffalo skin wasa tradition is that right yeahyou speak english this whole time what’sgoing on yeah what’s happening what am idoingi speak vietnamese vietnam’s thai peoplehave a special techniqueused to preserve buffalo skin they startoff by applying salt to dehydrate theskinand then they flamethrow it to get anysmall hairs off this dehydrated skin canstay good for months when it’s ready tobe eaten it gets soaked in wateruntil it’s rehydrated it’s still kind ofhard you can see it’s absorbed or takenon a lot more water this is still toohard to eat so in order to make itedible you’ll need a very sharp knifecan we try eating this yeahoh wow that is gamey afwith the capital g it smells like ummanureit has a manure aroma the taste isn’tthere for just a little guy that ispowerfulyes he’s in agreeance that this issimilar to abuffalo field or an ingredient thattastes this foultransforming it into something deliciouswill be quite the challengethey start with julianne carrots herbsand shredded banana flowerthen the buffalo skin.

That’s topped withgarlic peanuts and chili powderpour in a bamboo shoot sauce mix it upand enjoy the most important meal of thedayso now it’s a mix of the original smellwith some nice dressing what wesmelled earlier was very off-putting andi don’t mean to be rude no no not at allit was likenext level and even the owner of therestaurant admit itself let’s take a bigwhiff and seehow much of a transformation has takenplaceit has a new car fresh smell yeah rightthere’s a profound amount of skin inherewe’re literally eating a skin saladright now ready yescheers cheersthey’re so crunchy there’s so much tocrunch through the game this is gonethis has been toned downat the same time they served us thisthey served us this at that pointeverything snapped into focusthis my friend is alcohol because thismy friend is drinking foodtogether it’s a match fit in heavenright this is a spirit made of rice andjungle fruitsno animals were harmed in this videoit’s cleansing my demonic soul now thatwe’re a little buzzed we should try somemore i think it’s going to be completelydifferentcheers cheers much betterit tastes like tendon it’s a differentcrunch than peanuts there’s two parts tothis transformation transformationone is everything they’ve done here forthe meal transformation two was ourtransformation after drinking a littlebooze at 10 a.m.

I feel pretty good aboutit i felt really good tooa risky start for location one but welldone to the folks hereand well done to the folks who have beendoing this for hundreds of years let’sgo let’s gowhy are we shaking hands all the time idon’t knowanother culture another skin we’reheading to a korean joint where i’mplanning to give calvina little surprisetoday we’re eating pig skin whatoil grilled pork skin is pretty commonlyfound in south koreait’s not at the top of most menus butsomewhere listed on the back pagewaiting to be discovered by truebarbecue lovers how do you make itit was then he realized he reached thelimit of his korean language abilityi got this luckilyme from the future is here to save thedayfirst they prepare a boiling marinade ofscallionginger garlic chilies and korean soysaucedoes the skin give any health benefitsoh yes there’s a lot of collagen it’sgood for your skin when this flavorfulbrew is readythe pork skins take the plunge soakingin that korean flavored goodness for 20minuteswho’s eating this pigskineveryone everybody grandma grandpathese pieces get sliced then intricatelyscored on one sidecreating this beautiful network offlowing fat canalsnow they press out the excess fatand biggerty boom it’s ready for thedining hallyou gotta be really careful when you eatthis this is hot right now you just putyour hand over hot fire what are you acircus actthe communal aspect of korean barbecuesets it apart from any other diningexperiencehave you ever cooked bacon yes naked noit’s dangerousthis is like that should i here.

I canreally show off my chef’s skills i’mgonna put it on and i’m just saying becareful the oil is gonna come flyingthough vibing with the ingredients readyhere we goyou know i think it takes some time andutilizing the tools given to meto create something perfect[Music]true happiness well almost perfect itturns outwe cooked it wrong so now she’s gonna doit the right way pushes it downand then rotates it quickly she’s tryingto get all the moisture out of the skinthat’s causing that crispiness it’s kindof puffing up a little bit the undersideis a little softer and then it gets alittle harder on the top cheersand better oh my gosh it’s like whenyou’re bitinginto something that’s springy it’s softit has a little give and then that skinon top it really brings anotherdimension of flavorto that dish it almost becomes like amaple bacon like that kind of oilinessbut with this great gummy sensation i ama big fan nextwe’re gonna check out the three skin andthen theforce our third locationis a quaint streetside food cart thatcaught my eyesand my heart with these bizarre lookingskin gongsdo people actually eat that or is thatjust to entice the patrons to come init really is for the aesthetics.

But you can’t cut it and refry it this place started as aphotography businessfor folks who need a quick passportphoto but miss swan realized the realestate in front of her shop was going to waste so she created this food carther skin is the best skin you have greatskin actuallynow youtubers like me keep filming and keep promoting her shop in her six months of operation she’s hadfour youtubers come by in the filmalready once and the picture business is stillkicking along just fine too come in for a photo and stay for thesticky rice and fried chicken skin first a healthy scoop of sticky rice aspo on of homemade pate then a delectable unhealthy dose of deepfried chicken skin what do people love so much about this skin vietnamese loveeatingthings that are crispy and also rich andfatty ooh me too i’m richand fatty ladies a dash of condensedfish sauce a shot of tamarind sauce thenpickled veggies on the sidetime to dive in i think we tried justsome skin never okaythey’re smoky i like it this isn’tbatter all you’re getting hereis just the chickeny skin good ness.

When you bite into it there’s full of airpockets that just disintegratei’m going to try just some rice with apate so the chicken presumably has aliverit’s been made into pate this is likefull circle fantastic let’s try it outi almost like that more than the skinit’s true it’s really good this game isfun sticky rice is such a great chewytexturethe pate is like salty and sweet are youdown to do thesticky rice and chicken skin combo wehave to there’s no choice cheers[Music]they’re better together it’s a marriageof flavors and texturesall of them together is better than theskin alonesometimes no no yeah no no yeah noyeah no no it seems animal skinhas no limitations right now it’s takingus from a humble street food stall to afull-on factorywe’re doing a whole video about animalskin and this is our final big triumphfinalehere at the fish skin factory what doyou do here a powder or pizza you’re theonepowder i thought she said flounderunless she’s talking about the fish fishskinthis snack first became popular insingapore a few years ago but enthusiasmfor this unique treat spread quicklythroughout southeast asiafizzy company combines cod fish skinwith some veryunique flavor combinations but coffeeskins not smellappropriate for eating and beingseasoned and turned into something elsethis production line starts with tons ofraw cod skinimported from europe here the beginningpart.

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