Delicious food in Vietnam you can’t help but know! Food

Delicious food in Vietnam you can’t help but know! Food

good morning y’all on a bright one from guin young a city that is a port city anda surprising one at that so we are stillin kind of like the central part of vietnam just north of the full innregion now i didn’t know anything about this city but since being here it’s abig city that’s why it’s so surprising it’s big it’s spacious it’s relatively cleanand the people have been nothing butfriendly to me since getting here but we won’t be able to stay here toolong because this video is actuallygoing to be a travel.

We’re going to grab some breakfast here and then hit the road after that, we’re going to stop in a little city call edtui to grab some dinner so doingsome thing a little bit different today not staying in one city and eating but gonna hitmultiple hope you’re excited we’re aboutto eat a littlespecial here in queen young to start usoff from home okay good so when doing my research, i was actually going to go to the place overhere but when, i was walking the street i saw this lady and well there’s more people eating over here and then like, i kind of started talking to her and she’s just like so friendly you know when you’re just kind of like attracted to people’svibes and energy that’s what she is she will lure you in just kind of being so vibrant and so so so much energy in themorning so what, we’re getting is actually thebon hoy which are the type of noodlesbut.

What’s interesting about the banhhoy here in guinyanis it comes with ciao long you got tosee it you guys see it all together it’sreally interestingha hawe got a little kitchen side seat heregoing to have her in the background soshe’s got the bonhoyready to go already coated in the hairwhich would be chinese chivesand the shallots have been dried andfriedand then she’s going to just top it withwow about every piece of opalyou can get which hints the tao longpart of itbut then on the side is where you’regoing to get your actual ciao so this isa doublecarb breakfast you get your typical nook mom with thechili in there but i’m gonna add alittle extra to mineso on the plate of vegetables whichshe’s going to give you she actuallygives you a little bit of mangoi see cilantro she gets uh iforgot my translation the mung bean you see the banana that’s actually very veryyoung and still be greenthere’s more on here for sure there’sactually salad so you get it you get anice varietyso what you do is actually kind of wrapit and roll it almost like a little bunand then dip it in your nook momexcept.

I’m failing right now oh my gosh it’s so clean that is delicious opal it’s so clean it’s so soft it’s got that little bit of chew that you kind of crave with some opal pieces to it other than that it’s creamy oh that’s like everything you want an opalpiecedang i gotta try some others out that’s a delicious nook mom a lot off lavor coming from it but i forgot we’restill in the central they like it spicy it was hot probably before i even added that chili in there salty and then just a little bit of sugarcoming in at the end[Music]that’s why.

I’m talking about her just being like you know having that energythat draws you in that’s how she is didnot ask for extra at all she just saw meenjoying it and brought it over now have you evengiven the towel a chance if you look atit is a soupier ciao which i think wouldgo great because it is a double carbyou know, i’m not wanting just overlyamounts of rice cooked into the towel hold on hold onrich milky warmingsalty intense pork boneand like low slow cooked roasted porkflavor coming through in it again not shying away from things like scallions and chinese chives okay so let’s do this meal just ice andeat it the right wayme dipped in the mom biteand then we’re gonna follow with thechildit’s perfect you get all the flavor inthe first biteand the second bite with the chow is warming it’s comfortingand it’s a palette cleanser so, i feel like i’m going back in thismom dunked bon joy with oil and lots ofopal piecesi feel like.

I’m starting fresh everysingle time, i’m telling you that as a spot supersuper spicy you got the spicy red lipsb on hoy’s delicious the chow’s good and then the opal oh just so clean and flavorful and then if nothingelse come see her she will make your day no matter what but we got a long journeya head of us we gotta get on the road right now sopit stop so we’re about over halfwayal ready probably didn’t really need tostop probably go the whole way but what’s the point might as well enjoy andrelaxi actually saw the coconuts on thirsty but that’s what made me stop could not resist some cake there’s a lot of different types of places you can stop but always just look for places like this where it’s just so shaded from all the greenery lots ofhammocksit has coconut those are like my three things the fact that there’s a manseparate here selling cakes well it’s just our lucky day now i didn’t go for one of the cute little birthday cakes but what i did i si got the koi me which is cassava.

I got the doll sam which is mung bean and i got two of his little swiss rolls and yes i did make him pick the ones that had the most like cream on the inside this is how i like them but first is first your boy here thursday that is sweet like been chad okay so iknow the metcon is famous for coconutsbutrory and pooin technically the coconutshere are unbelievable ithought they were sneaking a littlesugar in here without me lookinglook at all the filling in thestrawberry winei’ll tell you what that’s pretty darn good, i’m not gonna lie to you all myexpectations were likedown here but boy that’s one of thebetter ones, i’ve hadhmm oh good, i’m so shooki mean the dude the bro was back hereover sleep i had to wake him up, i waslike mani don’t know if it’s gonna be good iknow it’s like an afternoon chill timebutdang of course i got the one with lotsof cream look at it but the thing isthe bread right here not dry usuallyevery time.

I eat these it’s so drythis moist soft even without the creamwowthe strawberry flavor is minimal thoughi’m still kind of just likewow shout out todalsa nice creamy thick rich texturea little bit of grittiness sugar kickcoming out the endnot quite me ain’t me i’ll stick withthe swiss cakeand the doll sambut you don’t enjoy a true vietnameserestaurant unless you get in the hammockdang we ain’t got much longer to go buti was kind of sitting hereyou know when i lay back on hammock it’slike it’s thinking time for maxyou know that’s swiss cake i’m not aswiss cake connoisseur but likei’ve probably eaten 10 in my life butthat was a that’s literally probably thebest one i’ve ever hadand i just kind of look at that man’slittle bike right here andknowing how much his sweets cost so youcan add it up real quickly it’s justi don’t think he’s making a lot of moneyi just it’s hard it’s hard you know selling things that don’t make a lot ofprofit andi ate that swiss cake and it brought asmile to my face because it was sodeliciousso uh let’s buy one more to go butit’s gonna be a special one for themangdy come again yeah yeah yeahmade him work for i got the one in theback with the mostkim anyways it feels goodbrought a smile to his face let’s getback on the road all right we made the three high.

i’m allshowered up and ready to gonow my little hotel is about two minutewalk away from a very popular restaurantthat’s famous for the makkah which isgoing to be the eyeball of the tuna soi’m very intrigued in this localspecialtyhow they cook it and most importantlyhow it tastes we’re walking up on itright now to get in ait’s going gonna be an early dinner it’saround four o’clockyo i thought there’s gonna be nobodyhere like four o’clock andthey’re a little bit over half fullthat’s promising isn’t ityeah oh so it’s gonna make a hat okay sothe actuallyis a tuna and as soon as you get closeto this restaurant the tuna aromatakes over you so if you don’t like tunathis may not be your restaurantand the first one up is that raging hotclay pot that’s actually again got thetuna eyes in it that they’ve steamedi can’t even see on there they garnishthem on top of the little spring onionbuti can’t even get down there and look atthisand check it out it’s actually submergedthat broth you can see all the fishparticles up around the headthey’ve infused into that brothoh wow it’s like an onslaught.

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