Delicious food in Da Lat-Vietnam! What do you eat in Da Lat?

Delicious food in Da Lat-Vietnam! What do you eat in Da Lat?

So they take this thing I’ll out yeah what’s important with it and then put itback in yeah awesome[Music]we have traveled to Vietnam Highlandshere to the city of Gillette courtesy ofone trip tours and let me tell you inthese next four videos you’re gonna seefood like you have never seen beforethe land is where Vietnamese come tocool down they called it little Parisand I’m here to find the most uniquefood this place has to offer. I’m talkingracing a pot of chicken to a dinnertable this chicken is cooking like rightthere in the beer I’m talking taking myfirst drink of coffee made from resultsa lot of companies here whose job is itto clean the poop off of these I’mtalking spending time with one of VietNam’s amazing ethnic tribes.

Delicious food in Da Lat-Vietnam! What do you eat in Da Lat?

I’ve neverseen any kind of food preparation likethis so be sure to subscribe to thischannel to catch every episode today we’re hunting down the foods mostunique to central Vietnam with my onetrip guide jump good morning bestiestoday is all about must trying tool atfood starting with some breakfast let’sdo this a popular breakfast spot for locals andtravelers alike but there’s a spicytwist we are this epic Monday shop hereuntil that this way is still famous intaand you will use meat more to eat with acrane oh yeah I’ve never had that beforeit smells amazing savory sweet fumes ofmeatball a goodness. I can’t wait to tryitno no cucumber for me we start withthree little bowls let me Paul per Bowlper person there’s a nice amiibo hahahayou’re from delenn yes can you tell me alittle bit about what makes delight sospecial that is famous for aboutAlicia’s horse free food in beautifulflower it’s cool but.

I can’t eat flowerspeas stacking on a pile up on me arethose for us okay you know it’s just meand you eating rightso we’re gonna bust off a piece withbreaking bread deep into double all thisis pretty easy to follow so far and justone of the most intimidating but mosteasy foods to eat you dip and use thatbroth is almost sweet and salty at thesame time what is in there these sweetand salty meatballs are the perfect wayto start the day the fattiness from themeatball itself is giving the broth somesweetness it’s really tremendous is thisa normal breakfast for you yes you gointo a club this refresh how long havethey been here talk to you so evenbefore I was bornhmm been here honestly. I thought thiswas too much at first but what did youstart dipping it and putting in a littlebit of that soft meatball and dipping itwith the bra the food just disappearsvery quickly and then you wonder whathappened to it next up two classicVietnamese meats that you wouldn’texpect to see together right here we’reat location two and they’re busy makingthe special to you that you’re showingme today what is happening here that’s ahuge snail is it a freshwater or a seasnail no fresh Retta.

They’re puttingactual like ground pork into the snailyeah and then they’re gonna steam in asteamy yep whoa I’ve never seen anythinglike this but I don’t understand theythey’ve taken this nail out here yeahand then they miss it with the pork andthen they put it back in yeah so theytake this thing out put some pork withit and then put it back in yeah awesomevery good yeah it’s very good guys allright that’s all I needed to hear I’lljust do it listen we have these hugefreshwater snails they’ve stuffed somepork inside some lemongrass and take itaway actually it’s your first time tooright yeahwhat is the method here though what dowe do we just grab it with our hands Ilove this Steve you just like take itoff and then you pull it like this youdislodge the pork and the snail Oh dipit you eat the grass to know you likeslingshot it into your mouth now whoathis is one of the best snailconcoctions.

I’ve ever had the pork isperfectly cooked it’s well seasoned it’sa little bit sweet is it it tastes likea little bit of fish sauce in there withthe snail what’s great is sometimeseating snails can be kind of a painbecause you have to like take off thefront Michelle if to like fish it outthere’s like the poopy part in therethey remove that hard part they put inthe minced pork you just pull it outsuper easily dip it in some fish sauceit’s like a big bite of meat you’ve gotthe tender pork and a chewy snail alltogether every five clamseat want her if you like it you knowfirst time. I take us and then I reallylike it I can’t stop like it’s so easyto eat you can just throw them back soeasily so where are we going next afterthis one. I’m game sounds great to melet’s do that nextour third location combines chewysteamed rice cake with chicken intestinein a variety of unique add-ons includingunlaid chicken eggs here we arelocation 3 we’re getting some steamedrice cake and some chicken intestineslook at that unlaid eggs and they’re allthese different sizes there’s big onesthere’s little ones back there but allthese little yellow ones are unlaid eggs.

I don’t think I’ve shown you unlaid eggsen and it’s exactly what it sounds likeit is an egg that has not yet been bloopbloop doubt of the chicken what’samazing about it is it’s yellow it’salmost like a scrambled egg but in ballform there’s no like yolk and white partthat’s separated it’s all oneconsistency and this little yellow ballsI mean would you guys ever try andunlaid egg oh yes look at that it looksgreat I thought this was just chickenintestines and steamed rice cake but itis so much more than that we also havethis crispy rice cake neat stuff andthen unlaid eggs on top of that what isthisoh it’s a port heart and what is thisand the tongue tonin this is a chickentime no no the part a part time yeah apig tongue we got like every body partthey just went to a farm they threw abunch of animals into a blender and thenthis is the results right hereno offense shall we get started what doyou do first I will miss it oh I hatemixing it’s so beautiful right now totry some hard you think this is really abig heart yeahthat’s tremendousa lot of Morgan means really dense frombut you know what. I can taste this pighad a broken heart so you like yourJustin yeah okay let’s try it good.

I like it honestly I think you’vegot to mix up all these awesome texturesbecause you got this mushy rice cakeit’s soaking up some of that fish saucewe’re gonna put it all together I’mblown away a little bit this tastesawesome the fish sauce is not too strongwith a little bit more light not supersalty and that steamed rice cake lookI’ve had plenty of steamed rice cakeI’ve had like the bond coating but thisis so mushy and so soft it’s like Dobbyalmost let’s try it unlike mmm it’samazing because I’ve had a develop doghang it would be laid and then maybe 18days later it would eat it but this eggis more like negative four days old itdoesn’t even have that birthday yet it’snegative days old bye hey little buddyyou taste great to meour final street side stall is crankingout over 1000 of these bite-sized tastytreats a day oh is this oh it’s openand let’s put my hand into those quaileggs there is one that was in quail eggsin here I don’t know whose job it is tocrack a thousand tiny quail eggs Isounds tough but also a little fun maybelike a good job for a little kid whosejob is it to crack all these eggs familyyeah is there a special machine that’smy age by handthis place is selling thousands of theseover the weekend that’s crazy punkin aremade with rice flour and a chicken eggor a quail egg she’s gonna make like adozen of these at least at one time now.

I’ve had something like fun yeah inmany hop you came through some dreammuch Anala should eat this meal is notcomplete without the dipping sauce andtheir unique sauce is made with fishsauce peanutsstir-fried scallion mango and Vietnamesemeatball which one do you like more doyou like a scrambled chicken egg or aquail egg I’ll I ain’t away at war wellI can’t wait to try it out it’s gonnagive it a Tim yeah and then heat it uplet’s do itoh that is the best thing we’ve had toname it sauce is so sweet and peanutty Ididn’t know this is like there’s somepeanut flavor in this sauce this is likehalf dessert for me the cake part isspot-on that is tremendousgreat squishy texture little eggy lowcakey and it’s like a little sponge itsoaks up that sauce straightaway you canmix it with some of the otheringredients in the bowl and then BAM thequail is awesome I want to see which isbetter see you know it’s really betterthan the chicken we’ve got kind of ascrambled egg here let’s ride.

Wow I can’t believe I’ve not tried thisuntil now it’s really yummy yeah whenyou lie more I probably like the quailegg a little bit more and have some moreabout a texture this one’s a little toomushy maybe but I’d like a both I thinkall these flavors together aren’t greatit wouldn’t work without this dippingsauce you need the fish sauce how manyof these do you think you could eat inone meal there would be a good challengesometimes I’ll make you guys proud Itotally won’t cheat by throwing themunder the tableChum thank you so much this was a lot offun I learned a lot about all thisreally unique Gilad food I had no ideathey said he had so much unique foodthat was its own I’ve had a lot ofcentral Vietnamese food alreadybut coming to adalat and seeing the laczown unique spin on the food was really atreat for me so thank you so much thisvideo was made possible by Viet Nam’shighest-rated tour company one tripwhether its food tours adventure toursor village tours one trip is the bestway to experience the real Vietnam thankyou so much for watchingthrow a like if you liked the video andwe will see you next time.

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