Delicious and delicious food in Uzbekistan! They drive hundreds of miles for this!

Delicious and delicious food in Uzbekistan! They drive hundreds of miles for this!

This mutton has been roasting for 45minutes. I can’t wait to see this so let’s do this, oh wow it is like a cheap hot spring oh my god you get even today we’re getting out of summer kant’s andin to, the inclement recesses of Uzbekistan to mountain top sit’s a beautiful mountain range it’s like really out of the earth but this is not, what we came for hidden within these winding roads between two main cities isa delicacy worth, the road trip they serve kick ass tandoori lamb hereancient cooking techniques are stillturning out the best flavors whoa helloso good and we’re braving the cold and rain for a warm meaty bite solid. I don’t even know what part this is but yo we have made it to the mountaintop finallysir hello oh. I mean hi right here we have allsheep 15 kilograms as far as. I can see right yeah so now he’s gonna section off this whole big sheep sir take it a way right now he’s basically cut this babyin halfdid, he just find this on the mountainside what do you call the guy who take care of this guy a sheep guy he’s got a sheep guy his own sheep guy who supplies the fresh sheep every day and.

I’m curious like this is still allhustling area right is it slaughtered in the haul off style definitely so we sayevery thing is given by God so be for etaking a life it’s like askingpermission so in the name of the god. I’m slowing this animal for me to feed now we have it all section up here and he’s putting, on the seasoning this is basicsalt different type of mountain curbs chili powder cumin black pepper, over all mountain spices gives that reallyinteresting, taste sir where did you get this recipe they say it’s obvious everyone know, sso obvious is like that but there’s at on of traffic coming just through this road and then just stopping by for the Meek’s it’s so legendary yeah he’s saying that even from Tashkent people call and they send over through a taxidriver and they pay to the taxi driver and she drops the money on the way back right here.

They’ve got a giant tent doorunderneath the fire is already going there’s embers in there, and they’ regonna set up this kind of latticestructure, on which they hang all these hooks containing, the meats they’re about to load up the tandoor here. Wow is the rea certain order to where each meat goes the bigger chunks, going to the wall part of the tandoor because the heatcirculates around that area and the smaller chunks in between. I see this juniper tree gives some intense flavor and then he’s gonna drop on the cousin,to cap it up okay capped in order to capture all the heat and the smoke they’re gonna put piece of fabric still some smoke coming out here yeah oh.

They use just as really heavy clay or mud to seal this fabric creating this massivelid, so that’s it in 45 minutes fresh yummy seasoning, them is going just get out and we’re gonna put it into our deli this mountain has been roasting for45 minutes. I can’t wait to see this yeah, let’s do this oh wow so steamy in here it is like a cheap hot spring, oh my god you get even whoa look at that perfectlyroasted that looks so good can you ask him like how do they know if it’sperfectly cooked, they’re saying it’s a 45 minutes roughly but he knows how much time, it will take so he just feels it in his veins now hisinternal clock goes off but he’s like it’s trying to take it out yeah. I’m so glad you brought me here because this is something unlike anything.

I’ veever experienced before and not just the food is so peculiar where we are right now we’re in like an unfinishedrestaurant. I have the simplest setup all you need is thread meat and the hot tea to wash it down, Cheers it’s gonna warm us up we have the mutton but they also brought some sausage just huge lumps of lard or fatin side that is flipp in beautiful. I love that this is from a horse no no this case it is from, our ship you’ve seen the ship was there but the size they made the sausage out of it you’ve learned so much about sheep Dumba butts called the Dumba, we can go back to the market you can see the guy spank it oh right just like that, here they’ve taken that buttery rich sheepy Dumba they put it in the sausage you ever just wrap it around some bread and make a little sandwich yeah let’s try it.

Oh man oh so nice everything’s beautifully seasoned look, at this like half protein and then just huge chunks of that super rich fat it’s just a nice party fatty sausage but enough sausage so they had, huge racks of ribs they were throwing in there all this meat is like room temperature Wow. I don’t even know what part this is but noidea look at the way this cooked how coarse this fat still is, I’ll try some of the meat yeah. I already startedevery one. I did too was super richmixture. I really like the first of the flavors it’s the best oh man it’s firm but not tough, and just so smoky so satisfying. I’m gonna eat just this meteor part right here yeah make sure you have bread yeah to cut some of that fat mmm tons of salt tons, of cumin coming through this is such an interesting meal and people are gonna get it they’re usually getting a cold like this.’

It depends on your luck if the tandoor was opened recently you can get the fresh batch but, I like this old version better because when it’s too hot the flavor doesn’t, open up that much it’s like eating cold pizza that’s a great comparison seriously it’ssimple straightforward, but the productit’s incredibleafter a cold day in the mountains pitcrews and I head back to the relativelywarmer embrace of summertime say this is summer, taunt nightlife music booze and food and really what else do you need maybe friends well let’s go find some these fine folks are celebrating theirdaughter’s one-year birthday essentially getting wasted on her behalf and, I’m sure she appreciates it okay this is like the nightlife.

Here it is down yeah this means you’re welcome to join us thank you so much and congratulations we said, okay let’s have some vodka shot with you or celebration with all this free-flowing booze we could sure use some food what do we have here my bro yeah look at it we have some arcanebread, this one is fried noodles and kabobs whoa so we have, like an onion cocktail in the middle yeah the little horn is broke down but yeah. I think the vodka is better we have a different variation of the meat this one is minced give up this one would be mutton as well lamb this one would be a beef and this will be aroulette of lamb and beef a roulette this place also has some russianinspiration, right this is got the name but adopted so again locally they have Russian roulette let’s have a Samarkandalert but instead of getting shotsreally get a shot to the mouth yeah what.

I prefer we’re gonna start with Internet yeah heck yeah man look at this beautiful wheels of cheese that have been kind of rolled together. I can’t say it’s what God would have wanted to put alamb in a cow together but they’ve doneit and. I’m just gonna go with it you know yeah hmm. I take it back God would be very happy about this you’ve taken two of hiscreations and done something sowonderfuldefinitely the mutton taste takes over abit but I love later. I do think wes hould try this this is just straight-upminced mutton here it looks flippinbeautiful you don’t have to do them allright Cheers hmmm. I don’t think you do better than that for a food no juicy tender like aMcRib it’s like kind of processed like hamburger meatal most but mutton it’s also like very truly like gummy like almost meat Gump yeah yeah right now it’s actually Saturday night the people come here tohang out to party right every table has boots on itt his is definitely not a dry country and, I’ve read like oh I mean like almostnobody drinks here. I’m not sure who wants people to believe that but I . ‘vebeen seeing plenty of drinking going on.

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