Death by Meat! Street Food in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

Death by Meat! Street Food in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

You’re messing with me right no, what do you mean he didn’t this isn’t anythingthis is just two huge piles of fat, that’s not a dish over these last two days whose. Becca Stan has already proven tobe one epic food adventure destinationthis is a horse milk fermented, horsemilk from giant plov to mountain sheep -donkey racing. I beat that donkey fairand square by the way today we’re on anUzbek street food mission oh. I guess Ijust ordered one this scent of thesefoods could grab you and pull you in from a mile away a permanent, cloud ofmeaty smoke in the air from freshlyroasted meats this is kind of like the local who is that hot dog. I’m told andtossing my self into a giant bread ovenokay ready you believe it means yourfoods that make you say yeah. I’m gonnamoment a hormonal so count your sheep and grab a friend today we’re going big in Uzbekistan.

Good morning everybody welcome to thesunny and bhikkhus show this morning weare in Tashkent, introspect to stand infront of what are the most awesomebazaars they have here bizarre meansmarkets but there are some bazaarbazaars but we can talk about laterthere’s an old saying which says if youwant to really see the country or thecity you have to check out the bazaarwhich is perfect representative of thatcommunity. we’ve reached the food section righthere alle hospitable guys different typeof foods but right now the season ofpersimmon and promote grenade. I don’tknow that, I’ve ever aten a persimmon sohe just asked somebody he went like thisand that means like go ahead yeah okaymmm nice rich sweet the inside is verymealy like an apple that’s a little bitold what’s happening over here she’sputting.

Oh you know yeah you have to smell it because it is good for your healthkinda kills the bacteria at the same time it’s like an old ancient history and they can remove the bad demons and make a sale good kind of thing she’s a Ghostbuster all kinds of spicesseasonings nuts pistachios nuts he wants to try it it’s a phobia no problemssure showing how easy to open this is an oven and these are grown in this area yeah definitely ain’t a good omenI feel like royalty when. I eat this kindof good oh yeah the great thing about that it’s not just for us because we’reforeigners and it’s for everybody who wants to try big they’re free to trywe’re not getting special treatment no it would be nice if we could get somespecial treatment we arrange something yeah okay which Bazaar is this charter sue this isthe oldest bazaar in a town this one isawesomeit’s like a 1000 years old the location this used to be a downtown over the city this place is massive crazy action inhere noise.

There’s like a rock is there food, we can eat here too definitelylet’s go check ,it out we’re in the largest bazaar in Tashkent, and behind us a huge meat section very prevalent with beef and there’s sheep here – mutton here they have who lesheeps just hanging up maybe. I’ll buy asheep hellowe need a sensor this hole he’s cuttingout that light it’s my outer sunlight itdoesn’t matter if you need the handlegrams, of this place particular they sellit now. I’ve heard the sheep also called Dumba but what is Doomba Doomba is this place yes this is the doom bar it’s like the derriere the booty, that’s a reallyprized part of it right yeah that fatgoes into cooking all kinds of thing sall kinds of things we talk about the cloth we talking about these kebabs ohhe misses his girlfriend he says you thought that Dumba butt was good checkout down here there’s a picture of ahorse.

I can only imagine that that is horse hanging up right there of courseah the horse meat is super dark the segiant cuts this is all horse meat here’ssome big livers and then it’s just aworst foot no no no it’s a count we’re out of the horse table we’re in – of acow patch here they have a huge tonguescow cow songs next to them they have acow tails this is a marrow wash so even just a bone being sold for soup yes weit’s, not only for soup we boil them gelatinem, off from the bone and everything comes out and we eat it aswell. I appreciate seeing just every part of that helping you is not going towaste when they know how to take the tongue a tail some Dumba and make thatin to delicious food, we’re talking aboutsome serious chefsall the smell we are outside of the bread baking areum mother mother mothership is calling us so, let’s go say hello to mother sheep right here they’ve got these huge is this a tenderit’s a tandoor should i crawl in there yeah crawl in and warm.

Oh God right upon the wall year here we can see the process he’s got the dough he’s gonnaflatten it outalways there’s kind of a flat part in the middle and they do this stamping in the middle otherwise the bread is gonna get like really fluffy so he’s gonna show you how to do it so you flatten itup like that oh. I don’t want to do that I do that on the Dumba every night press down get your finger really in there and then they got this thing it is like forfixing, a car or something I think he’sputting some kind of dairy on here it’shard to see it’s a white secret sauce they won’t tell us what it is and then the seed system you see he hits itagainst this little pillow here he’sstepped inside it basically can I tell you something yeah. I’ve learned in mytravels its obviously he’s the one preparing and he is the one who’s alwaysworking with the oven you don’t know. I know then he doesn’t have any hair on his arm hahahaha you get this is the hull of what I can I’ve been invited to put the bread inside literally need to step into an oven okay readyyou believe in me yeah no I do.

I still have hair. I didn’t go deep enough oncethey take it out they toss it over herecan we eat one of these yes it’s soprecious Aloha oh yeah please oh ha it’sa cold one. I believe so so fresh crispyon the outside a little bit doughy onthe inside cheers Cheers and this is the one the one who did it looks pretty good this is so delicioussimple fluffy crunchy, fried palm this place is magical and the one you did for sale the bread you made is going to besold to some super lucky guy probably they’re gonna sell it on Amazon or Ebayuh-huh so nice add bread they’re not gonna be making much money we have made it to the food section of this who lehuge complex so much cooking happeningbehind us that there’s a permanent cloud of smoke of meaty smoke in the air it’sawesome we are expecting really different kind of food like. I think more than 50 different variations of street food this place is very well known amonglocals even for weddings differentceremonies.

If they have a huge party at home usually our parties are really really big like 50 70 people it’s really hard to cook at home so what you do go home you come to Charleston market you buy it you go but I’ll say you can just grab a snack there no problems oh it’s not mutton already assalamualaikum nice to meet you thank youa lready my heart is stolen here we have some kebabs it’s a beef he has a lambvariation as well ah those are nice kebabs. I like someone who’s just proud of their kebabs you know ladies anotherversion of like a hot dog style they puts it into local bread and whilestanding yeah II just put on two lambskewers right here this is kind of like the local who’s back hot dog. I’m told the bread that we just saw how they make it in the giant ten door cutting it down the middle always gonna put it in aplastic bag he’s gonna take the skewerstick it the whole thing inside that bread onion a little bit of vinegarchili powder spritz all right thank you let’s get a nice close-up shot of this the means kind of disappeared but trust me it is in there onion chilli powderbread is still pretty soft yeah it’s fresh some people wereordering two meats for one bread if. I had a guide that would fill me in on those types of nuances I would have gotten that for sure yeah unfortunatelythis is the kids this is not the case of you ready ready mmm.

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