culinary paradise in Hue! What should you eat in Hue?

culinary paradise in Hue! What should you eat in Hue?

Honestly I thought this was gonna be more like a snack but it’s a big bowl of food so we’re gonna mix this upthoroughly guys let’s do it today on the best-ever food review show we’re going on another fun food adventure this time with my one tripguide Joe hi everyone. I’m Joe we are in quit in this market known as yeah. I don’t laugh and we are gonna see amassive amount of food stick around cuz you’re gonna want to eat it all pitch them all see them all let’s go where it was Viet Nam’s capital until1945 and don’t bond market is wayslargest market selling anything and everything especially food would you look at this beautiful stack of pork cakes it is like a stack of hotcakesthat’s a lot of pork cake for those with adventurous taste buds this market is a must it seems like every few steps you’ll find a small vendor with acollection of tiny plastic stoolssurrounding some pot of boilingdeliciousness or a shrine built for the food gods themselves looks like a littleart display right it’s a shrine to the food God today Jim and I will show you some must-try central Vietnamese food sunique to this area let’s get started.

culinary paradise in Hue! What should you eat in Hue?

This place is completely packed with food we are running around right now trying to film everything we can because we want to show you all that we canliterally everywhere you look there’s adifferent Enclave a little differentpocket with some different food in itlet’s keep looking and see what else we can find she said I’m beautiful yeah right here we have lots of bowls of shrimp ease yeah good alright moving on no hold on you what were you saying about these so there are a lot of kind of romanticthings yeah the purple one yeah the foot polka one is the fermentx smalls realtiny strimmer oh dear Lord the smell coming off here here it’s okay it’s like spicy and tangy smell there ‘sa reason they’re keeping that purple one far away from us that is like where the intense smell is that secret sauce for your boom bar oh that’s in the boom-boom way yeah what we’re gonna be having today so for that can of sauce a cache those tiny stream and a minutes and then it adds salts then.

they they let it ferment anattorney turn and then turns purple will she let me sample one of these yeah okay go ahead dad okay we’re gonna sample this purple fermented shrimp paste it isknown for being incredibly punchingpowerful in fact overpowering it’s notrecommended that you eat it in this way but we’re gonna give it a try anywaysstrong smell so far and let’s try it out okay not bad you’re not supposed to eat it alone it’s like eating a tablespoon of salt and being like oh it’s a littletoo salty full of seafood essence and that shrimpflavor certainly comes through in a big way this amazingly pungent sauce will bean ingredient in the legendary Boombahway but first we’ve got some other tasty treats to take down our first food ofthe day it’s called boom hen up yeah how about you just say all the names what is it call gum Hey goodness now everyone knows.

how to sayproperly including me we caught these little clams already in hoi an for the meal here the way they’re preparing itis completely different than what weexperienced let’s check it outtiny clams are the most importantingredient in today’s gummed hen this family recipe starts with some greensrice young banana MSG cashew oil chilioil and a splash of that intensefermented shrimp paste we were just talking about peanuts fried pork skin and those tiny so the first step is we’re gonna mixthis beautiful assortment of ingredientsright here this is the mostheartbreaking part of any Vietnamesemeal because the presentation is alwaysso beautifulit’s like a work of art and I hate itevery time destroying it you got to mixit all up and blend those flavorstoge ther ready it is made from those very simple easy to find cheapingredients this dish was created by the poor people but it was offered to the king yeah because of it an amazing tastemmm it’s actually really light about with the crunchiness in there that’s what.

I like is certainly has some salt to it but overall all the ingredientstaste and feel light there’s one in side are you joking me we are still makingour way through the market and this place has everything including a ton of food what is this all kind of the savory cake she’s got these steamed up little like banana leaves right yeah and inside they look hot greasy and steamy this one we call bun they’re from rice flour and corn. I also swim yeah that one is nonespicy and this one with a lot of chili oh so which one should we beginningtoday of course the chili yeah that’ show we ball when we’re in central Vietnam it’s all about that spice babycentral Vietnam has tons of these bananaleaf wrapped wonders this vendors family makes over 1000 of these a day she then carts them from home to the market where we’re about to try them now the first with rice flour pork and shrimp and these cond chewier version made with tapiocastarch with a shrimpy hiding in sidewe’ll start with the shrimpy it looks like a piece of amber and we have to drill inside for a mosquito and then we can create your eyes apart it’sbeautiful in the way that you’ll make it so you take a big bite of thisI gotta be honest now my favorite that one.

I crunching right away I feel theen tire shrimp is there I’m crunching the head of a shrimp it is a sharp shrimpytaste what do you like about it do you really like the texture next so over here we have the pork with the shrimplet’s try that hmm oh that that is where it’s at that tastes like my Campbell’sravioli warm porkysalty inside and then that kind of noodle II pasta outside it feels like pasta even though it’s made from rice it feels like a ravioli what’s happening tomy mouth right now cuz it hurts a lot my mouth what did you do why did you do this to me so high my lips are burningcut no Queen chili spicier than the rentone yeahis she judging me she’s judging me my lips are gonna swell up like aKardashian over here right up here wehave a lady carrying a ton of differentmummy ingredients let’s see if we cans top her and ask for a sandwichuh Julie Jim ah hi fund me. I’m not sureexactly how this works I think she’sgonna set up somewhere and make itsand wich for us but let’s keep followingalong cinch oh she’s carrying around all this this huge platter a bunny and bunnyingredients pate cold cuts Friday can you ask.

I’m I’m just so curious cuz somepeople just have their spot they stay there all day why is she walking aroundall daythey said y’all my guineashe doesn’t have enough money to buy so these people who have a permanent spot like. I’m a sidewalk they had to pay for that spot okay I didn’t realize howcompetitive this one’s I know youcouldn’t just beat anyone walking upputting down your food and selling itbut evidently it’s even more than thatlike people are paying for theseindividual spots to sell food well I don’t want to keep you too long ah let’s get I’ll get one with cold cut. I’m consistently blown away by there silience and hard-working nature of Vietnamese people without the money tobuy a full-time selling spot in themarketthis woman is supporting her family byconstantly being on the move carryingloads of ingredients and stopping downbriefly when someone places an order fora banh me the meat is nice themayonnaise add some much-needed a kind of moisture to it the most interestingthing for me was to learn about thiswoman in her story with that being saidlet’s keep going and see what else wecan find hi do you need any help selling food this is the mix permissively noodlesglass noodleah it’s made from mung bean these.

I madefrom mung bean you can make noodles froma bean just kidding I knew that ofcourse I knew thatwell sausage with a lot of pork skininside looks like a little art displaylike it’s a shrine to the food gunscould you ask her how long she’s beenselling us 15 years mom and so 15 yearsshe prepares this at home she brings ithere and then she sells it until itsells out should we order something yeahall right let’s try it today our mixedglass noodle start with some fresh herbsbanana blossom glass noodles made frommung bean assorted sausages and wood earmushroom peanuts rice cracker and a bitof chili sauce honestly I thought thiswas gonna be more like a snack but it’sa big bowl of food so we’re gonna mixthis up thoroughly guys let’s do it mmmit’s delicious very delicate lightflavors nothing heavy just a little bitof salt certainly not blend it’s likethe type of food you can eat it and youcan keep moving through the market afterthat and go shopping for plenty offireworks set fireworks and you can gohowever your ancestors and you couldcoach toy store is it okay to talk aboutthat and you can go shopping for plentyof incense let’s move on my favoritepart is definitely.

this wood airmushroom and what’s awesome about thewood ear mushroom is they they slice itall thin like this it’s a little greasyand then a little like chewy of greatchewiness to it I love it well alrightoh they have boom bar where everybody inSaigon knows moon ball very famous butit actually comes from the city of rightand that’s why we’re gonna try it herein the city people have asked me toreview this food before but I said Icouldn’t do it until I came to its homeit’s orfinally the moment has arrived tryingout Boombah in the city of its creationstarting with rice noodles some greensand beef blanched in a savory pork bonebroth then more broth and more broth andsome fresh herbs on top and there’s alsoa blood cake in there tooall right Joe let’s see blue Bob waylet’s eat them it’s cute so earlierright before this we saw that deliciousshrimp paste and they put that in heretoo with blood cake the shape of it itlooks like they put it into a ice cubetray to let it slip I think.

I want totry some of the blood cake first insidethe blood cake there are all these tinylittle holes do you have any idea whythose are there don’t think just chilllet’s go for it I took good blood cakeit needs a little bit of noodle in theretoo mmmblood cake is something when I firstcame to Asia I was a little bit scaredof its intimidating as a westerner we don’t need a lot of blood although mydad used to make blood sausage so Iguess that’s a lot but the texture is myfavourite part of it it just kind ofcrumbles apart in a really fun wayshould we get some of these noodleslet’s go for it Wow very good thoughspicy the shrimp paste I can tell it’sin there but it’s not strong at allright it’s just adding a little bit offlavor and probably some of thatsaltiness is coming from that shrimpsoup thank you so much for joining metoday this was a ton of fun for methere’s so much food here to try and foryou guys if you’re looking for the bestfoodie experience that Vietnam has to offer let me tell you about a companycalled one trip one trip is putting onfood tours in Danang Hoi Anright next door tough way and also inSaigon they bring you all over the cityyou can try tons of different foodslearn about the food learn about the city ride on the back of the bike reallyget the full authentic Vietnamexperience like none other links forthat are in the description down below Iwill see you next week do not forget tosub this video if you liked it and evenyou didn’t like it and even if you hatedit still some throw me one of these notone of these again I’ll see you nextweeka piece.

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