Cu Hu Khom in the West can make a lot of dishes that you should know

Do you see behind me? A very big filed of pineapple And now I am in Hoa Tien town Vi Thanh city of Hau Giang province. Now I’m walking on a foot bridge. Today, I will go to harvest the heat of pineapple tree which called “Cu Hu Khom” and making it into local delicious food. This is a large area which always plant pineapple People usually call with familiar name “Cau Duc” pineapple. This area locate along of big mother river. It is from Vi Thanh city about 10-15km far. For every 10 house, there are 8 house plant pineapple Through many generations Called “Cau Duc” pineapple is because In the past, nearby mother rive, there was a “Cau Duc” “Cau” is bridge, “Duc” is made of concrete)People usually carried pineapple to here to trade, or transport to another place. From that the name “ Cau Duc” pineapple was born.

Beside me is Mr. DuongHe is going harvest “Cu Hu Khom” (heart of pineapple tree)- How big of pineapple tree which we can get the “Cu Hu Khom”?- The bigger tree has more delicious “Cu Hu Khom”, but now not so many bigger tree leave- Yes- We just push slightly like that it breaks- Yes, it is easy- It means that the baby tree, the fruit are on the main tree right?- No, this is the tree which will be give fruit- Yes, that is the baby tree- 1 tree we can it 1 time- This is still small. Normally, we got “Cu Hu Khom” on the destroy season, at that time we can get bigger one- Now isn’t destroy season so…- The trees are still small. This is the heart of pineapple tree. We also call “Cu Hu Khom”Mr. Duong is cutting Very fragrant, the smell like the smell of sugar cane. Very fragrantI would like to introduce, this is Mrs. Diem She is wife of Mr. Duong. She is chopping the “Cu Hu Khom” and then she soaked into salt-water mixture and then cook it Chopping like the way we chop the coconut heart or bamboo shoots- Normal, do we sell “Cu Hu Khom”? Or do we just make for eating in home only?- When we have guest, we will make for guest- Oh. Normally, we don’t eat so much- Do we throw this core?

We throw this core because when eating, it will stickAfter chopping, Mrs. Diem will add salt into here and soak the “Cu Hu Khom” for losing the bitter taste- Normally, In my hometown, we just eat the heart of coconut “Cu Hu Dua” We don’t have pineapple tree to get “Cu Hu Khom”- All people come here, they also like to eat “Cu Hu Khom”- This is specialty- Some people said:“ The first time I eat, but I love it so much”- But when we feel craving, we don’t have for eating- Yes, that is right- Come back here.- Yes- How long do we soak it?- 30 minutes. So fragrant- Like the smell of bamboo shootAt first, when cutting, I smell it like sugar cane. But now chopped, I see it like the bamboo shoot smell- Don’t you go Vy?Mr. Binh is taking me to the pineapple filed to harvest pineapple. Harvest to sell for traderNormally, nearby pineapple field, There will be a canal go pass. When we harvest, we will pile on the boat and then carry home- We ride the boat Every time we harvest pineapple, We will ride a boat to pick up pineapple. We will throw the pineapple into river.

The people on boat will pick up from river to put on the boat And carry there for trader Now the field of Mr. Dung has many fruit. This fruits are still green, About more 2 month, it can be harvested.- Do we need cover it from the burn of sunlight?- Which is falling, we cover.- Which is straight up like that, we don’t need- Oops, cut 4-5 times but it doesn’t breakLet it fall into river,After that we will pick up- Walking on this field, do we must wear gloves?- Wear that trouser, going into will be cut. We should wear fabric trouser. When harvest we will cut……all the baby tree After that, we will cut it make up it again- Although we add Carbua Calci at the same time. But some fruit will be ripen sooner- Which is older, they will ripe first. Do you see the small pineapple? We will sell this small pineapple for some café shop in Saigon. They will use it to make the cup of ice cream- How much for small pineapple- It is about…1,000 ~2,000 VND- Oh, how about the bigger one? The bigger one is 4,000 ~5,000 VND for one, now the price is down Normally, when price up, it will be 8,000 ~10,000 VND for one. Can you see the soil here?The alum soil is make the pineapple yellow. It means that, the more alum in soil that pineapple is more delicious.

These trees, do you remember when I went to Tac Cau? He said it was rotten Same like that The root is rotten so the tree will die. The leave of pineapple has thorn, so when we go to pick up it, we must wear gloves. The thick one To prevent to thorn stick into hand. This filed, people have just destroy. They destroy after harvesting to give place to plant the new tree. The pineapple, for each 2-3 years, we must replant- So 2-3 year we will destroy? After 2-3 year, the soil is lost nutrient, and they can’t give big fruit. We must destroy to plant the new one Normal a tree,- How long from when we add Carbua Calci until the fruits ripe- 4.5 months- 4.5 months is from when we add Carbua Calci to stimulate it give flowers about 4.5 months it starts to ripe All this area, people call “Cau Duc” pineapple Called “Cau Duc” pineapple is because in the past, nearby mother river there was a “Cau Duc” (“Cau” is bridge, “Duc” is made of concrete)People come here to trading pineappletransportation. So now people call “Cau Duc” pineapple And now. The boat is full of the pineapple and then……will carry home After that, the trader will come to buyFrom morning to now, maybe we pick up around 1000 pineapple fruits . This is the ripen one, the previous boat is still little green. Because the trader they request 100 green one.

When the pineapple come here, they will prune the baby trees, or branches Just keep the pineapple fruit only- Do we use this baby tree to plant again?- They cut for replanting. This baby tree grow better than the underneath tree DO you see the pineapple which is rounder? andThe eyes are open equally, It will be more delicious than the long one like that People also call this special pineapple is “Tu Bi”. Or Wheel pineapple, it is round like the wheel Mr. Binh said that “when we call it is Wheel pineapple, The important thing is the eyes is wide open or not” The color yellow or green is not important Sometime the green one but the eyes wide open, it will be delicious than the yellow one which eyes don’t open. These are the ripen on tree pineapple Mr. Duong has just peel skin. I will try, look the color is so beautiful. The pineapple in Cau Duc is very famous. This is the area which famous for growing pineapple in The West. The West has some areas like Tac Cau where I used to make clip about itLong An and Cau DucParticularly, Cau Duc is have special variety for only Cau Duc from past to nowVery deliciousandthe core of pineapple is not fibrous Because ripe on tree, so it is very deliciousAnd crunchyThis chili salt is made by the previous boyHe is 8 grade, but very clever Waiting the vendor go pass.

The vegetable sellerBecause, We make “Banh Xeo” (pan cake)But we don’t have green onion, So we wait the vendor go by to buy something to complete our lunch Now I will eat pineapple and drink pineapple juiceAnd then,Go to kitchen to help them prepare for lunch After that we will have many dish with made from “Cu Hu Khom”Now I follow Mr. BinhMr. Binh is finding one- Like this is okay?- Yes- I think it is younger- No need, the old one is fine- Not ripe is fine- Unripe is fineMr. Binh is pick up a young pineapple- Because we plant pineapple, can we get the young pineapple to eat?Other place people cannot- Not easy- Do we cut deep into?- Yes, we take off the eyes also. The people who plant pineapple don’t peel the eyes separate Because it takes time Because they have so many pineapples. When they eat they cut deep into to cut the eyes also Finish a young pineapple. It is white, not yellow- Yes, it is white- Did you ever eat?- Never, because in my hometown, we don’t plant pineapple, we don’t have this- Let try- Thank you. Let try- Dip in the chili salt- Are you sure it not sour?- Not sour, let try. This is……the young pineapple. It is said by Mr. Binh that “very crunchy, delicious, no sour” I will try it- Not sour but we still dip in salt- Eating with salt is more delicious Not sour at allVery crunchy. It has slight sour taste.

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