Cook everything in the pig’s belly- The rarest and most strange food!

This today on the best-ever food review showwe’re going on another fun foodadventure this time we are indie goes onMindanao in the Philippines for somedelicious porkiness that you have neverseen before the tone is one of the mosticonic foods in the Philippines everytime I’m here I make a point to try itin Cebu City I witnessed the roastingfirsthand at Rico’s Lehtonen feastingwith Rico himself it’s a fiesta in mymouth if a whole I got to see how theyroasted the tone in the province for afiestas home and my AVD is reallykicking in right nowthis takes a lot of focus in Palawan weplopped a Ledge shown on our brutalfight like a cherry on a sundae oh noridiculousbut today we’re headed outside of DavaoCity to Digos where a small home runoperation is cranking out some of themost unique lit shown on thisarchipelago what they’ve done here it’ssomething masterful and something geniusthey brought it to the next level todaywe’ll be witness to the creation ofseafood stuffed Lehtonen this is likethe most ultimate bacon-wrapped shrimpyou could have we’re wrapping thisshrimp with a whole pig and a chickenstuffed little it’s like you’rereplacing its lungs with chickens iswhat it looks like so get your bibs graba friend and let’s get ready to feast.

I’m with my man’s brand we’re headed tohis house right now to see exactly howhe makes it and I’m gonna keep surfingin the pig carrier France nativeLehtonen for the last two years brandhas been roasting up the goods basicallyfrom his backyard deep in the provincehe has all the usual suspects on hisporky menu but we’re not here foranything usual here we have they’repaying in question how’d you come upwith this idea this is my favorite if Idecided to join my favorite inside thepig so I’ll try one and then I tasteit’s good that’s awesome manI love any kind of like extreme creativefood innovation we’re gonna start withthe chicken oh so we’re not playingaround it’s like you’re replacing itslungs with chickens is what it lookslikedoes the pork tastes more like chickenor does the chicken tastes more likepork the chicken tastes like floor thisis crazy this is some next-levelInception food creation the lemongrasslemongrass fine and Eve and then thesecret ingredient.

Wow guys I can tellyou this is calamansi Hey yeah it’s bellpepper it’s onion that’s a secretanybody watching don’t tell anybodyyeah young boy I’ve never had it withthe corn insideyouthe seafood latrone gets all the sameseasonings but instead of chickenthey’re loading this baby up with amountain of crabs and shrimp it’s sointeresting seeing shrimps inside therange the grubs are the crabs our livesyeah more guys what a way to goso hey right down Oh God it’s a staginga protest they were friends of the pigguys guys guys no yeah they’re goodthank you good talk good talk all rightI handle bad I’m sorry you had to seethat side of me but I think we’re okayto keep going now we’re gonna slow it upyes Oh God the Kratt being boiled aliveinside of a pig that’s a unique way togo this thing is a native and feedofficially it roots vegetables oh yeahwhenever somebody’s getting this pigit’s a it’s a celebration are we gonnabe eating with some people today – yesokay.

I would like to share thecelebration with other people – but notthose geese they don’t get anything[Music]this is soy sauce place us and the seesomething which seasonings cheek bit sowe’ve got this soy based sauce with somesecret seasonings inside and he’s justrubbing it down it’s like he’s givingout oil massage to his girlfriend aftera long day at work[Music]when you put the soy sauce on what doesthat do number one the holder of mentionand then they should be which part isthe most favorite of yours here yeahokay so from here we’re gonna throw iton the fireonce the latrone hits the coals it’llroast for about two hours while we waitbrand is taking me to one of hisfavorite food hideaway delicacies indigosatirical photo like glutinous rice andcoconut MelWow so right now we’re headed to afactory and we’re gonna find out whatthat’s all about this roadside factorysits next to a busy highway between twocities drivers can swing by for somequick window service shelling out a fewpesos for this delicious local favoritebrands right-hand manGenisys is gonna walk me through howthey make bibingkapink is a rice cake it’s made of powdergrind wheat coconut milk and coconutspaghetti then we’re all that in onedish yeah this is the spaghetti hereyeah coconut spaghettiI like your spaghetti and then what washe doing over here this one is for thecoconut milkhe’s putting inside the net and thenthey’re going to produce the milk out ofit oh man.

I’ve never seen anything likethis holy crap that is how you makehomemade coconut milk yeshere we have the fresh milk from thecoconuts here we go whoa that is one ofthe best things I’ve ever experienced ithas all the coconut and some so freshincredibly creamy and fattycan I take some home right here thiswhole event is kind of rice cake batterin here that well connect me up thisbeing makes Kayla graduate so they mixedcoconut milk and rice togetheryeah and that will cook later that willbecome kind of a bread a nice pink arice cake yeah all right okay not abread we’ve got the leaf we’ve got thespaghetti inside and then the ricebatter that’s mixed with the coconutmilk and that’s all together how many doyou make every day 1000 pieces every dayoh my goshinside here it’s surrounded by burningcoconut it’s like the circle of coconutlife in there coconuts on the insidecoconut husk on the outside making itburn when you said factory.

I didn’timagine this kind of Factory but theyreally have each station in this smallarea all these people are comingtogether to make this happen it’s abeautiful thing and I can’t wait to trythisDehlia benka hunt has been dishing outthe goods for over 20 years usuallyselling for cakes at a time for 20 pesosand with demand this high it’s easy tosee why this family-run business neverstops moving oh look at this beauty it’sreally hot but it’s nice I can feel it’skind of fluffy doughy and I just take abig bite I mean so tender steamy doughyand they’re fresh coconut in there bamthank you so much for this experienceSalim ah you know what this makes mehungry for what a pig with seafood in itwith anticipation building we head backto brands to witness the final productstarting with his chicken stuffed withchiliI noticed you made some like flowerarrangement out of the ears is that onpurpose yeah oh I’m gonna just rip offthis ear let’s try it together actuallycrispy ear now we’re gonna reveal thechicken inside off with the head go downthe spine oh you just hear that crazycrispy skin oh my gosh I can’t wait tosee this whoathat is like a work of art man nochickens inside that is insane this is just like a flavor masterpiece here we’ve got one morethe seafood lasagna oh look at all thatseafood Zach it looks like these inkcreatures took over this animal but theyalso look yummyso this is ready to eat yes let’s seeyeah for me in the Philippines letona is a symbol of celebration and today we arecelebrating food innovation with my manbrand coming strong with the chickenstuffed latrone with the seafood steplatrone and the only thing left to doright now is enjoy so guys let’s eat I’mgonna just grab some more skin it’sstill crispy so crunchy.

oh my lord isthis skin your favorite – yeah what is anice piece of meat the Baileyyou include fatty tender and this isyour vinegar yes I see and goblin-likewhite wines yeah grain so it gets you alittle drunk to the perfect amount ofspice it really like wakes you up okaylet’s get some of that chicken buttsrightoh it’s just a Porky’s tasting chickenI’ve ever had so good oh he’s got thewhole like there is this a crispy patamm-hmm yeah oh this guy knows how to eatyou just rip off leg like thatWow guys it’s a whole leg mmm wow it’sso rich it’s so fatty it’s absolutelydeliciousokay so we got a shrimp here and putthis little shrimpy into the vinegar tryit out or so yummy and how do you eat acrab I don’t even know how to eat alittle mud crab like this those aregills right yeah do you eat the gills nooh that little bit of meat yeah it’s nota lot of meat but the meat has somewhatslaver yeah it’s sweet just so naturallysweet and it feels like it picked upsome of the oils from the pig seafoodand pig is their best friends I’mtelling youthe tone is a kind of symbol forcommunity it’s food that’s meant to beshared it brings people together for theonly good reason people should cometogether to feast Brendan I just want tosay thank you so much for thisexperienceyou are the hummus Edinson of lachung somy pleasure for you guys this video wasmade possible by one trip Vietnam onetrip is the highest-rated tour companyin Vietnam doing tours from north tosouth right now in Hanoi Danang high ananti gun you can experience food toursadventure tours and more for moreinformation on one trip check out thelinks in the description down below Iwill see you next timea busy nailed it let’s see.

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