January 17, 2021

Coffee Coorgi Pork | Pandi Curry | Coorg Style | Karavali Kitchen S3

Welcome to Karavali Kitchen This season is sponsored by Digipix Solutions, Bengaluru.

They are the one-stop solutions for logo designing, brochure making and various types of promotions We have a special guest and dear friend to cook for us today.

Let us welcome him with the brass band beats! He is born and brought up in Kemmannu/Udupi and currently working in Bengaluru I completed my graduation from Milagres College and I hope you remember, I am your classmate When I started working in Bengaluru, cooking became a necessity.

It is not ideal to order food from a restaurant every day and you get bored with rice sambar when it is cooked daily.

What are you cooking for us today? I am going to prepare coorgi style pork.

Have you cooked this before? Yes! You don't have to worry.

Your tummy will be alright if you eat this dish.

Would you let us know the ingredients required for coorgi pork? Did you have a girlfriend from Coorg? How did you learn cooking this dish? No.

Have you watched Vishnuvardhan sir's famous Kannada movie 'Muttina Haara'? He is also seen eating coorgi pork in a scene from the movie Oh is it? Did they also show the recipe of this dish in the movie? No.

I did some research and got the recipe from a website.

Tried cooking it and served to my friends.

Everyone liked it.

So what is the first step? First and foremost, we need to switch on the flame.

I know that you are a true fan of RCB.

Even if they have not won a single IPL trophy, you still are a big supporter of the team.

No, never.

Now I even have an RCB mask.

Once the pan is heated up, add cinnamon sticks, peppercorns.

We like the dish to be spicy so I'm adding as per my spice requirement.

You can also adjust to your taste.

Cinamon and peppercorns both 1 and a half teaspoons Add little fenugreek seeds.

Do not add too much as the dish may turn bitter in taste Approximately 2 tablespoons of coriander seeds.

Curry leaves for the flavour.

Add half a teaspoon of cumin seeds.

6-8 cloves And half a teaspoon mustard seeds Coorgi pork will be dark in color.

Now we have to dry roast all this is in a slow flame until they turn brown in color.

How long we have to roast these? Until all the spices turn dark brown in color It is better to keep the flame low, so that we do not burn the spices Let us first marinate the pork I'm adding the pork to a vessel.

Adding 2 thinly sliced onions for 2kilo pork 3 finely chopped green chillies 10-15 chopped cloves of garlic and chopped ginger turmeric powder and red chilli powder around 1 teaspoon.

Mix all this well with a spatula We do not add salt at this stage Since we are using vinegar in the dish as a substitute of kachampuli, vinegar also contains some salt content If required, we add more salt This spice mix is turned brown now, this is how it should look like Let us switch the flame off for this For the pork, add some water to cook we should not let the pork to be burnt So add adequate amount of water and close the lid You can also cook pork in a pressure cooker, if you do not want to slow cook Pork is tasty when is it cooked slow for a long time.

So we are going to cook the pork today in a slow cooking process.

Also, these spices are dry roasted very well Coorgi pandi curry is usually dark in color.

So to get that colour and authentic coorgi touch, we add this coffee powder Coffee powder to get the dark colour.

You can use any coffee powder that is available with you.

What is the amount of coffee powder have you put in there I have added 2 tablespoons of coffee powder So, Ajay is this ground perfectly? This is very aromatic Yes, this is the consistency of spice powder mix we are looking for Pork will be 3/4th cooked by now, we can add around 3 teaspoons of powdered spices.

Can we add more, if required? We had not added salt in the beginning So, I am adding about 3 teaspoons of salt and let us mix it well Can you see the colour of the pork now? Yes, I see the colour changes Can we add more TEA powder if we need more dark coloured coorgi pork? Not TEA, it is COFFEE I assume you like drinking tea I drink coffee and here we add coffee powder The pork is 3/4th cooked We add the vinegar at this stage to get the sour taste We add vinegar as per our sour requirement Let us allow the pork to be completely cooked For around 15 more minutes the pork should be cooked.

Later check for the taste and if you feel, you need more spicy, you can add the powdered spice mix Now our coogi pandi curry is ready to be served.

Should I switch off the flame? Yes, please.

Or else you may have to end up paying for the gas cylinder The aroma is mesmerising.

Are you ready to taste the dish? I'm waiting for it Is this so dark in colour because of the coffee powder added? Exactly! You need not have to use coffee powder, if you have access for kachampuli Sudeep, I must say you have also got neerdosa as a combination to coorgi pork.

Could you also taste and tell me how is it? I really want to taste it right now! Neerdosa from namma karavali and pandi curry from Coorg.




I know what are you trying to say.

It is a very nice combination In the same way, I wish you too find a girl from Coorg.

@#$%ˆˆ%&*(}{(Anchor confused seeing the delicious coorgi pork) I cannot wait for more, I have to taste this right away! Usually, I don't eat pork but this is amazing.


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