Clean up street food in Saigon for just 20 dollars you should try!

Clean up street food in Saigon for just 20 dollars you should try!

Anyone who’s had a rice in a clay pot they all know the best bits are the crispy bits on the, bottom that’s what they’ve done here but the whole thing is a crispy bit try it out welcome to ho chi minh city, today it’sall about the street food and our 100street food challenge viet nam is a land known for its deliciousaffordable one-of-a-kind street food you can find this for under a dollar you can find this for under two dollars you can find this for under four dollarsour previous . were about howaffordable street food can be here but today we’re going super expensiveat least as expensive as we can findi have done the 100 challenge in manycountries japankorea india even in disneyland in theusa and every time i came up short i failedi got too fulltoo quick or the food wasn’t expensiveenough[Applause]i think we missed it by a lot todayeverything is going to change because iamdetermined to eat 100 worth of streetfood any way.

Clean up street food in Saigon for just 20 dollars you should try!

I can i’m hitting the streets of saigon alone let’s see if it can be done let’sgo welcome to the beginning of our hundred dollar street food challenge here insaigon in order to spend this much money we’re gonna have to eat some super sized food and that’s why we’ve come here to the place right behind me bon baotopaz bun bao toe fat bun baotaw fat this establishment has beenaround for 30 yearsmaking the best steamed buns in the city they sell up to 2 000buns per day and that’s not includingthe thousands more that are shipped off to convenience stores around ho chi minh city made with an endless variety offillings includingpork quail eggs or even salted eggsal ways wrapped in a cushiony soft bun here we have the king of all bon bao it has eight eggs inside seven quaileggs and onesalted egg from a chicken from a duck do you guys salt chickeneggs no that would be silly why would wesalt the chicken egg all right.

I’m gonnasing my teeth into it now yeah i was told this dish is all aboutthe eggs, but there’s so muchmeat it’s some kind of new fangledvietnamese hamburger almost, the meatinside is so juicyand porky and then the eggs they’re justlike the cherry on top it’s sosatisfying oh and hereif i bust this open you can see thesalted egg so every bite a new surpriselet’s try it outit’s super dry. oh but it’s so rich andflavorful this is a very filling mealthis whole big thing is only two dollarsit’s a good deal but that’s a problembecause i’m trying to spend a hundreddollars, i don’t know how we’re gonna doit maybe i could eatfive of these, i doubt itstreet food number two this time thestreet is inside this restaurant is thisstreet food, i don’t know give us a breakon the technicality it’s very near thestreet you can hear the traffic rightso right here we have a fresh waterprawnon sticky rice with a salted egg sauceand this is a treat that you could eatwith silverware or you could just divein with your handsafter lathering them up withantibacterial solutionthe dish starts with a coconut stickyrice mount that’s coated.

With a generousdose of salted egg sauce and finally topped with a prawn it’s the signature dish and pride of this restaurant onlyfound here now, i always like sticky rice it is like the mostunderrated rice and then on top of it this salted eggsauce let’s try out this salted eggsaucenice bro there’s something about the salted egg you got to be careful with it man like when i had the salted egg in mybang bao it was so concentrated that it just became like dry and chalky but when you mix it with the right ingredients and make a nice sauce out of it it can just be very like rich next these are freshwater prawns and this whole thing is just caked with that salted egg sauce a couple notablefeatures here first of all it hasarms what have you ever seen a shrimp with arms before second has very spikyarms and there’ sactually meat inside of each one of thesethat’s not it that’s not it either i’m gonna eat that arm later there’s so much meat in there what we really want is in hereit’s gonna be a massive tail pull it out just like that boom that’s a beauty look at that all right.

I’m gonna get some rice get some more sauce let’s try it out oh that’s super tasty, i’d like to order like five more shrimps to put on there wowso good and then in here a place where afew ameri cans have gone beforeyou gotta like take the top off and then look at all that that’s all food technically this is the head butter this is what everybody loves it’s so good it’s so rich and creamy that’s damn good[Music]right now we are on one of the busiest streets in sai gon and one of the busieststreet vendors isright there can you guys see him in the camera frame you see ,how we did that cool this business is on every food deliveryapp about every couple minutes you’llsee some delivery food guy pull up throwabout 15 of these on his bike and take off and they’ve been here for 40 years two sisters created this recipe and they’ve been running this place which isinsanely popular now like they have built an empire off of papaya salad you’ll notice that no one’s actuallyeating here so what happen sis over here in the park people order.

The food there’s somebody over there with awalkie-talkie here they make it and they deliver it to the park so what is the food that everyone’s going crazy for well it’s right here a papaya salad the first ingredient and the core of this dish is shredded young papaya then beef jerkymade from cow lungs shrimp crackers peanuts and vietnamese coriander how ever this dish wouldn’t be complete with out their own homemade sauce made with secret ingredients that if revealedcould get me killed you get a little bit of everything inhere a little crackera little bit of jerky a little bit of papaya wow that’s a bite worth getting aclose-upon oh there we go all right. i’m gonnatry it out that’s awesome such a mix of freshflavors it’ssweet spicy and savory there’s almostnothing better than getting a papayasalad in vietnam like the name of it seems like first of all salad that doesn’t sound good papaya what is that a plant but it’s more than that imean when you look at the elements hereit is a celebration of textures you’ve got crunchy crackers chewy beefjerky and crunchy nuts i say crunchy twice butit’s different types of crunchy oh mixthat all with the fresh papayaso damn good love itour next location a street siderestaurant called soupkuthey opened two years ago and i heard they have something really fancy the 100 street food challenge continuesand i was getting a little bit worriedwe’re getting behind because.

I’m gettingfulland i don’t think we’ve even spent tendollars yet but herethey have a fabulous luxurious crab clawdishnearing twenty dollars and i got two ofthem just to be safe to make sure, i’mextra full and that we actually hit ourgoal of 100allow me to unveil for you guys now acrab soupbut wait there’s much more to it thanwhat you see at first glancethey add in a giant crab claw centuriesand coriander all swimming in a viscouscornstarchthickened gravy this soup always remindsme of the egg drop soup i had growing upas a young chinese boy what, i’m gonnaget just a bunch of thisviscous almost not like broth, i’m gonnatry that outoh that’s delicious wow it’s got a bitof spice to it it’s super savory verysatisfyingwarm as it just kind of slowly glidesdown your throat holelet’s try this thousand-year-old egg anegg that you’ll find all overmany parts of southeast asia and chinathat’s so delicious no super intensetaste just like super eggyenough of that now it’s time for themain event all right giant crab clawlet’s go for itoh they took many pieces of crab meat from different crabs and fused it alltoge ther to make a new crab claw.

I’venever seen anything like that very unique a little strange and very delicious all right now the show must go onwe’re about halfway to our goal of 100we got to keep going let’s go[Music]our next food it seems simple but it packs a flavorpunch overcooked rice and honestlyanyone who’s had a rice in a clay pot they all know the best bits are the kind of crispybits on the bottom that’s what they ‘vedone here but the whole thing is acrispy bitkomcha call wit it consists of two parts the crispy shell made by spreading rice over a fiery hot pan and the dip made of a concentrated fish sauce dried pork fat dried shrimpiesscallions and stir-fried minced pork the move here mix it up and that’s gonnabe almost like the jam to my breadso. i’m gonna bust off a piece of this put on a little bit of jam and honey oh this is gonna be good let’s try it out oh that’s a winner super good i probablyput too much on thereit’s very salty but the best part is the texture it’s so thin and the one side is just goldenbrown crispy i can munch on that all day that’s it it’s not a super dynamic foodif you love crunch you’ll love this10 by 10.welcome to our next food it’s totally the same day it’s not the next day.

I’m so full right so here this is a great story she has asnail cart but no one’s really eatingherepeople actually drive up they get theirsnails and they get them to go actuallysomeone just ordered snailsthrough a delivery app unless the delivery guy’s just hungry that could be too also with this placeit’s a heartwarming storya long time ago she used to be a mobilevendor but she’s been able to kind of settle down here in one place in thiss mall market because a youtuber came here did a little feature on her sales and now she’s very busy lots of traffic people ordering online and us here right now she has a few different types of snailsavailable and i went with the bigges tone she had because they look delicious and plump plump snails she steams them at home with only a touch of lemongrass then she brings them hereselling them with a homemade chili sauceall right let’s try it out[Music]this is so delicious this is kind of what makes it right here i think everyone’s coming here for her famoussauce it’s just a little spicy so you feel a little heat kind of warms you up and then very sweet and a bit sour it’sdelicious if you’ve never had a snailbe fore you have to give it a tryi always say the snail oh thank you this is a different brand of snail she’sgiven methere’s that much sauce.

I can’t really tell a difference they’re all just kindofdelightfully chewy but at differentsizes so it’s like do you want somethingsmall and chew yor big and chewy i like big and chewy, but if you’re afraid of trying kind ofadventurous wild food the snail is agreat place to start it’s prettydoable and in vietnam it’s gonna tastegreat[Music]look delicious all right did we do it wedid a good jobcinch out here we are welcome to my sausage party behind me such a wonderful array of sausages and the queen of sausages she’s back there whipping up some moresausage concoctions for all the peoplecoming through oh you should saysausage and concoction too close to eacho ther miss knew it has been whipping up these sausages for over 30 yearsrecently a local food blogger discoveredher reviewed her foodand blew up her spot now she can’t stoppeople from snatching her plumpsausages.

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