Challenging to eat strange Indian dishes- Unseen food!

Challenging to eat strange Indian dishes- Unseen food!

Oh no wine that was like the cinnamonchallenge really ha hawelcome to jodpur the second largestcity in the Indian state of Rajasthanwith a population of over 1 million abig Indian city would be 10 million asmall Indian city is usually like abillion people the people of jodpur areinviting and warm we’re arriving duringa religious festival spirits are highthe colors are bright and there’ssomething new to experience around eachcorner when it comes to cuisine jodpurhas a mystery in its air you can findcountless fascinating delicacies thattake the cuisine to the next level themasala is rising up with this steam ohthat’s so good with so much to bediscovered I can’t wait to experiencethe flavors of Jodhpurthey’re known for their matinee on TVit’s really red and really spicy we’regonna need some lassi to kind of cool itdown yeah today.

Challenging to eat strange Indian dishes- Unseen food!

I’m on a mission to findthe most unique exotic fare this cityhas to offer from food that requires madskills to create it is the ballet of thehand to a savory gulab jamun thatincludes four types of dare if you likerich food you will absolutely love thisand also street food that’s more of atest than it is a snack since theirboyfriends love for them if they canhandle the spice so grab your elephantand hold on to your trunk because it’sabout to get exotic in jodpur India[Music]welcome to India today we are in Jordanfor I am with harsha’s on what is goingon as you drive around it is a non-stopstimulation for the senses there’sconstant hornsbeautiful colors everywhere I saw gowandering around I don’t know someonelost that goat I didn’t see your nametag on itthat’s a Fed not for eating yeah somedayokay with zebra that’s a breakfast itemis actually a giant chili lived in abatter of gram flour perfectfor four generations this family hasbeen perfecting one of jodhpurs favoritebreakfasts and today.

I’ll get afirst-hand look at how they make it fromscratch right now we’re headed into thehome of the owner this is where theystart making the stuffing for this dishand here we are this is the home kitchenright right yeah okay greatgrandpa the one who perfected the Mirchivadas unique masala spice blend is stillthe only one who knows its ingredientswith the recipe securely locked away inhis headnot even his grandson knows it’s asecretly guarded recipe you really haveto earn that the basic ingredients arejust you finding anything but the secretis the combination say it makes it veryspecial Wow Mirchi vada starts withboiled potatoes after.

They’re mashed upthey add in the super-secret masala wedon’t know the portion but my foodiefriend can suss out what’s inside okayso with your food skills you think you can deduce what is it reduction yes sobasically do a tempering of cumin seedsin oil and they dry chili chili powdergaram masala salt asafoetida turmericalso they add the dry lemon powder fortimelinessyeah it’s rising up with this team ohthat’s so good next up stuffing thepotato mixture inside the chilies themost important part of this if you sleepin and the back of this thing studentsget fried as well it’s quit work afterstuffing its dunked in their batter madefrom lentil flour then deep fried is theballet of their hands sir how are youable to concentrate going to differentthings with two different hands whileI’m talking to you how do you do thatthat is how this is where we’re eating breakfast andthis is a freaking elephant that’s ahigh hey how long do they have thiselephant you said Diaz oh whoa this isstill a young guy right here amazinglyelephants are a symbol of an Indian Godso that’s what.

I put this value earlierfor Good Vibrationsyeah because of that elephants in havesuch a flexible nose they can pick up adiamond off of concrete or they can eveneat some to see an elephant this morningit’s time for a fresh new batch ofMirchi vadayou can have it with bread to cut someof the heaviness or saltiness or justtake on the chili itself here we haveour cheap product I like that they serveit with no chutney the masala a certainsize it seems like it’s all in there noadditions required it just still lookslike a little chili right the stem ishere the whole thing is coated we justbite into it Cheers they’re all hot ohthat is spicy the genius is on anotherlevel I can see why people would putthis between breads it’s such a intensedish but I love it how many of these ishe selling a day that’s ridiculous it’smajorly a snack item but people have itin breakfast as well it’s quite fillingright yeah BAM done I bet.

I can eat thisand we are done that was so goodour next exotic food is completelyforeign to me but it’s even crazy tomost people here in India it starts withwhat’s usually a dessert will havesomeone as basic as sweet dish thatyou’ll get throughout India but enjoyedfood it’s turned into a savory dish wewon’t get this vegetable anywhere elsewe’re headed to gypsy to learn more thisplace has a thali buffet patrons sitdown with the platter as they’re servedendless amounts of curries graviesbreads and more even coming here becausethey don’t want to think about what theyhave to order in a thali they geteverything as brilliant but her she andI are just here to learn about one foodgulab jamun ki sabzi this dish uses fourkinds of dairy here’s how it worksfirst grate some milk solid made fromdehydrated milk.

I’m dying just to knowwhat this tastes like on its own notcheese let’s try it out oh that isintense milk if you don’t have time todrink to us as a milk a day you can justeat milk on the gocombine the grated milk solid withrefined flour and cumin seeds roll theminto balls and fry them in ghee alsoknown as clarified butter the moretypical gulab jamun would then be soakedin sweet syrup and served as a dessertbut here at gypsy we’re taking a turnfor the savory once the fellow doesgolden-brown we take it out we put theblob jam it into the gravy that becomesthe Palazzo Pitti something that’s notreally nice his gravy includes mixedcurd red chili powder turmeric powdercoriander powder garam masala and awhole boatload of other seasonings thatall gets added to some more sizzling hotghee once the sauce is ready then it’sin with the balls that is unique what’s so special and kind of crazyabout this for you is that they’veconverted.

What is usually a desert intoa savory dish then he calls a vegetableyeah where are the vegetables it’s atthe cumin seeds was that it because it’sa really fun at Nativity so that’s whatmakes it unique for you but for methere’s four different dairy products inhere that’s unbelievably rich and oilycan we eat this alone well we did it wecould eat it at the same timewhoa it just falls apart in your mouthand then just leaves this rich oilyflavor on your lips somehow it’s justdelicate at the center with the breadyou would just dip in there show me yourways mega scooper all right Cheers ohthat is insanely creaming a ton of spicegoing through very present masala isthat all work together in a gentle way Ilike that if you like rich food if youlove dairy but you’ll absolutely lovethis no don’t[Music]we are on this little side street herethere’s about ten of these differentcards all serving food as the Sun GoesDown is there a name for this sidestreet it’s going to space up in marketthis is the perfect place for an eveningsnack or even like six evening snacksI tried pani pootie for the first timein Mumbai and found them to be slightlyaddictiveseriously I’ve had like eight or ninealready last one last one but Mumbaionly had one flavor this place has likeeight or maybe nine flavors eight onetwo three four five six oh.

God yeah it’s actually a date okayguys I’ve confirmed it ate the Bonniebooty it must start with a hollow friedcrisp it’s like a nacho chip bubble thecrisp is filled with a bean mixturedifferent places have different stuffincreasing food I the mashed potatoesboil bootedand black chickpea then you get tochoose one of eight different sauceswhat flavor is this this one it hassugar and black soy by its oillisten has been mint yeah that’s thedangerous garlic one look at that andnice green flavored water we all lovethe flavor of green what do yourecommendthe dates oneBAM we gotta go for it right away beforeit leaks out ready yeah it’s good butit’s like spicy water no okay I justcaught me by surprise very delicious thecrisp is like corn chip to me and thenthis I don’t know it tastes like spicywater to me what else do you want to tryat the spicy one we haven’t tried thespicy one yetspicy okay here we go the spicy panipuri.

I couldn’t go like eat of those inour own but to mix it up that’s a funone which do you think we should endwith sorry we’re going too hard at thegarlic one it’s kind of light green incolorgarlic pani puri whoa that is sogarlicky that is like garlic juice to meall these are fairly spicy if they fillone of these up with pink pepto-bismolthat would be perfect for me it is ourfinal food of this exotic adventure whatis the name of this foodwhy did you name this girlfriend chatgirls like spicy food so that’s why hegave the name to the country chart doguys like spicy food he’s like no healso told me earlier that going staystheir boyfriends love for them if theycan handle the spice of this chart oh sothis isn’t a street food this is atesting challenge but how spicy is it Ididn’t find itokay the girlfriend chat starts withbaked wheat cups then green chiliesKashmir e red chili powder Rajasthanired chili powder.

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