BUFFET premium seafood in Vietnam is so delicious!

BUFFET premium seafood in Vietnam is so delicious!

This is where it gets really important the buffet costs 73yes how does someone come here and really get their money’s worth what yes pay one set price and eat until you can’t eat anymore but do the same rules apply when dining at a luxury buffet jus tright here in this small little area they have a ton of unique sea food wow that’s everything you can think of in this exclusive series we’redemystifying high-end cuisineand high-priced ingredients what’s the most expensive buffet you’ve ever eatenthati don’t pay for buffet today we’re going to seea premium buffet from a chef’sperspective learning how they satisfydemanding guests who are paying top dollar we’ve got five main stations every station has asignature we’re getting one last taste of the highlight it’s amazing.

I seea full tuna looking at me and mostimportantly, have you had abalone neverlearning the right strategies to beatthe buffet there’s so much food herewe’re not trying everything i think weshould get some snails that’s whatyou’re gonna get at a buffet yeah noright, i don’t know what to doit all starts right herewe’ve come to jw cafe known, for itssumptuous buffet style offeringsyou can see this battling a man a factto the finish we can walk to the end ifyou let cause you and them see thattime’s not a thing here when you’ve beenblessed and born to the left seeme so right when you walk in they havethe dessert section they’ve got freshfruit they’ve got littlecakes and bars they have a freakingchocolate fountainyou see that everything looks sobeautiful that, i cannot eat it welleverybody’s about to tear it apart so wemight as well be part of the destruction.

This looks amazing look at thatmeet chef renee oscar renee has a strongculinary foundation and 26 yearsexperience ininternational hotel kitchens now he’sthe executive chefmanaging all f b offerings in this hotel’s restaurantchef put it there how are you doing welcome to hanoi thank you very muchwhat kind of skills and experience doyou need to properly run a buffetat this scale um people people skillbecause we wo with so many chefs wehave about 180 in the hotel how can oneperson manage all that, i mean what doesyour day look likequality check, i would say 20 30 of thetime and the rest of the time isplanning and execution have you evertried to go to a buffetthat you didn’t work for and say, i’mjust gonna do a quality check for youguys for freeno okay i was just thinking of a way toget a free meal high-end experiencecomes with a price tagunless you bring your own film crew hereyou’ll pay about 73 dollarsin the usa it’d likely cost much muchmore how many different food items areavailable when you pay that 73 dollars400 400. for that price your promisedtheatrical gastronomic tour how are youable to manage getting that much food prepared every section has a chef that’sresponsible for it so basically we work as a team together with all ourchefs we plan the menus togetherlike a symphony that’s been orchestrateda thous and times beforechef renee is the conductor and everystation works as a perfectly tunedinstrument what time do you need to beginpreparation to have all these itemsready in timethese items went on this morning at 730.food.

That needs time to be preparedstarts first everything that’s roastedor grilledis prepped and kept over fire withportions sliced and peeled offduring service lamb legsbone-in rib eye steak 26 pounds of meatgrilled to perfectionnext suckling pig roasted chinese styleduck dried for two days it gets seasonedand roastedbeijing style while the meat is being prepared otherstations are just getting started pasta freshly made from flour eggs andsalt kneaded flattened and cut intofettuccine stripsdessert crafting the perfect sweet blendof flavorsreleasing one final gush ofsugar-induced dopamine before youfinally collapsefrom over-feedingthe seafood coming just in time loadedwith a variety of sea creatures fromaround the globeshrimp gooey duck mantis shrimpcrab canadian lobsterand this 100 pound yellow fin tunai’m not sure what heaven’s like but ifit can compare to thisi’d consider being good it’s alloriginalenough staring at the food chef renee isserving a tastefresh off the grill roasted lambleftit’s a beautiful bastard australian lambdid it fly hereit’s probably on the boat then.

I’m notjealous sorry these days with corona iget jealous of food that can fly because i can’t flycan we give this a try let’s dig in i’mgonna cut this a little bitare you gonna no, i’m not bite off of that original smoky and just super simple youjust bring it out the natural flavorit’s a little salt little pepperand just a natural spice that the lambhas comes out beautifully usually lambhas such like strongtaste but when you eat it you don’ttaste it at all but it can be gaminglamb when it becomes over the flavorbecomes more strong so you need to makesure that it’snot too old wow that’s fantastic wowwhat are the biggest challenges inrunning a buffet this large the biggestchallenge is to make sure that thepeople who cometowards the end of service still havethe same experiences if you just walk inthe beginning, i don’t like food that sits in hotdishes i mean after 10-15 minutes allthe vibrance is out of the foodthe flavor gets out of the food andeverything starts to taste the samehere they have a different strategy lesswaste better flavorsall it requires is some thoughtfulplanning.

I don’t need recognition about 10 of the dishes are cooked to welcome the soon arrivingguestsat 12 p.m it’s all about refreshingbatch cooking making sure the food is not out too long the desserts are artfully plated side dishes salad pizza ready to go cold cuts and cheese oh yeah babyabalone congeeexpensive heartwarming i know the future sifuit’s going to be the item everyone is after seafood is king in viet nam people come to italy because of our seafoodselectioni don’t need oysters shopped sashimisliced half the live seafood remains in the tank for guests who want to cook toor der and half is steamed boiled or grilled for a taste of instant satisfaction right now preparation is underway for the brunch coming up at 12o’clock right here the seafood section she’s getting everything set up and putout they have slipper lobsterspotted crabs they have baby lobsters everything just right here you can get full of this super unique very expensive seafood before we get started i have to ask the chef what is the right way to kind of cheat the buffet and really get your money’s worth here that’s what i’m looking at we’respending 73 how do i eat maybe 200 worth of food can it be donechef it is 20 minutes until meal servicebegins is everything readyvery happy with it with the tuna here are you gonna cut this up live in front of people and get sashimi from this yesabsolutely let’s do that right now absolutely and cut to voiceover and then we will appear back and we have oh look at this wow the art offilmmakinghere we have some sashimi tuna do you know what part this is from the back your back is a little less fat okay right on.

I’m gonna just grab alittle piece you gotta oh hey you have chopsticks. i’m gonna give it a little dip there we go[Music]oh it’s so cheers it’s a local tuna from the machang area i love that it’s locali never would have guessed that it’s from the triangle the texture is so different from the tuna i have in a good way like usually it’s fara part you know yeah super fresh superyummy this is where it gets really important okay and this is where um we should talk quiet because there’s some corporate people around us the buffet costs 73 what is a good buffet strategy because i know is houldn’t go eat some fried rice and bread and call it a day for me i i don’t go to a restaurant forvalue eating i go for experienceare you satisfied well let’s get back to the question you want to answer what are the most expensive items that you serve here okay because you have foie grasit’s a foie gras unlimited yes i can eat as much water as much as you want who could eat more than once well you’d be surprised we’ve had guestsat a table of six ate about 150 slices what yes really with out blinking and you didn’t have to call the police sorry you didn’t have to call it anambulance no no no they walked out like nothing happened some people love it that’s one way to get your money sorrylobster truffles all the meats these a food in the chinese selection there’s a item with abalone country wearing some other high value items so indirectly you’vegiven me the answer yes if you want to beat the buffet you just got to eat a bunch of meat and then get gout can you make it right when you alwaysonline how can you make it right when you be talking all the time right here is our first stop this is thechinese areatons of food but this caught my eyeabalone super expensive have you hadabaloneno really yes so this is exciting and it looks kind of funny it’s it what’s it look like there’s so much food here we’re nottrying everything it’s important tofirsteat with your eyes it’s like foreplay.


I’m looking at you you look great. I’m not going to eat you we got to move onoh really yeah we’re not doing it nextsection here this looks pretty familiar almost like vietnamese street food what you’d find at an out or like shell fish restaurant okay what do you think oh lobster hello okay let’s get lobster yayand some snails so they also have canadian lobster back here in a tank i think we just order one and split it okay also i think they have somethinghere i’m guessing you haven’t tried it’scalled a gooey ducki think.

I’ve heard about it maybe likeon national geographicsnail grilled gooey duck grilled and topped with scallion oil and ground peanut spiny lobster toppedwith beijamel sauce and mozzarellathen melted in the oven thenthe canadian lobster simply steamedthis is quite a fancy seafood feast herewhat i like about it is we’ve takena lot of things you wouldn’t normallyget to try especially all together i think we should starthere this is the spiny lobster yeah how many of these lobsters could you eatlike 2010 two oh you were the worst person tobring to themall right cheers cheers[Music]it’s cheesy it’s chewy it’s satisfyingmmmi think it tastes very fresh tastessweet too here canadian lobster looklike you when you go in the sunyeah that’s right oh this whole day isworth it i’ve been working so hardwalking around staring at food all daythe only thing that makes me a littlesad is in the u.si would have just a big bowl of meltedbutter to put this into hereum fish sauce no no no no no no okaywell salt pepper lime cheers[Music]so good this is so much better it’sbetter than the other one right yes themeat’s real nice it’s still got likesome chew to it but not like so stringyand overall very satisfying.

i always wonder like when you’re like oprah richis this like a snack you eat 10 lobstersno yeah they’ve got some big beautiful snail shere i like it it doesn’t really have astrong taste very chewy texturehere. I’m excited for you to try this me too this is a gooey dump my first time having buoy duck i’ve never had one this tiny before ohand bigger no they get literally this long yeah you ready for another roundchef we’re back for more excellent i wasthinking usually when i go to a buffet imight mix and match and kind of make my own recipe you have pasta yes you have foie gras yes you have truffleexactly can we mix all those i can mixanything you like he’s allowing me toruin the name of french cuisinechef renee pan sears the foie gras heblanches the pasta and combines it with a green mushroomsauce plate pile it high with slices ofburgundy truffle and eat this is a frankenstein creation this is crazyit’s not a dish and no one would ever dothis except for me and it came from my raini think we should just cut the foie gras in half at first ready heycheersoh my god it’s like, i’m eating like apiece of butter yeah i thought you could say like apiece of art but yeah like butter very rich buttery creamy it’s just gently cascades down your throat like afat kid going down a water slidehere i’m gonna mix some pasta with sometruffle with foie gras cheersi kind of like it somehow it work edthank you well.

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