Breakfast in the country of India- Top dishes in India!

Breakfast in the country of India- Top dishes in India!

Just straight-up oil today we are inIndia on it today today no you’re goodyou’re goodtoday we’re in India going on anotherfun foot adventure right now in OldDelhi where we are looking for the mostclassic and unique dishes that we canfind here on the street let’s do it areyou ready are you doing oh I thought youwere pedaling row you have a motor andpedals I love your bike today it’s allabout mouth-watering Indian food inDelhi we’ll be exploring some classicstaples of Indian Street food one witheverything please we’re gonna break intosome kitchens and steal their recipeit’s almost disconcerting the bubblingit’s like it’s it’s like an alien alsothere will be monkeys.

Breakfast in the country of India- Top dishes in India!

I don’t want tolook but it’s Jumanji up in here but nowit’s time for breakfast this is a prettycommon breakfast here in Delhi forgetyour cornflakes forget your Cheerios today we’re doing breakfast how itshould be done well good morningeverybody its morning time in India and we’re gonna get breakfast here at homecorner where they are making chole oh dothey well what is that besides badpronunciation we have a delicious breadthat’s made in oil but we also have achickpea with a top secret family recipewe’re gonna order in just a second from this counter but I keep seeing aboutevery two minutes someone walking downthese stairs with a big deliciousstainless steel bowl of bread so.

I’m gonna find the source of that right nowlet’s goright now we’re headed upstairs they’vehad to renovate their kitchen a littlebit this is a temporary space so here inthe living room we basically have thefood prep going on chickpeas potatoesright here a bunch of food prep ishappening in this room and then rightover here they’re making that bread thisis where the process begins you’ve gotthis huge bowl of dough so they take alittle piece of dough then they get athumb full of this lentil butter thenthey wrap it inside of the hole biggerdough ball and I think that’s what helpsit expand what’s really unique aboutthis bread is that it bubbles up andbecomes Hollow after they’ve createdthis dough ball a man here takes it hedoes a little slappy slaps spanks it abit and then he tucks it into this giantfryer here within about a minute please go from flat to bubbling up beautifullyoh is it time to take another load downoh so it is a non-stop assembly linegoing from basically flour over here tomaking the dough throwing it in thefryer and then delivering it downstairsto the hungry customers so they’reconstantly making this fresh breadalways back for more right now.

I’m herewith Amon Choo yeah thank you so muchfor having us today thank you I’ve beenworking here with las semillas but ourbusiness is 6 years old my grandfatherstarted 60 years back and what would yousay it makes this place so special it’sa recipe that makes it very special mygrandfather had made it himself we usespecial masalas in our chickpeas and amasala mythologist refers to a certainblend of spices they know faces you haveyour own like secret proprietary blendof spices only no secret spice could youwrite it down for me now I notice yourdining room there’s no chairs so it’skind of like some kind of Indianfast-food almost if it does take fiveminutes for you to come in they go toeat and just leave so this can be abreakfast it can be lunch it can bedinnernot exactly they know because it’s quiteheavy for dinner maybe a pre-dinner kindof a thing when the owner tells you thefood is heavy it is no joke even asidefrom the fried breadthis is how they assemble the chanamasala wowzer andsabore potato masalaoh that’s just water huh and this isghee oh wow that was hot oil juststraight-up oil and then some greenchillies Olivia hey chole for today myorder will start with a heaping scoop ofchana masala then some pickled vegetableand fresh bread Oh are these both funare all three of these mine just take one take one.

I go this one’s minelet’s go eat to drink I went next doorto grab a fresh lassi a blend of yogurtwater and sugar and the perfectcompanion to this heavy breakfast ohit’s so frothy we’ll try it out from mygiant chalice oh that is delicious andthat is a great balance to what we’reabout to eat because it is heavy. I’mgonna try some of this just alone oh that’s delicious full of spices justpops in your mouth and then a nice kindof mushy bean texture to it let’s ripthis bad boy open. I mean what a work ofart this is you don’t really need aspoon you just use this it’s got somepotato on there I always get way too bigof a bite I can’t help it I’m hungrylet’s go for it mmm that is tremendousthe bread itself has some great textureit’s like crunchy and soft at the sametime.

I could eat a thousand of thesebread bubbles it just tastes like someperfectly toasted bread with some lightbutter on top it is not just bread it isan eating utensil and we’re using it to scoop up these beans right here we alsohave a chili right Aaron but this isgreat this is just a superb quick easymeal in the morning by the way all thisis under 30 cents but yeah mmm but thechop and don’t forget to wash it downwith some of this the end welcome to olddeli I hitched a ride here we’re headedright now to paratha Lane a place wherethey’re making this beautifully stuffedbread they have all kinds of differentfillings and we’re gonna go check outsome of those right nowas long as I don’t capsize hopefully Iwon’t tip over you guys are doing greatkeep it up so we’re going there rightnow to check it out and is that a monkeyhold on the set of monkey.

I don’t wantto look but it’s Jumanji up in herethere’s some monkeys crawling above meit’s not cute there’s stories of likemonkeys like we’ll steal your phone yousteal your keys and there’s like a babyone trying to eat this wire over here -there’s one two three four five sixseven maybe they just snatched some foodlike maybe there’s grab like somevegetables from down here and then theyjust run away I don’t know we should askthis guy do they steal your please takecare of food really he said the monkeystake the food this is a serious issue hejust threw a beef it is still being tothe mob duh it’s it’s like the lastthing I should be doing yeah I know gogo yeah you’re good okaymonkeys are fed time for me to eatenough with the monkeys we’re focusingon the bread we’re going to this shopright here a tradition of sixgenerations this Perron toast and we’regonna go inside and see what kind offeelings they have burrata is kind ofstuffed flatbread here they have all thedifferent fillings the most common ispotato pulse I don’t evenwhat’s pulse Oh a lentil someone told meit’s a lentilI mean.

I just remember that oh cheesemint mint seems like an after-dinnerparatha banana I think that’s perfectwe’ll get one cheese for dinner and onebanana for dessert I’ll go buy likecheese like bananaso he’s hollowed out the dough and he’sshoving this beautiful cheese inside andhe’s putting some masala on top thatlooks tasty already it looks like agiant cheese ball and then he’s gonnadouse some flour on there and flattenthat sucker out so that is full ofcheese and then next is banana so he ischopping up our bananas to put insideand he also put in some condensed milkwith dry fruits this is looking morelike a empanada or a samosa or somethinghe just put our cheese into the fryer hiyou’re on my show I don’t know sorrythere we goone of these is stuffed with cheese.

I know that for sure the banana one iseasy to pick out but that’s coming upnexthe’s like why are you so loud it’s soearly right now oh this one is thecheese one the bananas going in that’sgonna be delicious and look at this abananas already turned dark brown fullof deliciousness potato vegetable mashedpumpkin curry some potato and pea curryand a sweet sauce with banana sliceswe’re gonna start with the cheese ofcourse because that is dinner I’m gonnarip it here in front of you so you cansee okay it’s not gooey it’s more like acottage cheese try chunk of that now mmmso you can taste the masala in thereactually it’s a lot of cinnamon which Ididn’t expect so we’re gonna take thishey we’re just making a food show realquick is that okay thanks there’s somesauce on there you like that let’s takea big bite Ohtremendous spicy curry explosion potatobread some cheese it’s very exciting mmmyummy and then you can dip it in here ohI’m bored of that one.

I’ll put it inhere nice and tangy saltine and I’mgonna just jump right into dessert it’scalled a banana prata it’s almost like alittle empanada we’re gonna put it inthat sauce it’s just dripping withsugary syrupy sweetnessbananas all sweet and machine look atthat look at that dip shot you guys likethat are you getting hungry are youhitting the like button Ohkeep hitting the like button for them ohhi another bite mmmactually one of my favorite things I’vehad so far it’s sweet its creamy itschewy its flaky on the outside it’severything you want in a food buy thembuddy up buddy yeah thank you I’m gonnawalk off into the sunset with it welcome to Raj in der da ba here wasthat pretty good pronunciation on fleekwe’ve come here to basically a meatparadise they have every different typeof meat and we’re about to see that nowthis place is kind of like the IndianSonic people are coming here orderingfood and they’re eating on theirmotorbikes so the motorbike seat becomesthe table as they all kind of joinaround have a little snack have a littlefeast with their friends we’re gonna check out the food get something to eatand maybe join some people out here toalso eat follow me into the kitchen.

I mean there’s several kitchens here butthis is where a lot of the meatpreparation is going on herewe have a couple of these gigantictandoor oven spam giant meat skewerswhat do you want chicken fish morechicken that’s going in this giganticcommercial size to endure’ oven makingthis beautiful tandoori chicken allright guys welcome to the bread roomthere are a million types of bread inIndia I knew for sure of naan and butternaan and garlic butter naan and garlicbutter cheese naan those were the ones Iknew but here we have roll Mali roti thethinnest bread in India Romani meanshandkerchief because this bread is asthin as a handkerchief my man is busy atwork you’re gonna see this beautifulartistry in a second but it starts here with the dome they take it out of hereput it in a ball and then from the balmhe’s gonna flatten it out and he doesthis amazing move and he throws it on this crazy hot upside-down wok over herethat roasts for about like 5 10 second seach side and then that’s it it’sridiculously fast and what’s moreimpressive.

Here is how he goes from aball to this super thin bread that has aperfect consistency throughout it’s allcompletely the samethinness all the way through no holes notearing even though it’s completely thin it’s almost disconcerting the bubblingit’s like it’s it’s like an alien your bread game is strong we’ve entered themeat room what meat room number sevenright here we have the colotti kebabgently searing this beautiful muttonmasterpiece finely minced and poundedMontana. I’ve been told they pounded theheck out of this particular mutton sorryabout thatit’s just in a nice little pond of gheeand it looks great there’s so muchintense spiciness going on in here likethat air is spicy if you breathe in too quick like it’s gonna burn your nose soonce it’s done he’s gonna scoot it tothe edge and then we’re gonna mix that with our bread that you just saw and. I’m gonna go outside to find someone to eat this with oh do. I still have what’s your name by the way.

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