Bread dish in Vietnam!

Bread dish in Vietnam, The “national” dish!

It mark Wiens I am in Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and I am on my way Find me something famous
Vietnamese baguette bread.
Okay, I’ve got meat vermicelli and them really friendly to all family that really is the friendly sandwich looks great on me
me with pork and I guess a bunch other things so I’ll open it right now they all even have them even there is a toothpick company that includes Oh I will save it for later and then you it is always wrapped in a rubber rope Pick up the rubber strap and open it paper.

Let’s take a look inside reality Come on soon haha Okay, so it’s included there seems to be one pate heap and then i get i don’t
know i guess this is just pork-like silk minced pork and required as well as the pork in it plus a variety of pickles and cucumbers and then sauce and chili and all mayonnaise It’s fine in there. I see it’s hidden below the pate layer and mayonnaise like it’s almost like Bologna and peeked at the fresh bread bread you can look at that fresh bread Right away there’s a bunch of fresh bread I can I can still hear sizzle and I can really feel the heat rising really well!

There are 12 layers for sandwiches and just nice color isn’t it. There is no table at this restaurant you just order four take-away and then Good friend I’ll eat it right away can’t wait. That is so wonderful it is a win very smooth and sandwich sandwiches
crunchy on the outside and then mixed The meat was delicious, it tasted like Pork roast Bologna and then bold pate butter and then combine with pickled green onions and tubers radishes and all carrots and then you get a little cilantro at the end great
It tastes very fresh and so bread It’s crispy and then the meat is rich with wonderful vegetables.

I am getting close to the bottom of the the sandwich was left with only a few pieces it had It’s interesting and this is a great one
place for me to have fun in Sai Gon but actually you can find by me at Probably thousands of street eateries
all over this city, it’s everywhere This is a great place one thing i really like when buying me just the contrast of the texture and
taste so it’s very crunchy loaf of bread but then the meat is like meat just as the inside of the bread is really soft and soft and then you Crispy vegetables included coriander carrots pickles Scallion.
I added some chili to give it a touch Ice chili with it plus all the fresh stuff This is one such vegetable and herb a sandwich of glory in the world.

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