Binh Dinh’s blood soup and venison – The only dish in Vietnam!

Binh Dinh’s blood soup and venison – The only dish in Vietnam!

I got my perfect bite right here readymol hi yo today on the best ever foodreviews show we are going on another funfood adventure this time we are in NinhBinh in Vietnam and, I’m here to find outwhy this region is so crazy about goatmeat the beaches of central Vietnamintersecting streams and rivers of theMekong Delta and the high mountain topsof hai yang Vietnam is known for beingas geographically diverse as its cuisineand Ninh Binh is no exception and binsridiculous they have so much fruit don’tmeat is eaten here and there in Vietnam but. I’ve never seen it as on display asit is in nimbin the main thing is thatthey have the whole freakin go todayone trip guide sang leads the way as wetake on in bins most prized delicacywild mountain goatswhat is he idea of the honey will keepthe skin of the court really yellowchorus but it’s not all fun and goatsbefore sinking my teeth into this prizedmeat it’s customary to take down a bowlof soup made with one very particularingredient yeahMishra’s the block with water and somema cheese a little bit of seasoning inthere so get your goat in a row becausetoday we’re having an unforgettablefeast in Ninh Binh Vietnam binbinisn’t the only place selling goat meatin Vietnam.

Binh Dinh’s blood soup and venison – The only dish in Vietnam!

I’ve even had goat hotpot inSaigon but the selling methods here areunlike anything I’ve seen before I toldyou that Ninh Binh loves goats up aheadwe have something I’ve never seenanywhere people selling goat but in arather unique display all along thismain drag vendors proudly display theirofferings passers-by can purchase awhole goat or piece by piece the mainthing is that they have the wholefreaking goat why do they sell it inthis way Lao man if they die McElveenkappa people come get out of Ling Bingfrom this way and they can buy freshboth meat and bring home so this is justwhat’s tempting people as they go byinstead of a beautifully lit neon signthey have kind of a half cooked goathere this a farm-raised goatthese are why one wild Wow something newright horse today.

I’ll be passing on theroadside goat because of Ninh binsuniquely mountainous geography they havea huge wild goat population and localchef Nam is gonna be preparing this wildfeast from beginning to end I am hereright now with Chef num-num thank you somuch for joining us today sir have youcooked goat before like you’re doingtoday it’s a common thing these doalmost every time why is goat so popularhere around Ling Ling’s they have manykind of hubble’s the cost just feed onit and they have a really different kindof meat so because of what the goats areeating here locally the flavor is evenbetter yesother goats living up in these mountainsthat are out five to six white goes oneast of the clave today we’re gonna makesome wise comb so this is one someonecaught from one of these mountaintopsyes definitely oh.

I’m pumped thank youso much come on[Music]the three of us head to chef noms housetucked away in the gorgeous Ninh Binhcountryside where prep for our meal hasalready begun after dispatching the goatis drained of its bloodthat’ll come back later they torture theskin to remove any remaining hair thenattach it to a spit now it’s time tostuff it with herbs from here he’s gonnastuff the goat go ahead my man firstputting in tons of this kind of greenginger paste ground garlic this oneneeds to be enemy’s curries oh wow thatsmells really good and then last bunchof stalks of lemongrass here all of thatI’m getting jammed inside[Music]once stuffed its sewn tightly sealingall the ingredients inside alright rightnow we are heading to the fire go to inhand I have no idea how this is gonnawork this is a pretty short handle and apretty hot fire alright just startturning oh wowdo they have a machine that turns thehandle normally the restaurants theywould have the machine to do it for usbut you know in the family they do itstraditional wear this has to be donemanually just turning it like this rightnext to the fire yeah you have to standnear the fires and LU it for almost twohours oh my gosh isn’t there gonna besome kind of appetizer at even couldn’tmore mean now.

I just heard de Conti hesaid he can he has two blocks ooh okay Ihad this in oyon they took raw duckblood and made soup out of it is thatwhat they’re doing now yes oh but ifwe’re having goats blood who’s gonnaturn thisincluding blood and Vietnamese dishes isnot all that uncommon from blood cubesin Boombah way to the more extreme rawduck blood soup known as deep gun thisis the goat version of that sang I’venoticed we have a giant pool of bloodhe’s got a fifth mean blood and Kang MinSoo this is fresh goats blood he’salready cut up a pile of kind of innardshere we have some spleen we have someintestine and then here this is somesuper roasted garlic alright just blendit all together it’s gonna portion itinto each Bowl yeahmixture has doubled up with water andsome ma cheese a little bit of seasoningin there the bloods at least beendiluted it’s not just pure blood butthey’re still pretty intense just waituntil it get a little bit intense and ifwe can eat it it’s gonna become hard yescool it’s gonna be the tastiest scabever so this was a liquid a second agoand now you can see it’s like basicallybecoming solid its innards and it’sblood it’s gonna be gamey as heck Ithink let’s try it out and get a bigspoonful oh.

I’m gonna get a littlespoonful wow it’s like become kind of apudding it’s no more like jellies andsoup yeah that’s not a soup anymore I’vefound that dreams of godlike libido willmotivate men to eat all sorts of thingsincluding this oh that’s a good bite thecamera loves it 1 2 3 don’t think justtwo mmm Yoga knees I get paid to be fromcheese filling the organs are supercrunchy the blood itself is very irony Imean as you swash it around in yourmouth it goes from like a solid to aliquid okay I’m gonna have one more biteor you like it like it I think I wouldhave another bowl a bigger one yeahthere’s extra I think for me this willbe my last bite cuz I’m on the blooddiet and the kind where I don’t eat alot of blood the opposite of a vampireready Cheersshe is accept it accept ita texture man overall the flavors arequite good super freshit’s somehow not even gamey I didn’tthink that would be possible did I earnmy dinner now yeah we still have anotherbowl of soup eat your waterthat’s real that’s all you buddy after acouple hours of roasting the goat isgetting close to finished in themeantime we start gathering ouringredients directly from the yard thishome we’ve come to in infants ridiculousthey have so much fruit and in here theyhave a bunch of star fruit this isamazing this is like right next to theirhouse how do.

I know which ones are doneyeah actually me Nicky now she said thatwe normally choose the one with thegreen Cara’s green not yellow yes checkout the beauty of these little guys justgrowing out here on this tree this is astar fruit they’re gonna cut it up likeBam Bam Bam we’re gonna eat it up soonwith our goats all right that’s enoughperfect[Music]soon before roasting is complete thegoat gets a thin glaze of honey thenthey sit back and watch for signs thatthe goat has completed roasting it’sbeen closer to two hours now when thejuices from the inside start comingoutside that’s how they know when it’sdonethe skin has even broken in some areasthat look super crispy so now we’regonna move it to the table right yes howdo we do that okay so pretty good I canhandle thatall right don’t mess it up we have afinished goat we’re gonna put it righthere on the table I think we can justoh yeah the crunchy steak sure yeah it’scrunching already just by putting itdown someone will hold cost and he willstarting to pull out and have a littlespin you guys got this.

I’m gonna justcoach you and send positive vibescome on saying believe in yourself let’sopen it let’s go almost out almost outoh it’s hot it’s hot no this looksdelicious you’ve done a great job we’regonna decorate it in just a second butbefore we jump into the meal I wanted totry a little bit of the skin he’s gonnacut off some now oh wow it looks verythin it’s just like a leather look atthat starting with some skin we’veearned it cheers Cheers mm-hmm I don’tknow if it’s from the honey but it doestaste a little sweet fatty very chewybut really good flavor is still fromhere we’re gonna decorate this and havea beautiful goat feast[Music]everything looks beautiful now whichconnects to cut out all the insides ofGod and technology water stock inside inmaking a dipping sauce so there’s kindof a sauce that’s been brewing inside ofthe goat all right take it away so he’sgoing under the belly here it’s drippingdown like a coffee mug incrediblyaromatic very strong flavors of thatVietnamese Korea Lee now we just cut themeat and a dipping sauce so we put it onthe back she’s going into the bellycavity he’s gonna remove all thesespices from inside of here we’re allgonna take a piece we’re gonna put it inkind of the juices from the goats try itoutlaw hiwhoa I feel high from goat oh that is soyummy super tender fatty Memphis guyhe’s outdone themselves a litte we putinside the coat now we can eat it if itputs the flavors much more.

I mean lookat how incredibly juicy this section ishere it’s so hot still that you canstill see the fat kind of bubbling herethat’s amazing it’s just steaming thesewonderful herbal smells between thelemongrass and the Vietnamese curry leafit does still eat the meat and the liptogether yeah I was hoping he was gonnasay that I got my perfect bite righthere I’ve got a skin some fat some meatsome holy Freddy mole hi ba yo wow it’sso heavenly this getting bit chewy vitalMonday is juicy just an herbal explosion[Music]food is better when you share it and thebest moments I’ve had in all my travelsinclude sitting back with some good grubjoined by locals who have no idea whatI’m saying and sharing a glass of themost unrefined booze known to man thankyou so much for this opportunity andcooking this amazing meal thank you comeon it was a huge weight they didn’t evenfinish your shots gentlemen we’ve gotsome goat to take care of here go aheadbean all right this one yes that’s notjust for you this is the rear thigh ofthe goat why don’t you think they werewaiting for the nods Cheersbut I’m not gonna take it about yet yeahokay look they’re insisting.

I’m sayingyou’ve got to eat with me but they saidyou eat they’ll drink oh this is abeauty here we go oh that is heavenlet’s take a moment to just look andappreciate the beautiful kind ofroasting striations of the meat stilljuicy it’s quite amazing for how simplethey cook this I can’t believe how goodit tastesin Vietnam traditionally we like thebest part for the cast is that the bestpart yes the real part is yours is sotouchinghow often do they do this kind of thingfour or five times a month it’s like abig family feast they will call alltheir relatives come to Canada to havethis well right now you guys are myfamilyto family[Music]whether it’s the goat steady diet ofmountaintop herbs or the copious amountsof booze poured from an industrial jugsomething about this particular goatthis particular setting and thisparticular country was magical thank youso much for watching this video was madepossible by one trip Vietnam one trip isthe highest rate into a company inVietnam doing tours from north to southin all major cities including Hanoi newChiang Danang hoian and Saigon you canexperience food tours adventure toursand more mantra Vietnam is actuallydoing tours right now from Hanoi to herein Ninh Binh to learn more about onetrip check out the links in thedescription down below I’ll see you nexttime peace.

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