November 23, 2020

Best Travel Gadgets EVERY Person Should Know!

hello there, I am Natalie and I love to travel I want to go everywhere see everything and indulge in the beauty of the world this year I plan on tackling Spain for my honeymoon Then Bali to eat, pray and maybe love and then going to Japan to get inspired and eat some sushi Raise your hand if you want to travel the world in this case give this video a thumbs up I'm gonna show you the best packing life hacks and travel gadgets that will make your life so much easier Hold up.

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Let's get on into the video The very first gadget, it's a little weird, but I will say it is my new favorite thing look at this This is called a label maker.

It looks all kinds of crazy ways pretty much.

What it is.

It's a way to organize everything that you have from like bottles to papers to desk stuff is it has like this wheel right here that has every type of Like letter and symbol and whatever you need all you got to do is like twist it and then press down And then it starts writing this is so cool I've literally been organizing and categorizing everything like all my DIY supplies I've been doing this all of my makeup in my vanity I have all these sections, and I've been categorizing it by blushes bronzers highlighters literally everything It's amazing especially if you're traveling you don't really know What's in what so now you can start labeling it? And then it's super easy all you have to do is twist it back And then there's this little cut feature and then you just click it and bam your thingy comes out Hey cool thing about this is it's sticky so there's like the little layer that you just removed like this Isn't it's cute come on.

This is adorable, and then you just place this and label whatever you like personally I just feel like this has made organizing so much fun.

I have just become a neat freak, and I love labeling things I'm literally like this crazy labeling lady, but this is amazing for when you're traveling And you don't know where things are you can categorize it.

You could stay organized and stay productive This next one is about to be my best friend.

This is what you call the wrinkle Wiz supposedly It's good on all fabrics, and what it does is just makes wrinkles disappear so pretty much What it is is it sprays away any type of wrinkles without the use of an iron because ain't nobody got time for that Over here we have my hand model what up take out your hand, hand and here is the very wrinkly garment So what it says is this is a fresh linen scent pretty much what you do is you spray at a distance And then you're gonna stretch out the clothes and as you stretch it out.

It's pretty much gonna de-wrinkle it We're ready for this? until damp, Oh it smells nice What?! Did you see that? do you guys see that? okay, and this smells great by the way, I wonder what.



technology it is? Oh my god look from this side to that side.

That is not pretty.

This is cute.

I'm gonna tackle.

This bottle right here Are you guys seeing this are you seeing this Dennis? I'm never gonna iron again in my life This is the side that we ironed with the wrinkle Wiz and then that's the side that was left alone Literally and under like a minute.

It was my new favorite product.

Thank you.

I love it.

It smells good I look like I wet my pants I will confess to you.

I am an over-packer I always over-pack and unfortunately I always have to pay some cash when I am turning in my large bag It's just embarrassing.

Okay, so I found a solution I ended up finding this gadget that is a portable scale so this portable scale is gonna help you avoid any kind of fees that you may get with it and All you do is lock into place Just like this, and then you hold it like this, lift your bag and touch this little button right here And it will give you the exact Weight of your bag, so to prove that my bags are always heavy here is one heavy sticker for my recent travel trip here is Another heavy sticker from another recent travel, and I always have to pay a lot, so what we're gonna do is we're going to take our little scale we're gonna pass it through the handle, this one and Clip it on and then so another thing to mention is this actually weighs Kilograms and pounds so no matter where you are in the world It'll help you out, so you press on the button to turn it on and then we're gonna lift it and it starts counting I don't actually have anything in this bag, but this bag alone weighs 11 pounds 11.

6 I can really see myself loving this gadget because if you're someone like me that's always on the go And you just need something easy and light and portable to you know weigh your stuff.

I think this is a good gadget This next gadget is for all of my sleepy heads.

This is what you call the ostrich pillow now This is really cool because it was actually a Kickstarter from studio banana things and pretty much what it is It's an on-the-go sleeping device.

How cool is that we're gonna open it up, so opening it up.

It looks a little something like this Oh interesting I like the material it's pretty nice.

It's not like foamy It's more of what would you call this? beady according to Dennis This is beady and there are three different ways on how to wear this Way number one The way number two Like this and style number three is like this, so we're gonna try these out right over here I'll tell you guys how this is so one Pro that this has is you guys will know that usually in airports? It's uncomfortable There is no where to like lay down the seats are crammed and then sometimes you just wanna lay on your head So this is gonna help you do this.

Let's go to sleep This is kind of nice.

This is good because not only is it covering your eyes.

It's also comfy It's like a nice pillow The only thing that would worry me about this is being at an airport and having some people, maybe like take my stuff I don't know am I thinking to cruel? this kind of inhibits the fact that you can't really see what's happening around you, so Comfort wise I think this is super comfortable except if you're a girl like me who maybe you're going somewhere And you have makeup on I feel like this is probably just taking away all the makeup that I have on and it looks kind Of funny like for sure you'll get some stares.

I'm sure but it's nice.

I like the fact that you can't see any light The second way is like this right so now We're pretending that I'm in the actual airplane if you're already on the plane.

You know that's very uncomfortable You're pretty tight with people if you're gonna be kind of uncomfortable like if you're trying to sit this way or sleep This way it's just like it's not the best positioning, right But if you have this you can literally just balance your neck right here I mean this kind of works the same way as traditional airplane pillows But it has three different functions in case you're sitting with someone a little bit too close then you just don't know which way to go you can just kinda go like this And then the last one? the last one is This is the one that I find to be the funniest Kind of like a headband or something like that you got going on.

Oh this looks like a cool hat I mean it's kinda cool.

Imagine if the person next to you and the person this way had one Just like this, and then we could all sleep like this Something really cool that I just noticed about this is you can adjust this in case you got a bigger head there you go or tighten it up like that I don't know about you But every time I travel I find myself creating this huge list of just things that I need it's literally a bunch of post-its all Over my house, just like take your wallet.

Take your credit cards Take this take money take cash take your medicine Not anymore honey now all you need is this so I thought this was super cute It's a little thing that does knock knock hack This literally a huge list of things that you may need for your trip so for example What you do is you'll put the destination any special events how many days you're going It'll even remind you to check the weather well basically remind you of all the basic stuff you need of all the miscellaneous to close the hygiene you might need a bottled water earplugs a passport of course your driver's license or miscellaneous you might need your Chargers your laptop charger an umbrella house keys all the little things packed unfortunately every time I travel I forget I really like this I've been using it a ton for all the traveling that I've been doing which by the way We are going to be starting up the vlog channel very soon on Natalie and Dennis Show I'm literally revamping both my channels And I'm really excited for it so could be going on our honeymoon and just doing a ton of traveling so if you want to Stay tuned for that make sure you subscribe I'm going to leave a link to our second channel right below I really like this quote that it says right here.

It says bring half of what you think you need and twice as much money Comment below.

What is your dream destination that you plan on tackling in 2018? if somebody were to give you a ticket to anywhere Airports are super crowded and you know what it's like to go with your carry-on bag, and then your personal bag And it's just like everything is crazy.

Everything is falling everywhere.

Well I have a solution for you this gadget looks very strange Honestly, it looks like it just looks like a weird belt, but it is super functional And I'm going to show you why, basically what this is is a carry-on strap so what it's gonna Help you do is with your carry-on item and your personal bag.

You can tie this ooh See this is what would happen if I didn't have this thing you can tie your bag on to it And that way you can be hands-free you can be texting you can be holding your ticket and pretty much Just attentive to anything in the airport And I know some of you are thinking that you can just wear the backpack on your back, but the reality is Sometimes you can you know over pack it's kind of heavy So you might as well just save your back a little bit of work and just just attach it on I'll show you guys how to use this this is a game changer All right very first step is to take the buckle and you're gonna pass it through the hand grip And then you're gonna clip it in place then taking this and you'll put your bag like so right there And then you'll flip it around, Ta-da all you have to do is just adjust this strap right here And there you go your bag is Securely on no more flaking no more falling around especially no more worrying about it falling off of your carry-on.

It's nice and secure Natalie I know you hit record follow me on Instagram @hey_Itsdennis.

I caught you I just did is because you were really fascinated.



With the product Hi guys Follow our vlog If you're someone like me who loves jewelry But you can never seem to have it in one place especially when you're traveling I feel like all my jewelry pieces especially my earring like I have one and that it's lost bye-bye forever typically I used to travel with like something like this just a Little earring holder with all my and that's exactly what would happen But nowadays I came across this gadget that looks a little something like this It's a little weird, but you can pretty much pin this anywhere you want They come separately like this But I like to use this little plastic gear thing where they're all kind of attached to and all you do is Just hook on your earrings hook on your earrings hook your earrings up all you gotta do is Hook your earrings through here like this and then clip it back and you have a nice little placeholder See like that so It's amazing trust me once you have your earrings on it'll look a little something like this you can also like I said put these Little individual pieces towards the back you might as well just use a little packaging thing and it is amazing I have not lost one earring and I use all of them which is awesome because it just spices up every single outfit These are so cute and tiny but I'll usually just put this in my purse whoa not like that But what I'll do is I usually pop this like in my purse or my makeup bag And then all you got to do is slip it out look at it flip it around if you got the other side's on there And then that's it decide it's so much easier trust me you guys such a simple gadget, and it's super inexpensive.

I love this one This next gadget is gonna save your life one day well Maybe not your life, but your iPhone or your gadgets or any kind of electronics lives.

This is the all-in-one Adapter if you know when you're traveling away for maybe like the States every type of outlet is differently in Australia in Europe in Asia So this has it all In one so I don't really have an example to show you guys because I am here in the US But if you're going out of the country you will notice that this will really come in handy Yes one ticket to anywhere.

Please actually make that two you're coming with me, right Okay, thanks.

Bye I hope you enjoyed today's hack video if you did make sure you had a huge thumbs up check out my last video right here By clicking on it where I show you something that people do to annoy you and I hope you can relate Please click it subscribe right over here by clicking on my face I post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday and just make sure you have notifications turn on by clicking On this little bell that way I could see twice a week.

I wish you an amazing day don't forget to live weird or die normal.


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