Best Indian street food you should know!

Best Indian street food you should know!

I open my heart up and I was ready for the joys of gulab jamun today on the best ever food review show, we are going on another fun food adventure here in Amritsar. We are finding the best indulgent junk food we can find you ready okay good, whether you call it junk food or comfort food I love it all it can be oily greasy sweet or cooked in enough butter to give an elephant a heart attack look at this. I can wring out the margarine but it’s like completely soaked I mean exotic foods are great but junk food brings out the real meat I’m such a bad boy today my guide Surratt is pointing me in the right direction can’t resist it you can’t eat one you will be eating it because you’ll be enjoying it together, we’ll be hunting down the richest most decadent Indian food this city has to offer if that guy from Street snacks soaked in Indian spices this is one of the most indulgent comfort foods I’ve ever seen in India – sweets more powerful than love all and made my knees weak so prepare your drool bucket because today
we’re going over the top delicious in Amritsar.

Good morning from Amritsar I am here with Sita hello yeah thank you for joining me today good and Jake, we are on an epic journey today as you can tell by our mode of transportation, would you call this a rickshaw yeah we are chilling on drift shot do. I look comfortable yeah all right, sorry tell me about this city Tomica is a holy city it is famous for golden temple and people love the key thing over here they just leap on ha great that sounds like my kind of people today. I’m on a special mission because. I’m looking for what I would call Indian junk food I don’t mean for that to be an insult for me I love all kinds of junk food you will have lots of variety of food deserts you get a great stuff over here to eat like gulab jamuns it’s made from sugar syrup people just love to eat it nice we are headed right now to get some gulab jamun let’s go we’re still.

Here are we early in the morning we’re starting with dessert for breakfast here at Sharma sweets this small roadside sweets shop is making India’s favorite dessert it’s like a great desert like people almost unique after every meal how many would you have after a normal service that’s pretty good they have a, whole assembly line here my man over here he is picking apart little pieces
kind of portioning out how big each one should be the ones he’s portioned out are here they’re kind of rough and then. when you move over to here I mean look at that that is a beauty perfectly smooth laddoos why do me fall right yeah great earlier this trip. I tried jodhpurs unique savory gulab jamuns wall it just falls apart in your mouth it’s unbelievably rich and oily but here they’re making it in the classic style 100% sweet starting with what looks like a dough that’s made of dehydrated milk salt so this one is more of a disc Uhler gulab jamun you can see it gets about twice the size in a bath of sugary syrup.

That’s the kind of bad I would like to take once these balls are formed their deep fried in ghee or clarified butter all right he’s giving me the job with a little bit of coaching here. I’m dump in these mini ladoos well with a little assistance here he’s basically
doing everything there we go once it turns a beautiful golden brown it’s dumped in a huge vat of sugary cereal is there anything else we need to know before we eat this yeah just prepare yourself you will be loving it prepare yourself for love guys we have one of the most classic Indian desserts right here and honestly.

This is a tiny little ball and that’s already, got some heft to it it’s got weight it’s full of ghee and sugar very rich, let’s try it out I can have more so far we started shooting here like. I can have one but now you can’t stop right and what’s really interesting it’s all
made from milk let’s try one more all we have love disease huge one what what huh look at that tiny bite do people eat a big one like this yeah. I just want to be normal so badly ready yeah, Oh it made my knees weak it’s so intense though. I mean the gate and the sugar work together like best friends holding hands prancing through a field a meadow in fact thank.

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