Best Food in Da Lat! What do you eat in Vietnam?

Best Food in Da Lat! What do you eat in Vietnam?

This is like kind of dangerous man thisis how Indiana Jones would eat he’s gotlike a literal fire around my bowl howis this place not been sued yet today onthe best-ever full review show we’retaking Internet food videos to a wholenew level closing it and we’re runningout what’s going on in the secludedhighlands of delight Vietnam we’vetracked down master chefs thank you somuch come on on making some of the mostunique food. I tried the amazing port butwhat is this that you won’t findanywhere else[Music][Applause]welcome to the lat we’re starting theday off rightheading a couple miles outside the cityto this mountainside restaurantsometimes if you want the most amazingfood you’re gonna have to go outside ofthe main city area and that’s why we arestarting our day here at Tom when ouryoung.

I said I own I own as laid-back asthis place seems you’ve got to orderyour food one day in advance and ifyou’re late picking it up you’re out ofluck she said it’s been weight tested to200 kilograms it can hold a smallelephant so I should be okay I’m prettyrelaxed I think we can go eat nowVietnam has over 50 ethnic minoritiesthe owner and his family are part of thegyri people with recipes and cookingtechniques that have been passed downthrough generationsand right here is a kitchen the chef’sbusy at work the grill masterJoe on ah nice to meet you thank youthank you for having us today they havethis beautiful kitchen and they’recooking some of their specialties rightnow that bamboo rice here is where he’smaking that bamboo rice here you can seeall the spent bamboo this bamboo hadrice in it already and they cooked itright over here so that is the bambooright there they put a little plastic ontop to help kind of keep it containedso they strip it out of here and thenthey put it on the grill and this manhas said if this rice sits out for oneday the next day you can use it as aweapon but today we’re going to use itas food we can see here as he’s toastingit is turning a beautiful golden brownthe chicken on top it’s ready so rightnow he’s handing me some of this superunique mountain herb.

I’ve never tastedanything like it I had a little bitbefore off-camera this uncommon junglegrass is the secret behind the amazingflavors coming out of this kitchengetting turned into a puree mixed withsalt and lime it is like cilantro mixedwith lemongrass and mixed with limeImperial[Music]of hot Oh I can handle it oh my god thatis terrific long long long one so youknow a word that’s cute some of the bestrice I’ve ever had because it’s nice andcrunchy on the outside just warm andsoft on the inside so he’s gonna show mesome of this awesome chicken Oh what doi do just take the whole that Oh is hotplating it up ma’am that is a nice legOhI mean if that doesn’t look like anexcellent meal right there and take alook at that we’re gonna eat here on howwe’re sitting down and he’s like no yougotta bust into this now it’s a verylean chicken obviously it’s a littlemore thin than your average likedrugged-up American chicken hmm so ohthat is tremendous just torched up skincrispy on the outside and piping hot onthe inside and then with this spicedincredible before leaving our hostinvites me for one more bite would youlook at that.

I’ve been invited to trysome of this patty it’s beenroasting away for about five to sevenminutes really with my hands okay I cando that oh I’m gonna have to wait justone second he’s like oh you can stillfeel your fingertips I can’t I don’tremember what that’s likeall right here we go let’s try now mm-hmm meaning low fattytons of lemongrass flavor in there andalmost some like lemongrass texture Ijust want to get a a giant bun and makethis into a hamburger sir thank you somuch come on on mmm long long one verylong so goodso good so won’t come next up we’reheading back to the citywhere a local chef is putting her ownspin on the central Vietnamese classicwhat we’re gonna be eating is calledthem known this is the owner right hereand you can see already she’s grillingup some beautiful skewers they squeezethe minced pork around it there’s somepork there’s some shrimp there’s somepork liver.

There’s sugar and fish sauce okay it’s a smart lady she’s like hey free labor get to work we got a bag on we’re gonna mush it around slow but surehow is this that’s pretty good laughterusually means. I did a good job try onemore hold on give me some notes I needsome constructive feedbackI’m better at eating than making thisokay yeah once the pork is finishedgrilling it sliced up and served alongwith some peanut sauce rice paper greensand this what is thisthis isn’t right paper always justfrying rice paper right I can eat a bagof these like Doritos they’re so good long so we’re gonna make a roll we’regonna put some greens on there oh you’regonna make mine toolook at their service guys. I have neverhad a roll with this fried rice rolllike this it’s gonna add an awesometexture inside.

I can’t wait you make itso perfectly there we go rolling it upBAM that is a nice roll give it a diplet’s go mm-hmm it’s perfect I love thisfried rice paper yeah just as frailbrittle little crunch Adiemus inside theroll thank you so much for inviting usand showing me your food thank you somuch thank you guys I hope you’re likingthe food so far this next place is sickthey’re creating something reallyspecial their way of cooking is superunique I can’t wait to show you we’rejust heading to the kitchen straightawaywe’re gonna get right into it she’sfilming me she’s like yo you’re gonnafilm me. I’m gonna film you oh god whatshow is she watching do you know thisshow oh is that the best ever foodreview show that’s really amazing youjust watch that in your free time that’svery cool we’re gonna go to the kitchenbut glad you’re a fan when I visited thePhilippines.

I tried out one of theirstaple street foods called balut a duckegg that’s been developing for about 18days before being boiled well in thiscentral Vietnamese restaurant they’rewhipping up a flaming balloon they putit in this broth that’s kind of amedicinal broth as far as I know they’regonna crack open the egg and then put itinside of the vegetable there this placeis just full of surprises after boilingthey place the egg in a calabash or wecould just call it a gourd throw on somefresh herbs soak it in broth and thenlight that baby on fire oh my god thebroth the plain the eternal flame that’sgonna keep the bullet warm for days Ohwith their bare hands digging it offthis is like kind of dangerous man thisis how like Indiana Jones would eat okayjust going right for it how is thisplace not been sued yetwe got a piece of our squash and thenwe’re gonna get some balutI mean this place gets a 10 out of 10for their execution like look at that ohgod this is the most dangerous meal I’veever eaten so.

I’ve got the balut in hereand let me tell you balut is notsomething you want to cut into a lot ofpieces it’s a lot better if it’s justwhole and you don’t see everythingthat’s inside everything’s there mmm Wowso fresh so I mean there’s one of themost interesting things I’ve ever eatenthe taste is actually good no strongflavors a lot of egginessand the medicine flavor is at a minimumit’s not the main flavor in there andthe fun does not stop there next up beersauna chicken something is underwaythey’ve got these stones on the fire I’mgonna be honest. I don’t know how thisworks at all but we’re just gonnawitness it together and try to get allthe cool sexy angles the chicken spatreatment would not be complete withouta full-on spice rub down with tons ofpeppercorns and freshly minced chiliesred-hot stones they’re going into thebottom of the clay pot they’re creatingkind of a barrier on the bottom with abunch of coriander and lemongrass andthen shoving the chicken that’s justbeen drenched with chili on thereclosing it and we’re running out what’sgoing on there this is crazy.


What that dude talk about a sauna that’sridiculous this chicken is cooking likeright there in the beer I didn’t knowhow this was gonna work it’s my firsttime coming here it’s super unique andbam it’s gonna hang out in there for 15minutes by far one of the coolest thingsI’ve seen in Vietnam no in my life after15 minutes the chicken is ready it’sbeen roasting away in there it’s beensteaming away I should say oh look atthat you can see those beautiful redchilies on the outside every part is inthere we’ve got feet we’ve got organsliver a little bit of head it’s reallyit would feed a family of five come onWow unbelievable it looks moist it’s gotthe chili still on there and then righthere we’ve got the new chain green chilisauce just go to try it will dip littledipso perfect and that lemongrass flavor iscaptured in that meat so well I will sayit’s not super tender. I think it’sbecause of the kind of chicken it is itdoesn’t have a lot of fat on it so themeat it’s a little bit chewyI don’t mind the chewiness it’s got justa ton of flavor in there you pair itwith this sauce and then perfection thisis one of the most unique restaurants.

I have ever come across and they stillhave one more roundpork belly grilled on a shingle as faras I know it looks like a roof shingleto me we’re gonna use this to cook ourpork I think so they brought us somebeautifully marinated pork it feels alittle bit like Korean barbecue but theyhave a clay shingle on here what’sbrilliant about it is they’ve got somecooking oil it put the cooking oil uptop and then they put this pork belly onthere so as it cooks the oils are gonnacome drip back down onto here and thenwe can reuse the oil again up here ourpork is looking nice and ready I almostdid it wrong oh we’re doing a Koreanstyle thank you Wow look at this serviceguys they just hand it right to you Ipull of chili sauce nowOh fatty crispy pork belly its saltingthe skin has become crispy fide it’sawesome this is so cool it’s kind of setI’m eating this alone this is it’sreally a meal you want to have all yourfriends around.

I mean guys we’re cookingon a shingle how cool is that like justa creativity the ingenuity is amazing Ilove it our last grilled food for thedayViet Nam’s famous bong Chang Nomewonderful you can do that I didn’t evenknow about this I’ve never seen that ohlook at that oh rice paper grilled withan infinite amount of toppingcombination possibilities am i won’tbunting like this one I’ve never had onelike that with cheese we’re gonna getone like that and we’re gonna get onewith seafood too so here’s how it startsBAM rice paper and then an egg a wholechicken egg on there and then she’s justgonna mix that about and guys this is agreat place to get warm I don’t know howthese guys do it all day because it ishot as heck here and then now the cheeseis coming she’s put some white cheese onthereoh she’s gonna mash it up a little bitand then a little bit of shrimpy powderit’s actually some dried beef on thereso less than $1 for this whole beautifulcreation.

I’m gonna get to because Ican’t not want a new high Seng this canbe found all over Vietnam but herethey’re serving it up with uniquetoppingsshe put the egg in there and now theyput the seafood on top shrimp Eze squidand some snails all working together inthere with the egg as soon as that’sdone roasting away they’re gonna fold itover like a taco and we’re gonna take itout to eat oh come onfirst we have this cheesy one I’ve nevertried this one beforealltremendous the crunch there’s somesweetness in there from the grill it’s alittle smoky is cheesy egging last upwe’ve got the seafood pond Kingdomthat’s a lot of food for less than abuck all that seafood those shrimp easeour squid it’s so springy and chewy withthe crispy outside it’s awesome youcannot go wrong here there’s a limitlessof combination of ingredients you can dohere so delicious so crispy and the coolplace to go with all your friends rightguys yeah.

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