Beijing roast duck shop in the middle of Sai Gon street- An attractive roast duck dish!

Beijing roast duck shop in the middle of Sai Gon street- An attractive roast duck dish!

You know you’re at a good restaurantwhen they hand you a plastic glove todaywe are going on another fun and foodadventure this time in Saigon Vietnamand we’re taking a tour of the beautifulChinatown I’m talking noodle I’m talkingdim sum I’m talking some roasted duck[Music]and I am here with my guide EleanorEleanor so did you live in Chinatownyeah what’s one breath there in Janahouse what are you most looking forwardto today Kyle also up some wall so wejust get done firstyeah all right let’s just get it out ofthe way location 1 and here’s what Ilove about this place they have DonaldDuck as their mascot that licensing musthave cost a lot on do you think theyactually properly licensed that fromDisney yeah I grew up in centralMinnesota and any time I walk past aplace like this so I went to Chinatownin Chicago and you see the Ducks hangingwith the head and everything as a haleskin weakling I was intimidated I wasscaredI didn’t understand it and what.

Beijing roast duck shop in the middle of Sai Gon street- An attractive roast duck dish!

I wantto do is sometimes I want to go back intime I want to talk to my my youngignorant self because I didn’t realizethis is some of the most delicious foodthat exists when you walk by a windowand there’s a bunch of hanging birds andmeat and heads that means you definitelyneed to eat there it is like a duckmortuary in here if there was a duck sisi and there was a massacre this iswhere all the tough bodies would be wellall these ducks have been identified butno one’s come in to identify this duckyet we don’t think it had any immediatefamily or friends that’s a little bitgrotesque I’m sorry this is where wehave the raw ducks they seasoned themyesterday in the government full ofseasoning yes after like being rusted itwas this day some sources come fromentire pizza that’s just where theyspice it up we’re going to go see wherethey roast the duck inside big papaglad a low a grilling this room is likea sauna of amazing smells this is theonly aromatherapy.

I need juststraight-up duck fat going into my nosethis smells amazing we have a giant claypot we have some ducks inside yes andthen down here we’ve got a drip pan andall the bet that’s coming out isdripping into this pan they’ve got onetwo three four five dogs this is reallyimpressive with the cooking process Iguess they must start by roasting itwith it being open yeah and then theytake a moment or maybe it gets more heatinside yeah to cook it all the waythrough yeahcool that’s my scientific understandingof what they do let’s take a quick lookwow this is like a sweltering hot ovenin here and these little guys aregetting cooked up perfectly so whetherit’s a fire in the middle the heat ofthe clay pot all around it and it justmakes for this perfect roasting machineafter this they just cut it up and weeat ityeah let’s do that part right here we have the salted lemon junkand then here we have the pepper saucetub she just put even more sauce on ityou know you’re at a good restaurantwhen they hand you a plastic glove thisis hospitality this is amazing thank youcome on JJ no just shake shake and wehave the salted lemon KY just bite intothis oh my god yet huh I love the tasteof duck that’s gin has such a nicetexture from being roasted it is sofatty and then roasting it it just locksin all the fat it cooking in its ownjuices and it just it tastes amazingthis is outstanding.

I didn’t even meanto eat the whole thing we’ll get anotherone for you don’t worry yeah okay righthere we have the duck with the peppersauce that is on another level reallypeppery like that fresh cracked pepperflavor I don’t really do rating skillsbut I would give this like a hundred ahundred yeah Oh SetoI can’t go back in time to the youngermean and tell them to embrace the duckhead or what I can do is tell you guysnow okay if you’re somewhere where thisis unusual to see a bunch of duckshanging in the window get over it and goeat oh it’s so good I can’t change mypast but I can change your future andyou’re going to thank me for it[Music]location tool guys we’re doing the fullChinatown tour we have all three placeswhich is still pretty good and right nowwe’re going down this tiny alley wherewe going out we’re going to go to aplace that sells noodles and they havebeen like here for over seven decadeswhat is special about these noodles thespecial thing is they’re going to usethe long justice in half on the maasaiwreck and then the noodles you are notjumpingthe jumping noodles.

I get it now this isbrilliant he has a drawer full ofnoodles over here which is awesomeI’ve been putting knickknacks dice sparechange in my drawers I need a noodleGeorge you but it’ll drawer at home notreally and he’s going in the draweragain I love that they have a noodledrawer over here putting in some saladfork so scallion and some more sauceoh so this is like a dry noodle yeahthat’s right no guys trying to getaround it it’s like I don’t care aboutyour food show so here we are we haveour Chinese noodle dish which is alsocalled mace at new in Vietnamese andthen we have a one ton soup here and letme tell you it all looks amazing nowI’ve never had a dry noodle except forone time in college I made ramen oh andthen I took out the broth in ain’t justthe ramen is it going to be better thanthat it’s gonna be way bearing down ohthen I’m pumped because that wasactually pretty good it was chickenflavor and it was only expired by onemonth okay so here’s her wonton soup I’mgoing to just pull out a piece like thiswhat is this stuffed with uh it’sstuffed with pork pork pork.

I’ll waitfor itdamn down it cheers no I don’t I don’tding the food together anymore weestablished that in the fruit video heyhold on do you ever do that in real lifeit’s food together no I don’t know whywere you doing that it’s very weirdlet’s stopsimple yummy is full of soft ground upfor season very nicely a nice amount offat in this broth is that brothyes this is a broth for the dry noodleso it’s not try anymore but we are gonnaeat itfavorite Lee I don’t understand whythere’s dry noodles and then they’relike but for real here’s some broth onthe side don’t tell anybody mix it up[Music]mine’s a little solid the realities ofmaking a food show is you don’t alwaysget to eat it when it’s hot we’re doingsome sexy food shots like these and nowmy noodles have kind of set a bit andbut I can still get a mixed up oh lookat thatno yummy hmmthat is really good but these noodlesare really far yeah and I like a firmnoodle so as much as I like Bob oh theone thing.

I don’t like it well thoughtso much that it has a really soft nubuckyeah so is this better than your ramenthat you tried in your foot polishmm-hmm what is the name of this meatbusiness is Castillo amis is that youand that is the same stuff you see inthose windows like it the last place wewere at yeah I’ll cut you a shot of thatnowI want to tell you right same pork goodwe have been all over Chinatown today wehave the most succulent stuff meat youcould ask forwe had delicious dry noodles on thestreet and now it’s time to finish itoff with an upscale dim sum restaurantyeah yeah is it a skill it is someaccount it’s sort of upscale yes itdoesn’t have air conditioning but it haspeople in uniform so it’s like kind of Idon’t know can you tell us what we havebefore us now yes so here we got thesteam roll with cream inside this is thedumpling with the crap inside this isalso dumpling with the box inside thisone is the bun of parsley this one isthe bunch of staff ooh this one we alsohave talked inside but the power alphais little piece and that one got the eggtart for dessertthank you don’t it yeah that’s really good ooh that has hugechunks of shrimp in sight this is mostlya cavernous body stuffed with some kindof horse sauce and big chunks of shrimpin there – Wowyeah that is actually the last time Ihad shown.

I was not in China it was inthe Philippine show my show my show mybesties how to find some good food inthe Philippines let’s see how itcompares big piece of crap no yep it hasa little bit of that rice cake mixturebut not so sticky this is the way to doit a table full of dim sum sevendifferent flavors to choose from it canbe kind of a mystery as you’re goingalong because I have no idea what’sinside these I’m getting a little bitfull you might think that we’ve shooedthis over the course of a weekend nowe’ve done this in about three hoursdelicious go for it no no softly it hasdivots have – I’ve been not dipping somany times and that’s my mistakethat’s my bad and I apologizeI forgive you this is what. I would callaggressively fried it’s almost like adonut yeah what’s in there or can onedefault can we call this Asian blown upChinese donuthmm all right guys this has been ourChinatown tour in Saigon all theaddresses for the places we went todaywill be in the description box downbelow check it out do the torch let meknow in the comments what you’ve doneand if you would like to do a VietnamesetourI suggest you hit up one trip they are acompany putting on amazing tours inSaigon and oh and they’re very yummyhere’s some quick shots from one of theyou’re watching right now links are inthe description box down below do notforget to subscribe to this channel formore awesome food shows this is a goodshow right well and we’ll see you nextweek uppy.

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