Bali’s Most DANGEROUS Food!!! EXTREME Balinese Food Tour in Ubud!!!

Bali’s Most DANGEROUS Food!!! EXTREME Balinese Food Tour in Ubud!!!

We’re doing here we are looking for something extreme we have a very famous date, and we’re gonna try it later on our tour of Indonesia, began with extreme street food in moccasin then never before documented tribal food in West Papua, now our final destination Bali Bali is world-famous among travelers in fact 80% of its economy is dependent upon the tourism industry Molly couldn’t live without if there’s no tourism for sure but it won’t be like this right now but behind the Instagram will be backdrops exists a unit Balinese food culture no tourist has ever seen before oh no today, we’re exploring one of Ali’s most dangerous foods looks beautiful right touring a countryside factory kicking out roasted delights on a massive scale oh my god you guys have so
many pigs here this is crazy so come for the paradise but stay for the food this is Bali like you’ve never seen before my patience.

Bali’s Most DANGEROUS Food!!! EXTREME Balinese Food Tour in Ubud!!!

Today starts us off in Ubud, the more slow-paced scenic uphill center, of the island dotted with hindu temples and surrounded by lush green rainforests and rice paddies at its centre a morning market packed with locals buying and selling handicrafts clothes and food. I had the feeling this lady has been right here under this staircase for like some time like this is her spots it’s been here for 25 years that’s incredible this is dipped up local Balinese, who’s gonna be showing me around, today what food are we looking at it’s called Diwali wake up early in the morning have this judge of Bali have coffee, on the side and also cigarette that was made your day it’s a great way to start. I like that today’s jaja bali includes special appearances made by coconut and black sticky rice sweet cassava green rice flour cakes filled with mystery fluids it’s gonna pop off and your eat it you have to eat it in one bite oh and I fist up this stuff and chewy wheat flour cake that looks like beans glazed sweet potato all of it topped with coconut and thick palm sugar syrup and bottom with a banana leaf I like the spoon is also green me yes you know it’s like nature yes your headband game is strong.

What do you think of my headband, game we can modify it to make it look like this yeah he’s like it could be better it needs work ,so there’s like 10 different things in here and what I like about these if you think it’s a green bean but really it’s like what pounded rice with pandan leaf or something yes this is actually made out of wheat flour with wantonly yes room I love it the fake green bean it doesn’t have that much flavor to it it’s like kind of palm sugar infused with fun textures to put in your mouth let’s go to the most interesting one is this green balls I think we have a lot in common so there’s a trick in a way of eating it you have to eat about it as a whole because it will pop off the palm sugar let’s try it out boom and you feel the explosion yeah an explosion
it’s like a gusher and to balinese gusher was it this black sticky rice make sure that you have enough coconut and palm sugar oh is it mixed with it mm-hmm oh man I love that fresh coconut it blends with the palm sugar they’re best friends they’re playmates and they’re having a playdate in my mouth it’s like we’re having an orgasm in our bowels right it’s exactly like that.

We’re doing here we are looking for something extreme we have a very famous case that has raw pig blood in it and, we’re gonna try it later on and it’s beautiful right breakfast was cute but lunch is serious this dining establishments layout is a common one
around here half the sit-down restaurant half home and it’s not always obvious, where the home ends and the restaurant begins what I do know for eight years they’ve specialized in making the dish that utilizes one of the most potentially dangerous ingredients around raw pig’s blood of all the restaurants you could have started why did you choose this food because this food now our that we’re gonna try is the unique Balinese food the Loire is everywhere in Bali super finely minced meats herbs and veggies long beans and young jackfruit almost always make an appearance especially to this region they use some raw blood and also raw pork meat.

Oh the meat is gonna be Rother, yes Big Boss is starting with raw pork meat mincing it over and. over until it almost becomes a paste next up boiled pig skin and pig ears hello can you hear me growing up. I was always taught to cook pork to 160 degrees Fahrenheit but here, we’ll be adding raw pig’s blood squeezed with a bit of lemongrass to improve its taste and aroma oh that’s it oh come on that’s not that much blood we can make you more neither now it all comes together raw pork raw blood chili oil fermented shrimp paste garlic fried onion palm sugar and white pepper when you look at Indonesia largest, Muslim population in the world and that definitely affects that a cuisine that because it all has to be halal food this is the opposite of halal it has pork it has raw meat has blood the only thing that can make this more Haram is if you like dump a vodka on it like this is the antithesis of what you would expect to see when you come to Indonesia. I feel like we got to work up to the blood here we have kind of a meat lollipops yes and it tastes way better than the lollipop this is my new favorite candy meat.

We’ve made the offering for, the god so that’s an act of appreciation Bali is a hindu-majority island. Hinduism came to Bali from India in the 1st century AD and it’s one of the only places in Indonesia where it still remains today are you in Duke yes Balinese Hindus worship the same gods and goddesses and perform similar rituals to those in India but certain practices are unique to Bali on the way of getting here it got adapted to our own culture so it’s not completely a duplicate or the same thing as Hinduism
in India so we do eat beef and we also eat pork I just like it because there’s so many differences so. I made a difference everywhere you go on this archipelago can you tell me the name of this again this is Allah water play ok you have to stick your top okay yeah is that really right no just kidding. Wow the residue is yellow it looks pretty good I think I’m just gonna get a big bite of this alone I want to feel the real flavor of it raw pork ear like everything you can imagine is in there Cheers.

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