Asia’s Most Meaty Market! Dog, Cat, Mouse, Bat, etc. at Tomohon Market in North Sulawesi

Asia’s Most Meaty Market! Dog, Cat, Mouse, Bat, etc. at Tomohon Market in North Sulawesi

Today we’re visiting one of asia’s mostextreme markets about a one-hour driveuphill, from the city of manado liestomohon and what was once the largestmarket in the city welcome to mohonmarket. I’m here with ali yes brother thank you for joining me today how long has this market been here it’sbeen fo rever like sincewe know tomorrow it’s already here localvendors and local people shopping alihas joined to help me get acquainted with the localsin english it’s snake fruit and thesnake skin comes right off it’s likethis fruit has scales on it it’s nutsothe concept of normal here may be verydifferent from your own but, i’m nottraveling here to condemn the local wayof life.

Asia’s Most Meaty Market! Dog, Cat, Mouse, Bat, etc. at Tomohon Market in North Sulawesi

I’m here to learn more about themina hassan people of north sulawesi cani ask youhow do you prepare your bed locals hereare as playful and jovial as any othermarket i’ve been to in asia hi ohnice to meet you thank you but even forme someone who thought he had seen itallthis place was tough to take in it’s myfirst time in this marketi noticed here a lot of people eatingdog why do people like dogbut not all locals think alike peoplewill actuallycapture the dogs right yeah our dog heretoo two dogsthat’s why i don’t like dogs anymorewelcome to tomahon marketwe’re entering the market now we alreadyfound something yeahi was like what kind of fruit is this ithas a tail is it okay.

If we film youranimals oh yesthere’s a bamboo is it bamboo that’s abamboo they skewered the rat through itsentire bodyand it looks like they they roasted it abit yeah at least they got their hairsoffi’m going to touch its body ohit’s like my grandpa’s wrinkled neck howmuch is a rather is she charging me the foreigner ratprice no no everyone pays hours okaywhere do you get these ratsthey got it from the forest from thewoods why do you sell reps i’m socuriousshe’s just looking for money to for aliving so thisis just what was most viable for hershe’s like i know how to catch ratsi can catch him cook him and sell themhe said like he’s taking a bit of profitfromselling their rats so good have youeaten a rat before um not yet oh youhaven’t everi could be teaching you about redprobably are you willing to try it with you yeah probably there’s no suchthing as taboo here if you’re squeamishor sensitivei suggest you stop watching right nowwe’re headed to the meat market rightnowwhat am.

I gonna expect to see oh we’llsee a lot of meat on thetable i think oh wow yeah tomahn marketlikely got its grisly reputation becausefor many animals it serves as bothslaughterhouseand butcher shop you can see he’s kindof butchering a little bitin the back they keep most of the bodyintact so he just does a few quick cutsand he just pulls out the bowels yeahand they burn it so that their skintheir fur istaken away i mean this tension hereis just burnt animal hair it smells alittle disconcertingit’s not the best smell the cuisine inthis region is like nothing, i’ve seenbefore why is he roasting the wingsand the odd selection of menu items hereis the result of the mini hassan peoplenever fully becoming an agricultural societythat’s so huge how much does this onecostbatman you’re robin you don’t want to bethe bat here trust me we probably don’twant to be the robin either withoutfarm-raised animals the meat here is largely hunted and caught in the wild have you ever had that yes of course you have what do you mean.

I’m cool it’s happeninghe’s like uh i don’t eat red it’s like have you had that of courseso instead of pork there’s wild boarcheck this out he’s gotthe flame thrower that’s a boar oh sothis one is the boardnot only are they selling packs but overhere they have more yesthe boar is a wild pig basically rightso they catch italso from the woods all these animalsall this is still so plentiful herelike yeah they’re still able to captureboar catch these wild fatsand instead of beef i guess there’s batmeat i’m gonna be honest i’m a littleoverwhelmed right now okayi see there’s a lot of differentinteresting stuff here let’s keep movingit all righ look at this old school kind of scalethis much thingis a thousand it’s uh seven dollars thisis ahuge python can i ask how long have youbeen working in here doing this 30 years 30 years so people can justcome up herechop off a piece and take it home huh yeah you’re selling python you’reselling for just those two sometimesi do have a serious question do theyever worry about some animals beingendangeredor running or like running outi mean sometimes animals go extinctwithin the last yearsome vendors were still selling macaquemonkeys because of educationgovernment intervention and a possiblefive-year jail sentenceit seems to be a thing of the past themonkeys by lawyeah okay so there are still someregulations here around the foodyes for some some animals that’s goingto extinguish they protectgreat well.

I think that’s just somethingimportant for people to know it’d beeasy to see this kind of market and belikeoh there it’s just lawless they eatanything does he ever get a monkey inhere stilloh no more that’s honestly that’s greatto hear well thank you so much for yourtimebefore leaving i wanted to hear from alocal about some of the morecontroversial fairit’s my first time in this market inoticed here a lot of people eatingdog why do people like dogi haven’t seen anywhere in the worldpeople are eating canned and there’sactually people eating cathere too he said dogs cats and ratsis there any animal you think it’s justnot okay to eateverything on land can be eaten exceptthe trainneeding a break from the meat market aliand i tried some local snake fruitoh i thought there was a net on thisthey come in these huge clumpsi’ve never seen this fruit before downthe way we had some fried treatsthe outside is a little crunchy and thendoughy on the inside very simplevery yummy and finally with no priorplanning we ran into maori theaccidental saint who will be a happyending to this otherwisedifficult to process experience you’re acustomer here yesdo you live in tomohon.

I have a househere but i live in jakartaif you want to go to my house uhnina hassan house please come really yesso she’s going to cook it this afternoonso with very little prompting we’reheaded just a few miles away to modi’straditionalminahasan house she used to run aporridge restaurant here on the firstfloormaybe that’s why she once again felt theurge to cook up a warm meal forstrangersthank you so much for inviting us todayso crazy we have our wild boar meat herebeautiful lemongrass lemon leaves musicto my earsshe’s just putting garlic in challengethe smell in here now is crazyit’s so good that’s our ginger turmericchilies tomato tons of herbs andseasonings nowthe meat will go less this is the bigmoment right hereputting in the wild boar huge chunks ofmeat is this something that you can makein jakarta or only hereonly here because i didn’t get thewarm meat i don’t get the in jakartaonly here while the boar is simmeringmaori shows me how she makes her ownspecialsambal starting with smoked roja as weremoveonly the dried fish meat maori fills mein on her experience in tomahonyou only come here a couple times a yearyes because my momhere in manado and every time you go totomohon marketeverything they have good fish rightyeah they have likeevery kind of animal and bird and fishand are there anyanimals that you you don’tno snake so no snake no dog beforewhen i so young.

I eat dog but now no and why not anymore because our dog the diamond methat’s why i don’t like dog anymore people will actually capture the dogs right yeah steal them yeah and then sell them there our dog here two two dog ssince then you stopped eating dog or before no before that with our fish meat collected it’scrushed and the sambal making beginsstarting with ginger and shallots a ton of ground chiliestomatoes some salt and seasonings and finally the fish powder this indo salsa goes perfectly with friedunripe banana chips monty we have both of the seum friends it’s a pear it’s arelation ship these two go together right yep tons of fresh chilies in here dip it around a little bit oh that’s so yummy for me it’s too spicy it’s pretty dang spicy but i love it the banana after you fry it is kind of like a potato it’s a little sweet but very starchy and then that sauce is ust very savory spicyspicy it is roasting the back of my throat right now but this is a wonderfulcombination thank you thank you thank you with dinner prepared maori her daughterali and is it down to a huge north silhouestyfeast there’s so much food here can iask you about this this is that’s the tilapia these are just super tiny fish mixed with tons ofher bs turmericmost likely some chilies in there the big star for today i’venever had this this is wild boar with your own secret recipejust big chunks of borax why did you buy three kilograms of wild boar because i can not buy just one kilo so you have to buy like one piece one body partlike one leg yeah they’re like look ifyou want a leg you gotta buy the wholelegyep and this one these are the tinylittle fish on here i’m gonna mix thatwith some rice that looks so nice.

I’m so curious about this oh that’s deliciousthank you very nice texture full of turmeric turmeric chilies oh it’s spicytoo you like spicy food huh what is morepopular here that they don’t really usein jakartabasil and lemongrass is the taste is from here very strong you like the stronglemongrass flavor yeah well guys there ‘sno getting around it i’ve got some wildboar on my pork just a big cube of meat beautifullyseasoned simmered in there for about 2030 minutes and try it out yeah it tastes like a pork chop a littlefatty very firm but the seasoningson there are are just unbelievable so good mmm what is the difference between a wild.

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