Asia’s Best Street Food!!Five Noodles You’ve NEVER Seen!!!

Asia’s Best Street Food!!Five Noodles You’ve NEVER Seen!!!

So right now he’s putting in oil is hegonna fry something I would guess thetop of the street food ladder in Asia isso good and Vietnam is no exceptionbut there’s a lot more to noodles herethan just fog Oh today I’m here is babywhat’s up babyVivi is a longtime friend of the showand she’s also a local new expert youfind out what kind of noodle it is wellat least she’s a noodle fan I’m a rattoday we’re in Saigon Vietnam heading tofive secret noodle locations you won’tfind in any guide where did you learnhow to do this from rare ingredients cuzit tastes like green teato fiery theatrics that could take offyour eyebrows[Music]are you okay carving up starts nownoodle number one out of five noodlesfor eating a lot of noodles.

Asia’s Best Street Food!!Five Noodles You’ve NEVER Seen!!!

Today rightbean yeah goodness too much to see I wasokay we’re at this market here what isthe name of this market market this isthe largest wholesale market in Saigonwhere you can buy just about anything inbulk what kind of noodle is it has thecrab noodle yeah apparently she forgotwhat kind of noodle this one is she isshe’s cheating right now and that’s welldocumented miss bloom inherited thiscrab soup business from her mother who’sbeen running it for over 20 yearstheir secret this amazing bowl of crabsoup doesn’t use any crab at all insteadthey’ve replaced it with dried shrimpease g oi highborn yes I can the bullstarts with shredded Morning Glory beansprouts then vermicelli noodles a wholeslice Vietnamese sausage pork shrimpcake then the broth which contains bloodcake and tofu more broth turned up toomuch broth get out of there Brock Ohmore broth again we made a mistakefinally perilla fermented shrimp pastetamarind sauce and minced chillies ontop so she said she thought.

I couldn’thandle the mom told me Mongolia’s atefermented shrimp paste it has a violentaroma but if you burnt out your tastebuds then you put it in your food it’sgonna add even more flavor oh that is oh yeah it’s rotten smelling it’s likerotting athlete’s foot no offense butyou’re gonna mix it up right yeah that’sthe pointyou don’t just eat it directly we’regonna mix all this up what is this onethis sausage is this jolly walking goodhmm and so medium and savory and warmthat broth has really brought all thesebeats to life as far as that fermentedshrimp paste it’s like a side note it’slike if I was in the Hollywood movie I’mnot the leading guy I’m the guy who putthe ladder in the scene then and walksaway the noodles themselves really justsoaked up that broth and then BOOManother surprise a blood cake it and really good the blood cakes reallyabsorb the flavors of the broth yeahit’s sitting there for hours how much isit Sonique a really yeah it’s like lessthan a dollar and a half for this wholethingthat’s nuts Ohdo the location number two here we’vecome to a place where they have niceoutfall it’s not really just me sambarit’s like me South.

I’ll oh oh yeah Paulois known as offal stew this is atraditional Vietnamese dish and apopular local drinking food made fromcow organs braised in the spiced strongyou look at these organs they’re sobright and horns yeah yeah usually it’seaten with Bonnie Brett but here chefand owner mr. Q has taken this dish toanother level creating his own six dishmenu with this colorful standoutingredient what are we getting today howinteresting with pasta[Music]this mystery meat spaghetti starts withgarlic butter then the star of the showchopped beef organs then broth and sugartoss that around and then more brothtamarind sauce and finally the spaghettinoodles finish it with the Vietnamesetouch of morning glory okay so this iskind of a pasta I mean how do youdistinguish pasta from ramen from woodenI see on the label its pasta is thatintestine he has two intestine.

I don’tthink it feels too straight to beintestine so many different paths of theintestine so there’s the young one thebig one that do the well I have a lot ofthat one and then what’s this littleflank part it’s add another intestine athird important and at first time meattaking it fighting it’s a spleen no it’snot spleen does it taste like what is itI’m curioustry again do you do it I’m curious I’mcurious it’s like when your pancreas iswondering about something it might bebeing curious okay let’s try some ofthis intestine it’s pretty squishy chewya little animal but not too bad I wantedto get some of this pasta now simplestraightforward tons of Tamron let’s tryit outmmm.

I like this kind of a noodle morethan Boonton the vermicelli noodle islike very soft and it can get soggyquickly so she weeds yeah it’s got sometexture to itand it’s really just soaked up thatbuttery good ness so good[Music]in the distant pastlong ago there was a secret art ofnoodle making mr. Duke has learned thisancient craft from a friend of a friendI don’t sin shop now he’s built abusiness around it that’s been goingstrong for the last two years where didyou learn how to do thishe said he’s inspired from Japan ajacuzzi from the udon noodle but hewanted to make it differently we want tobring the Vietnamese taste into thisfantastic I love it super creative it’sgonna show at the same time and wedefinitely can’t go to movie theatersright now so that’s as much of a show aswe’re gonna catch the blanched noodlesare topped with mustard greens egg ashrimp or two squid beef sliced beefballs fried garlic chili oil celerypepper and finally the broth paired withgiant pork bones that were used to makethe stockWow check out this dish it looks realgood now he said he was kind of inspiredby folks of Japan if you actually lookat the dish it’s so neat and organized.

I’m impressedso I think we should jump into thistamal slice now that’s our why are youlooking at our screen to the HRdepartment they can’t help you no we tryit out yeah that’s right B what is shethat’s a fantastic default it’s verypeppery and meaty like it doesn’t have abunch of fillersall right so the noodles are here andthey have a really interesting textureit’s kind of like that homemade I’mabout we had recently where it has someimperfections and that so it makes itnice like it’s not a uniform shape someare more thick some are more thinsomewhat more clumpy. I’m like give it atry all right let’s give it a tryvery nice okie smooth I like it yeah thebroth is deliciousdefinitely Saigon style little sweetwill savory and those two things what’sgoing on here this is dinosaur meat itspop important so these bones have beenpresumably boiled for a very long timeit looks like the meat comes off prettyeasily oh yeah that’s a nice little sidetreat like that yeah hmm oh it’s so softand satiate gelatinous you can see ifyou look closely all of the collagen allthe fat has really rendered down andbecome one with the broth that weresipping on right now this is the biggestbones.

I ever had you guys heard it herefirst I didn’t say anything and I didn’tsuggest anything so you’re on your own[Music]Wow guys are you still watching thisvideo we just need three different typesof noodles but we still have two morenoodles to go you think there are peoplestill watching I hope so guys pleasekeep watching we need to add revenuehonestly I can’t pay most of my staffthis month alright back to the fun videonight I’m Ho Chi Minh City these streetsdon’t sleep it’s pretty wild out hereand if you’re not careful you could geta bad bowl of noodles but we’ve comehere put you home is that right yep openalong this street for over 15 years herethey have one of the best bowls of whodo you’ll find anywhere a Chinese dishmade from square shaped noodles swimmingin a distinct medicinal broth why do youthink its name to hook you home.

I wouldcall myself about Juho cuz I love hooktoo but why do you think they call itthat originally the broth is edit withtapioca flour so that it may get pickedwhole in this context means what’sordered tuna yeah let’s get to bowsquare sheets of noodles are blanchedand topped with pork organs includingstomach intestine and tongue thenscallions a generous dose of groundedblack pepper and finally their medicinalbroth which contains pork blood cake sohere we have it just big beautiful sheetof noodle and then aside from thoseimpressive noodles we got blood cakepork. I mean a little bit of everythingin here let’s go for it huh yeah oh it’sa very porky broth that’s really soakedinto that noodle of course you know it’sa rice noodle rice noodles are prettytender usually it’s pretty soft and trysome of this brothraisa rich oh yeah it feels differentfrom a typical Vietnamese brahyou said medicinal it really scared mewhen we were up north in Hanoi we hadthat medicinal chicken yeah look insideof a can ah do you start with that thatwas medicinal like it tasted likestraight up won’t score medicine thisdoes not this just tastes delicious inthis case they just knew a little bit ofthe medicinal herb so that it canbalance the strong in case of the porkhow do you say Brock in Vietnamese lookLao.

I’m talking about put a blood cakein the sauce here she’s saying go for itI’m getting the approval unbelievable sodelicious super fun place I like it[Music]our final noodle location black chef aplace where cooking isn’t just a jobit’s a passion[Music]oh okay so right now we’re at the blackchef our final noodle location I wastold this is some kind of crazy noodleexperience but so far it seems prettymellowhe’s got the noodles on there soaked inright here in a broth no big dealthe owner mr. Tollman the mind behindthese fire noodles he crafted thismasterpiece in order to build upon hisnoodle II legacy the fire noodle startwith a blanchedegg blanched greens and noodles thenthere’s even more blanching the beefshank the duck breasts then tropicalpalm seeds usually used for dessertsuntil nowlastly mushrooms he adds some broth thenscallions and coriander so far thesefire noodles are lacking some fire untilnow in a separate pan he heats up someoil is he gonna fry something then headds the fireworks[Music]are you okay. I’m safe wow that was crazywhen a fire went by.

I was like one I’mtotally surprised we didn’t plan this inpre-production I was speechless yeah wecan roll it backwhat do you know what that is okay thislooks like a masterpiece look at thishuge piece of brisketwe got an agate lotuses him yes it kindof tastes like a delicious ham it’ssmokedoh it’s smoked goose which to me cantaste like him sometimes let’s try thesenoodles he’s so fantastic all my godthat’s so good whatever oil brothcombination he puts on at the end itgives a charred smoky flavor toeverything in this bowl so these noodlesalmost taste a bit smoky look at thisbig meaty brisket I’m gonna don’t knowhow to say this without being messy ohyou just gotta take a bite off of itlike this yeah that’s my concernoh there’s so many I love a smokeythanks that have each day there are only10 bowls served each for the ridiculousprice of about 2 dollars and 50 cents hemust be losing money somehow.

I mean there is like roasted goose isbrisket there’s a plethora of noodlesand there’s our show there’s fireworksso why only 10 for the creator of thisdish these particular noodles aren’t asource of income they’re in art andlikely a good marketing tool this is thefirst time I see someone put their sugarpalm fruits in a bowl of noodle yeahsugar palmWow I saw such look last week yeah andit’s so unlike anything I’ve seen inVietnam but he’s a Vietnamese chef righthere’s the Vietnamese chefs however heused to work in a talion restaurant sothat way he learned all of thistechnique and skill fromthis is one of the best bowls of noodlesI’ve had today but I’m very surprised bythe huge variety there’s stuff we hadsuch purely Vietnamese some stuff that’sa little bit of fusion of men right herein Saigon Vietnam I did not expect tofind so much variety and deliciousnoodles as we did today yeah I mean evenme as a local leaving here for likealmost five year now.

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