November 23, 2020

Americans return to travel

as kovat 19 remains a big concern for so many people but restrictions are lifting many Americans are eager to return to travel joining us this morning to discuss what travelers can expect as they hit the road again is the chief customer officer for Choice Hotels international Sarah Searles

good morning to you Marty thanks for having me sure so I know that you and everybody else in the hospitality industry have really been through a roller coaster over the past several months we are seeing some reopening 's how is business now for your brand yeah well we

are starting to see a lot of customers out there who are looking forward to getting back to travel they're looking forward to getting back on the road and they're planning their summer travel plans now our US Travel Association is showing that over two-thirds of Americans are starting to

plan summer travel and tell me how they can make sure that traveling with the family or their friends or whoever it may be is safe because at a hotel you have people coming from all over the country and potentially all over the world how do we make sure

that it's a safe and sanitary experience absolutely well health and safety is a top priority for choice for our guests for our franchisees and for our employees we recently launched a commitment to clean initiative which enhances our existing cleaning procedures so when you travel to our hotels you're

gonna see increased frequency and cleaning you'll see hand sanitizers located and heavily trafficked areas some people are rearranging furniture to encourage social distancing and all hotels are anointing a commitment to clean captain whose role it is is to ensure that everyone is trained and well-versed in all these

enhancements and what about inside the rooms because a lot of people might be hesitant inside there how do you make sure that it is sanitized from top to bottom well we have standards and we have protocols and again we have this commitment to clean captain that's making sure

that all the cleanliness procedures are being followed let's talk about the trends here what are you seeing obviously a lot more people are driving as compared to flying so more people might be staying within their state or at least the region when they go on vacation absolutely that's

consistent with the trends we're seeing people are taking shorter trips in terms of time to destinations or a lot of Drive to destination trips and what we're seeing is people are looking to get out into nature they're looking to go to the beaches and mountains and resorts we're

also saying as some people are really looking forward to connecting with friends and family and others that perhaps they haven't had an opportunity to see in some time okay I'm going to ask you this because a lot of people are on a budget right now they don't have

that extra money that they normally would to spend on a summer vacation because of possibly some business hurdles maybe they've lost their jobs maybe they've been furloughed are there deals to be had in travel this summer yeah absolutely and we recognize people are looking for value they're looking

to extend their travel budget and as a result we are offering great deals and promotions throughout the summer but right now we have a great national offer state twice and get a free night if you go to our website at Choice Hotels calm you can register for the

spring promotion mm-hmm and finally any parting words as far as traveling anywhere maybe you're staying at Airbnb maybe it's a hotel maybe you're staying at a friend's house what do you need to keep in mind to make sure that everyone is safe well give it choice health and

safety is a top priority and we are taking our commitment to clean very seriously and so you know I would encourage you to go to our website at choice hotels calm where you can find over six thousand hotels across America thirteen brands that are taking this commitment very

seriously and we are ready to welcome you when you're ready to get back on the road Sara Searles thank you so much for coming on this morning be safe thank you thanks for having me

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