All super-attractive mushrooms come from Asian and Vietnamese dishes!

All super-attractive mushrooms come from Asian and Vietnamese dishes!

Do you have any idea what the cost forjust this truffle might befour thousand dollars i can go to sixthousand uh dollars alsosir it’s always been a dream of mine toeat a truffle like an appleyou can do it are you doing it yes ofcourse threetwo one go[Music]a mushroom is a fleshy spore bearingfruiting bodyof a fungus they can poison youthey can heal you it can help stop thespreading ofcancer or they can give you one of thefinest dining experiences known to manoh that stole my heartin this exclusive series we’redemystifying high-end cuisinewhat is fine dining and followinghigh-priced ingredients back to theirsourcetoday we’re digging deep into the worldof mushrooms do they have a magicmushroom college seeing how these funguysare grown in factories this is what mybologna looked like in collegei’m super affordable i thought it wouldbe dusty not dusty it’s self-cleaning toungodly expensive this is what opraheats we’ll be uncovering the vast arrayof mushrooms that exist inasia they actually have like 60 high ofmushrooms and around the world that’swhat god’s breathsmells like and it all starts nowmushrooms they don’t come from animalsso why should we caretoday.

All super-attractive mushrooms come from Asian and Vietnamese dishes!

I’m with twin to answer thatquestion yestoday twin and i will be diving into thewide-ranging worldof mushrooms from the cheapest i likethat one because it’s like squishy allthe way to the most expensive you canfindanywhere so this is super expensivesuper expensiveso we have a long journey ahead of usbut first we’re heading to the hot potstorewelcome to ashima good 15 years in thehot pot business and over 60 kinds ofmushrooms on their menu they are thego-to spotfor all things hot pot the cornerstoneto any good hot pot experience is thebrothso i’m gonna put my spoon in there verycomplexvery nice over here the mushrooms now usually you wouldn’t really orderthis many mushrooms but they wanted toshow us the huge variety they have hereand they have outdone themselves this iswildfirst of all these are the oystermushrooms but before we get too deepinto this i want to go to an oystermushroom farm oh really and we’re there now these are the oyster mushrooms have youhad these before in a soup maybeoh you never just stood by a wall ofthem like this yeah.

I know these guysare one of the most common and easy toproduce mushrooms in vietnam what do youthink makes the oyster mushroomdifferent from other mushroomsi think the texture is quite good andwhen you put it in the hot pot itdoesn’t get so suckyyeah but before i have a taste i want tolearn more about where these fungi comefrom with mushroom farmermr young sir how you doing on his humblefarm he grows over 200000 embryos and five different kinds ofmushrooms right now we’re standing nextto a bunch ofembryo bags it’s a fun name right embryobagshere like on many farms the mushroomsare grown in reusable plastic vesselsfilled with sawdust and mushroom spawnthe only two ingredients needed to growa healthy mycelium so he said these areactually the fibersof the mushroom almost like tree rootsyes yes yeseach mushroom’s mycelium grows at adifferent pacethe oyster mushroom takes about 60 daysto go from.

This to this this will be the base for themushroom to grow later when it’s fullymature the bottle cap is removedallowing the mushroom to sprout forth inthe coming weeksall right can we eat your oystermushroomsyeah you can eat it like right awaylet’s do itall right ready readythere’s almost like this fibrous fantexture on the back of the mushroom thatgives it a nice squishy kind of taste asyou chomp through itvery good so that is how they makeoyster mushroomsand we’re back from the farm next on ourhit list enoki mushroomenoki mushrooms or needle mushrooms area popular ingredient all over east asiaespecially in japan i’d really like tolearn more about these i don’t have anyinformation so where can we gohow about a mushroom factory oh nicelet’s goto learn more about the needle mushroomfarming process we’ve come to konokofactorya place where these guys are produced ona massive scaleumthe woman behind this magic mushroomoperation miss tuhue with 16 years ofmushroom experienceshe’s adopted and applied methods andtechnologies from japan which allows herto produce cleanerand safer mushrooms with lessenvironmental impact right now we are inyourmushroom factory.

I’m a huge fan ofmushrooms all types of mushroomshow many mushrooms are coming out ofthis placeso it would be 1 000 tons every yearreallyto produce needle mushrooms on such alarge scale nearly everything must beautomated it starts with a glass cup filled withmushroom compost made from ramcorn cob sugar cake radish beets andcornthe sealed vessels are sent to a steamerfor pasteurization killing any pests orbacteriaafter eight hours of steaming thesevessels are moved to a machine thatfills them with mushroom spawnthen they’re stacked in this warehousewhere they grow mycelium for the next 23daysthere’s about i don’t know one billionmushroom jars in here here a mushroomspecialist mr neem will watch over hislittle babies to ensure their qualityyou check the quality by tasting it everbecause that’s kind of my dream job no okay we should go yeahonce the mycelium stretches through theentire vessel the cap is removed toallow the mushroomsto spring forth when the mushroom capsare formed the jar tops are manuallywrapped with a measuring cone to ensurethe mushrooms are the same size whenthey leave the factoryonce mushrooms grow to the edge of themeasuring cone.

They’re ready to harvesteach mushroom is weighed then put on aconveyor belt and sent to packagingcan i try some of this right now yeahokay okay i just broke off a piecethat’s not too much it’s too much it’s earthy and really the best partabout this kind of mushroom is thetexture it has a certain likesqueakiness as you chew through it ilove it well from here i think we gotsome mushrooms to eatyoung ladyso we got to try the mushrooms in thefactory now we’re going to try themfor realsieslike crackers that’s really cool that ismy favorite thing about thesethey have this like crazy squeaky crunchfrom here we’re going to the kitchenbecause there are two more mushrooms thechef here is going to tell us aboutlet’s go now i’m not going to teleportwe can just take the stairs[Music]hello chef captioning notone snow available oh i like that one itfeelsgreat they say that when you walk innature it automatically de-stresses you and.

I feel like this also distresses youoh it’s niceyeah it’s one of my favorite mushroomsit’s super unique it seems like itbelongs on a coral reef underwater onthe great barrier reefoutside of australia it’s awesome thisis one of their mostunique mushrooms but i want to try theirmost expensive one and see if the pricecan compare to truffles now this is amuch more traditional mushroomshape helloi don’t speak vietnamese um do you it’sfor you oh my god you really did thati can’t believe you make up theirproblems my staff called meis everything okay everything is okayback to the mushrooms[Music]this is the matsutake mushroom it’s alsoknown as the queens of mushroomdue to its very specific growthrequirements this onlygrow at the roots of some trees and thenit has to be foggy all year round it’sone of the most expensive mushrooms inthe worldwhat makes this mushroom so unique andso rare night of god this one is veryspecial because it used to be served totheroyals in japan and you can only getthis mushroomfor 30 to 40 days every year all rightthanks for all the help.

We’re veryexcitedtoo should i you got it all right that’sfine take the call we’re gonna go eatthank youright here this is the snow mushroom oneof my absolute favoritescrazy texture all right you ready let’sgo for it let’s go[Music]isn’t it so weird it’s so real it’s alittle spongy it’s a little chewyconfusing exciting it’s like your firstcrush in high school you feel nervousbut you feel good tooi actually like it right yeah it’sreally good there’s one more mushroom wewant to focus on here these guysit’s not as expensive as truffle butwhen you eat truffles you can’t evenhave a whole mushroom they will shaveyou part of a mushroom and that’s it buthere we can actually enjoysome full mushrooms should we try it outoh wow yeah what it’s almost like eating justwoodin mushroom form kind of soggy texturelike you canbite through that see it you can see myteeth on there that’s an intense one i like that it’sreally nicethis is one of the most expensive fungiin asia but.

I want to try eating themost expensive mushroomin the world the truffle so twin broughtus herejardin descense or garden of sensesa mix of traditional and modern finedining with chef frederick at the helmchef how are you doing today very wellthank you and yourself we’re greattoday we’re covering mushrooms we’vecome here to explorethe most expensive mushroom in the worldthe truffle truffle is a type ofmushroom that grow underground it’s oneof the most popular ingredients in finedining cuisine and an easy way to kickup the price of any mealwhy do people like truffles so muchbecause it’s very expensive i mean a fewyears ago it wasreal privilege of people who can affordit but then with the time everybodycould buy them and taste them andeat them yeah it’s interesting becausein my 20s i never tried truffle anythingbut these daysmaybe with the advent of truffle oil nowthere’s truffle everythingbut something happened to me a while agowhere i actually tried a real truffleand it didn’t taste like the truffle oiland.

I knew something was amissdoes truffle oil actually have trufflein it nooh my gosh son of a gunthere are hundreds of truffle speciesbut only about 10 are ediblehere they have three varieties in stockoh my god smell itwow that’s what god’s breath smells likeburgundy known for its hazelnut flavorwow it’s gorgeous on the inside like aroad map to my heartblack often used for cooking as itbetter retains its flavorafter it’s cooked it develops theirhonor and whitethis is the most expensive truffle heresix thousand dollars forone kilo so i think that two of her tomadame on a ring should be beautifulyeah sir it’s always been a dream ofmine to eat a truffle like an appleyou’re not going really to appreciate ityou can do it i can do it yeah it’s soclose all right i’m going for ithot aromatic very nutty not as moist asi thoughtit makes my mouth feel a little dry orlike a hard delicious styrofoam this iswhy most fantasies should just remainfantasiesour first dish chicken ramelot startingwith the filling combine chicken moussewith chicken liverthen add chicken breast pork fat andblack truffle cubesspread out the chicken breast filletthen top it with a generous layer offillingfrench pigeon breasts foie gras and moremushrooms finally wrap it up andsous-vide for three hoursat 145 degreestruffle actually there’s no truffle yetthere’s a truffleman.

Who’s going to comeand shave it for usoh the chef himselfthat is a lot that’s fantastic it smellsso goodi feel butterflies in my stomach let’stry it outmmm wow that’s one moist loaf it’s likevery delicately seasoned as i’m eatingit i don’t get a huge truffle sensationi swear it’s almost more of somethingyou smellthen something you taste it’sinteresting because as he’s doing theshavings like thatis the moment of climax after thatthere’s not much to it i still like itit still makes me feel like a fancy boycourse two hokkaido scallops with a sideof broccoli ice creamthis scallop is seared on both sidesthen served with a spinach puree homeday cheesespinach and truffle oil serve with aside of ice cream made from broccolithat’s been topped with deep fried baconbitswow that’s a mountain of truffle it’s alot of truffle that i cannot see thescallop anymore it looks greatyay cheers[Music]it’s just so good i’m speechless scallopalone is beautiful it’s just plump kind of naturally sweet but it’s a perfectmatch for the truffleso far we’ve had two dishes with truffledo you think it’s worth the hypeyes really.

I really enjoyed that yeahwonderfullymarried together on the side heresomething that you wouldn’t expect to bemarried together broccoli ice cream final dish macaroni risotto with themost expensive trufflewe could find in this city[Music]cook the macaroni then put it on ice ina separate pan fry up garlic and onionsadd white beans water rosemary and letthat simmersear onions garlic and sun-driedtomatoes add watermacaroni butter and finally finish withan artichoke heartmix in the beans and plate with moresun-dried tomatoesscallions parmesan cheese basil andfinallytop it with slices of freshly gratedvery expensivewhite truffle[Music]we’ve kind of leveled up to the whitetruffle the most expensive one they haveherecheers cheers[Music]oh i stole my heart it was like a fancycomfort foodthis to me is more reminiscent of whati’ve had in foods that have truffle oilyeaha little more a little stronger flavorand uh you kind of feel it more in thenostrils which truffle do you like morei think it’s hard to say because thisone has got to blend in with the foodalreadybut this white one very strong so ithink i like it more yeah i think i likeit more too i like the flavor to hit melike a truck and so.

I appreciate themore intense flavor of the white trufflemushrooms they add so much to food intocooking whether it’stexture it has a certain likesqueakiness as you chew through it andthen they all just have a really apretty dramatically different taste tothem all the taste of the forestafter today i appreciate all mushroomsmore and to me a mushroom doesn’t haveto be expensive to get my attention dudewhere did you come from here’s to fungusmushrooms are bae there are hundreds ofdifferent mushroom species eatenaround the globe and it’s a crime thatmore of themaren’t commonly available to folks inthe usa this is all wereally ate growing up but if you’rewatching this now know that you canscourthe mushroom section of your whole foodsor local asian grocery store to takehomesome not so common fungifrom researching and shooting to editingand masteringour 10 person best ever food review showteamworks hard to roll out the highestquality travel food entertainmenttwice a week if you like what we do hereplease consider supporting our patreonpatreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysum and receive a load of extras likeearly video releasesprivate.

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