African roast beef – hard to resist!

African roast beef – hard to resist!

The thing I’m really interested in hereyou call it the smiley mm-hmm it’s rightthere it’s in a bowl it’s staring at youdo you see it looking at you our bestever Namibia food tour continues headingfrom the home of a Himba tribe to ourfinal destination the village of the Herero people at first look you may notice something distinctly differentabout the people here a unique style of dress is really hot out here the dress you’re wearingis it hot and a way of life you won’tfind anywhere elsetoday. I’m on a mission to learn moreabout this quickly fading culture howthey live and how they eat as Iunderstand the ladies eat separatelyfrom the menu yes why is that I’ll begetting my hands dirty in order toprovide food for the village look at mehey. I’m eating the most unlikeliest ofmeals it’s not the best cup.

African roast beef – hard to resist!

I do scoopedwe can eat them yeah. I’m biting off more than. I can chewliving with the Herero people of Namibia there’s a place in the midea where timeStood Still a place where people areliving out the history of theirancestors a place called ovo villagethis is one of the few remainingvillages where you can witness Herrerolife and this is my guide Lena okay myname is sunny yeahthat’s pretty easy her Selena is Herreraa group that sometimes referred to asOVA Herrera the Herero are a pastoralsociety their lives revolve aroundherding cattle life is based on thebecause we kept most of our food fromthe cow everything from the car we useit we don’t leave anything but my liferevolves around foodso ger Selena is showing me what we’rehaving for breakfast this is thefireplace for everyone this is where wegive a wintry our meals okay this iswhere you eat – yes this is what we ateto do oh man what’s your name yeah got a oh is that right yeah no.

Ohmm-hmm okaymy name is sunny breakfast is on theirway we’ve got some mushrooms because. I’mon my yoga like stupid oh yes okay theseare the stupid mushrooms yes are theseidiot beans here jumps guys. I’m doing mybest. I’m lacking oxygen you know in myculture we say if the smoke is blowingtowards youthat means someone is thinking about youWow yeah so lots of peopleprobably stalkers along with our slowside dishes our breakfast menu alsoconsists of fried spinach and rehydratedbuilt on a local jerky it doesn’t havemuch of a smell to it sorry. I’m actinglike a greyhound here they make it withtry also known as cow’s stomach why heyeverybody it’s just us ladies are wegonna pray okay the first thing you maynotice about Herrera women is theiroutfits they’re calleda hora cava and were brought here acentury ago by German missionaries andcolonizers amen is quite a littlebreakfast feast we’ve got here is thatthe beef that.

I saw like rehydrated ohthat’s quite good after severalunsuccessful attempts to overthrow thecolonizers the Herero revolts weresuppressed and more than 75% of thepopulation was wiped out with the restfleeing are put in concentration campsby the German occupiers the survivingHerrero people adapted the dress oftheir oppressors applied their ownsymbolism and created this a sort ofhorned hat that represents the cow theirmost prized possession what else we gothere mushrooms. I’m gonna try some ofthese mushrooms oh. I love thesemushrooms they’re so umrobust they taste like canned mushroomslike they’re salty and juicy these aregreat then here we got some spinach so Itake some bread will this spinach[Music]oh that spinach is pretty sandy howthey’re traditionally will you make itlike there’s sand in there. I’m comfy yesyou know I’m very vulnerable in thissituation anything that happens you canjust tell me it’s tradition and.

I’mgonna believe you today our journey willculminate with a Herrero feast includingan exotic local delicacy made just forme the preparation will take all day andwe need all hands on deck afterbreakfast the women will get ready forcooking while the men prepare for theslaughter aside from the cows Herrero inthis village also breed goats and someof their goats even speak English cutehuhunfortunately goat meat is a crucialingredient for today’s surprise dishsorry guys the meat is portion the organs cleaned and everything isboiled with a handful of salt for acouple hours while the men are busy withtheir goat businessme and ger Selena are tasked withobtaining another crucial ingredientmilk so right now our guide she’s inthere milking the cow I need to go inthere next and help milk the cow theproblem is I don’t know how to milk acow I mean first of all how do you evenmilk a cow that big it has horns you cantry to hit me with its horn.

I don’tthink we have insurance to cover thisthis is super dangerous I only see oneutter how do you milk that I’ve triedmilking before it hasn’t gone well Ithink the cows know I’m not confidentI’m a bit anxious so they get anxiousthey see me looking anxious and thenthey like they suck in their milk isthat possible no I can do this I’m gonnago in there I’m gonna be confident I’mgonna let the cow in the eyes in a waythat makes it feel secure then the cowis gonna release the milk let it flowout go in there to be confident could Isee your cow the cow milking here isdone like in the olden days if you everfind yourself face to utter with a cowhere are a few pro tipsfirst you must build trust hey look atme look at me a bondperhaps I’m gonna milk you you’re aboutto get milked next secure the animalstart by gently tying its legs it’sgotta be dry by now that calf sucked outall the milk persistence is key finallyand most easy milk the cow that’s mynipple oh holy cow we’re doing it themilks coming out am.

I going too slow I got about one shotglass so far post-game analysis we have a lot of milkhere most of this is from you a smallfraction is from me and that’s my smallcontribution Wenger Selena said the cowsare used for everything everything fromthe co we will use it she meanteverything our freshly collected milkcan be converted into butter by puttingit in the calabash and turning it forabout an hour until the fat and milkseparate that buttery fat is thenconverted to gheealso known as clarified butter an itemespecially popular in India your firstkilling this thing are you trying tokill me no no actually we give mala giveit that this creamy rich mound ofbuttery goodness wasn’t all collectedtoday oh wow this is three weeks ofbutter yes we here is made by cooking upall this butter until the waterevaporates helping to preserve it whilechanging the flavor profile and is thisgonna go in any of what we’re cooking today yes that’s what we use in some ofit we don’t use anything else can I justdrink a glass of that later ah if ittastes yummy it might be worth itapart from butter and ye they also sourthe milk for drinking the fresh milk isalways mixed with the milk from the daybefore so even though you mix in fresh milk there’s still a sour taste to ityes once in a month clean the wholecolor bush and then you start theprocess again mm-hmm okay that makessense.

I don’t even this man is the leader ofthis tribe and this village with suchstatus naturally comes some privilegesyou would be sipping it first beforeeveryone first it has to tasted so badto make sure that there’s no person orif there was prison when you introspectaffecting him before it gets is thispoisoning a big problem no the poisoningpart is here’s the joke it is thatbecause he’s the head of the family healways has to do something beforeeveryone’s doesn’t is there anything theladies get to do firstbecause you milk the cows right yesdo you ever squirt it in your mouth likeI did no no fair enoughcan we try it out sir could you do alittle quick poison test I’m looking atit it looks white it looks poison freeif you ask me but I’m not an expert Idon’t know for sure he’s going at itvery confidently now it could be aslow-acting poison what if it’s a poisonthat takes one or two days he’s handingit to me but before I indulge how manyfingers am i holding up all rightperfectall right sounds good some sour milklet’s try it out oh wow it’s almost likea liquid if cottage cheese like there’schunks in it yes this is great.

I’m gonnatell you I feel fine I think no poisonyeah anything does one of the mostimpressive things about you is that youhave this beautiful pink down and youdon’t have any stains on it you’remilking cows doing heavy laboryou’re drinking milk no issues don’t letthe dress fool you the weather here innamibia is extreme and harsh which makestheir choice of attire all the moreimpressive when we came to the villageone of the things that obviously standsout most is the way all the women aredressed we talked about it a little bitbut the first question I have it’sreally hot out here the dress you’rewearingis it hot it does have the weight butit’s not had we are proud of it so we weare comfortable with it we love it butwhen it’s sunny yes in the summer seasonyou would be sweaty yeah.

I think somepeople would look at the way some of thewomen are dressed here and say it looksbeautiful but it also looksuncomfortable but then you go you know alot of women wear high heels too so Ithink that’s the price for fashion thisdress is more than a fashion statementit represents the herreros ability toadapt during one of the country’s mostdifficult periods you know I saw somepictures on Google these guys lookingvery dapper wearing some kind of formaluniform but all the guys here wearnormal clothes they wear thatoccasionally usually at home they wouldbe in their overalls because they haveto look after the pedal oh you’re rightI see all them they’re workingover there yes they’re planning so yesvisit with a castration process so waitwhat there’s they’re castrating a bulltoday yes all right.

I want to see thisconcentration all right is it is it verydangerous no it’s not dangerous for themwhat we’re about to witness is a processcommon across the world in the beefindustry the process of turning a bullinto a steer by subtracting one key bodypart castrated Bulls grow faster and areless aggressive and in some places folkseven eat the recently obtained testiclestoday this is one of those places thesedoodads are thrown straight on the hotcinders until they cook throughgentlemen let me tell you we’ve gotsomething in store for you yeah yeahbring the balls it’s ballsjust as the tiddly bits finish cookingour goat is also finished and both arebrought to us Wow such an honor this issome unique preparation right herenothing over-the-top fancy verystraightforward is this one mine yeahthe good one is you know fantasticoh it’s warm still it’s got a little bitof a bark on it let’s try it out Cheersit tastes like a burnt marshmallow kindof that’s what I’m trying to think ofit’s just super fatty and took pure fatgoes off no.

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