African food super attractive and cheapest – what to eat in Africa?

African food super attractive and cheapest – what to eat in Africa?

Before you leave Nigeria you must learnhow to speak proper language living inLagos have to have that means by theirmama give me 15 Arabic Oh 15okay last time Paul D and I began $100free food challenge and Africa’s mostbustling city like all look at this fishnice it looks like it’s ready to go tothe promnow we’re going from night time treatsto daytime drug we have three major tryyeah Nigeria the eboard your barseverybody falling into a big melting potof Nigeria discover the best hiddenflavors in the streets and hiddenalleyway try mix it a little bit learning more about the challenges andopportunities this city has to offerthat won’t interfere if you live inbigger time they’re not wise you come towise in any part of the earth[Music]let’s eat it is the next day our aim isto eat $100 worth of street foodtogether we’ve only eaten around $12worth of street food do you know whatthat meansoh yeah I’m not giving up that means wehave to double down triple down and eata lot before you leave Nigeria you’ll belike this I’ll be in this shape yeah youmean this safe speaking of this is ournext food.

African food super attractive and cheapest – what to eat in Africa?

Oh smooth transition this isthe oval in the area one of the beststreet food hot spots in Legos busystreets and an abundance of schoolsmeans there’s plenty of affordableoptions at every turnfirst up the puff pop how do I say can Ihave one order of Papa no one order youcall the amount so you like mama give mefifty miracleI feel rude cuz I’m not saying could Iplease disturbing for a puff puff that’swhy you would usually speak saying giveme a puff puff it’s okay the Papa awell-known snack across West Africa asinfully addictive delicacy and amust-have for parties in Nigeria it’sbasically a deep-fried doughnut madewith baking flour yeast a little waterand salts we got about five each I thinkit’s gonna taste like fried bread oh nowthese are fresh it is super hot it’s ona newspaper so non compliance with theregulations of these provisions and theguidelines and they don’t read the paperhmm it’s like a doughnut hole but withno powdered sugar or anything sweetcrunchy on the outside but very likedense and Dobby on the inside I like ithow do.

I say this hey this is yummysweet mama the papa sweet wallahwe are corrected out of 10 what will yougive it and I’m grading it for what itis I would give it like eight and a halfnineyeah just yummy fried bread no. I’m doing bread Oh what are you going youjust go full on the streets of Legos youcould stumble upon some great food buteven better the food can find its way toyou four vendors who don’t own a pieceof the sidewalk this is the next bestoption stay portable what is going onhere I like we had so many carbs and nowthis is like vegetables and meat did youcall them vegetables wait what is itthis white one it’s great secondcustomer this year is a delightfuldelicacy from the east that spreadacross most of Nigeria it’s called a botjump a type of local sal is this her ownrecipe or is this a kind of common dishyou might find in my tip slightlydifferent depending on who is doing itway too safe everyone has their owntwist yes.

I think if you servethis to me and I was like oh this is sogood where is this restaurant and youwere like just on some lady’s head Iwouldn’t believe you like everything shecarries around for the whole day packsit on the head goes out hits the streetsyeah and then one by one this should sitout selves the whole thing over thecourse of the day I’m gonna breathe firepretty soon next straight foot helloma’am well what kind of food is this seeyou’re about words generally kpop thisdish is also known by a much moreendearing name Nigerian pudding okay soright now she’s scooping up the pop andvery thick is it made with millet yesyes you know in Namibia same thing andthey call it forage there 200 and thensugar on top okay a load of sugar thankyou I’m mixing sugarOh a deeper mix yes the sugar is justcompletely dissolving inside.

I like itthe look of it it’s very smoothI was wrongit tastes way different than what I hadin Namibia is there milk in here nomeans just sugar it has like a slightlysour taste to it oh it does I like itthough it’s like really good baby foodor if you don’t have teeth for oldpeople – so you’re on foot everydaywalking these streets serving the foodhow long does it take to get rid of thefood so she sells in the morning oh wowdouble shift yeah exactly they’ve seenthese house morning zero as in stolen at9:30 hours I want to ask I notice youhave these markings on your face couldyou tell me where that comes fromthey are different reason why you getthe try bomber so back in the days someof this tribal not created for fashionthen also travel must aspiredensification wanna see the tribal markson your face you know that all thisperson is from history[Music]these tribal marks are part of theYoruba culture they’re permanentlyetched onto the body by burning orsearing the skin during childhoodidentify displaying their tribe familyand heritagecould.

I ask how old are you when you hadthis done six two months or one year sodo you even remember it no not at all itlooks really cool I have a dimplethey say God came down and pinched mycheek next up right here tucked into astreet corner under the stifling Legosson the show must go onthese ladies work tirelessly focusingtheir efforts on completing this avibrant soup called beggary so here wehave a big plastic container full ofsteamy goodness a little bit ofeverything in here so I mix it a littlebit this year rubra dish has a card baseof too long or pounded corn flour ratherthan rice or bread this method ofcarving up is ubiquitous in this part ofAfrica next the soup in orange e-beambased stew called beggar tea made ofwhite beans palm oil crayfish seasoningsalt and chicken stock next you do apuree of local greens and finally myfavorite a meat stew mate Oh cowintestine dried fish palm oil peppertomato and tons of local seasoning.

I’mgonna go no meat to try to really takein that sauceI enjoy that very much so buttery yesand soft was very rich will be spicyis this all intestine yes or even thatlooks like a piece of holiness andthere’s something we call Shakti it’sinside the animal this is the spirit ohgood it’s very soft super savory alittle spicy but it really has this kindof like buttery creaminess to it I don’tknow if that’s the oil or what that’sfrom exactly mixed-up nipples big bagGiri the soup I’m here with you togetheryeah have you had this one before nothis my first time what do you think ofit it’s so softyes it was very niceour next stop a fuss-free taste ofNigeria it’s quick it’s easy it’s streetfood in its rawest form I’m talkingabout this grilled plantains and peanutsbut more importantly my company a cameoby a promising young artist in theshowbiz world of Nigeria right now we’rein Nigeria getting deep for the localrap artist are you a rapper no I’m goodalright singer comes damn it let’srestart cut Noare you doing swass cambodia nice tomeet you it’s my friend Swasey a 24 yearold Nigerian singer songwriter performermodel actor and fashion entrepreneurmaking a name for himself in theNigerian music industry besides his loveof music he’s also a big fan of food howdoes it work I see a banana I see I seeopportunities for jokes.

I’m not gonnamake them break it off oh it’s steaminginside I like that you can like this itdoesn’t stick alright we got a cameraoh they stick so easilyit’s a good gumbo the plantain is quitedry it’s a missile illness boring wetrain like this makes more sense andvery fitting mmm mostly from this schoolthis is what they prefer buying becauseit can sustain them to the get home mmmI’ve seen all the daytime street food sofar is like high energy highcarbohydrate like a lot of bang for yourbuck kind of food yeah and everyone outhere is so fit but just to be alive outhere you gotta exert a lot of energyit’s very hotare you from Lagos I’m not from they gothrough I’ve been living in Vegas forlike five years no were you doing musicbefore you came here yeah but noprofessionally is that why you came herefrom music yeah because in Nigeria Lagosis like the message once they are bigand they goes become big in a betterpart of the country.

But once you’re bigin other part of the country you have tostruggle and to come to the u.s. fromthe bottom from the bottom yeahthe heartbeat of Legos can be feltthroughout the country and throughoutthe continent one of the fastest growingcities in the world its pulse invitesthose who are hungry for morefor both of you I want to know what isyour version of success a few years fromnow what would success look like to youand here and like us okay success is notall about moneyso said to me all about getting behindyour craft and trying to be better Iwant you to see that when you are nolonger therepeople should have been with you wetalked about you or he looked out foryour craft or to check out your wholeclub and other socially Sibella bar howmany lives are impacted wha-what are youalright similar to what is ahead forwhat will really give me great joy andfulfillment is when I knew that I havethe influence to change some things oilchange people’s life make your lifebetter with what I do and at the sametime it comes with money.

I think there’snothing wrong with saying that you cando a lot more good with money thanwithout money so[Music]in the end these treats will make orbreak you but either way you’ll neverknow until you try for me coming toLegos being here for a week like it is atrue test and it’s been a challengeworth taking on I feel like reallyfulfilled like each day I feel beat upbut I come back the next day likealright let’s go again when youfirst came to Legos did you have anyculture shock there’s one thing they seeif you know why it’s funny good-lookingwife or anywhere elseunlike other parts of Nigeria like theynever forget testing me to arrange thetransportation because is not explicitlynot common clip on your bed morning tonight I’m expecting Monica spoke fromheaven man Adolfo from heavenlybelievers yeah people here hustle theyworked their ass offLegos has rough edges for an outsiderlike me it’s a lot to get used to in ashort amount of time what.

I didn’tunderstand at first is that thechallenges we faced shooting here are areflection of a culture who aftergenerations of mistreatment andoppression from outside forces nowrefuses to be taken for granted fromoutsiders or anyone else oh that isstreet food here in Legos when westarted this video I put forth the $100challenge in this city to see if I couldeat a hundred dollars for the streetfood we have the calculator right hereit’s doing calculations I presume oh wedidn’t ok the editors in output and thefinal number is we didn’t spend evenclose to hundred bucks I think food hereis just so affordable yes veryaffordable it’s so much guys anotherattempt another failure but we tried wewent for it the hundred dollar challengefailed again but one day one city in thefuture we will make it for sure.

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