A rustic but super delicious dish in the West! Vietnamese food!

A rustic but super delicious dish in the West! Vietnamese food!

We’re gonna shove peanuts up their bum right oh oh you got it all in therefrom Viet Nam’s Highlands in the north to her sandy coasts and down each alley of her bustling citieseach unique geographical region has it sown unique cuisine and Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta is no differentall right so the technique here you holda hat rightyou put a whole thing in your mouth and you punch the head yeah in this three series we’re diving deep into life in the me kong delta from the deliciousto the derrick and everything in betweenwe’ll try hunting some of our own mealsal so if something barely touches it it’sgonna go off and some will try huntingus back this area here mostly everything southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, is the Mekong Delta a vastarray of interconnecting rivers and streams known for its rich agricultureabundant fisheries and coconuts but today we’re here for a meal that would shock most as dinner but you know seeinga way to take you it and then pull it up Wadena and then you enjoy it hi. I don’t think there’s a right thing to do one trip guide in longtime friend of thes how Lao will be by my side to guide methrough this incredible journey a choice that.

A rustic but super delicious dish in the West! Vietnamese food!

I hope he doesn’t regret. I did tryit without knowing it it was rad butafter drying in my father said alas he’srad and it said one apartment I wantedto throw out yeah along the way we’llalso learn about the Miko’s formercoconut cult a religion whosepractitioners only ate coconuts but before getting too deep into the Delta lawman. I stopped out for somebreakfast I am starving it is early morning here we’re on our way to the Mekong Delta are we in the Mekong Deltanow yes we’re in we’re in we are in guys but we’re going deeper than this now onprovince just barely eking our way intothe Mekong in these parts this isbreakfast oh wow what if one startedokay so listen we’ve got some good viewhere this has literally everythinginside there’s two shrimp quail eggssome pork looks looks magnificent rightwhoo – is a southern noodle dish thatuses some faint noodles what goes invaries depending on who’s making todayit starts with noodles then squid pigliver heart quail eggs shrimp and thatglorious healing life-giving broth.

Oh also fried garlic and green onions. I’m gonna get some of the squid and thepork put it together with the noodlesnoodles are just steaming like crazythey soaked up all that brothmmm amazing great texture let’s get someof this broth so heartwarming every timeI eat this if once my heart and you know. I need that right cuz I have a coldheart. I gotta let you know I’m notactually doing this trip for the foodwhat have you ever heard of the coconutreligion so in the 1960s and part of the1970s there was a guru out here from theMekong Delta he created this coconutreligion yes and basically his wholeidea was to subside on coconuts aloneonly coconuts to survive do you thinkthat’s possible well I think he sparkedto actually surpri you know like I’monly drinking of consuming like couldn’t Ollie but.

I think you know he did it and urvived it well he died after three years at its peak this unusual blend ofChristianity and Buddhism had fourthous and followers including John Steinbeck’s son so what did this guy know that, I don’t know and are there anyfollowers of the coconut faith stillaround today. I think it’s gonna be a very interesting park up now. I generator to make on this town after breakfast we had a few hourssouthwest deeper into the Mekong to graba couple items for dinner this is aroadside market like no other the Mekong’s biggest live animal market a place full of life some like these songbirds will be boughtas pets some animals are bought and let go for good luck mostly people from Saigon and they would love to do that but many are meant for food dude oh they even have a snakesection here look at this this is some kind of a cold you don’t get bows that’sfunny can, I pick it up it’s okay they’re gonna kill you if you touch down won’t somebody touch them to put them in they’re watching us man oh my god have you ever touched a single horse.

I taughtit but I don’t wash when you hold awhole thing with it the pilot should beokay but this one I don’t know it seemspretty nice so far right yeah see youlike it you want to give it a name howlong have you had your story here fiveyears I see you’ve got giant rats bigsnakesyou’ve got Turtles what is a hot sellingitem smack and I bet you are taking ithome for pets home hello the day afterour visit this market was shut downmostly due to bad press bill they sellplenty of legal wild game the sale ofthreatened species like these storks wasnot uncommon you know about storks inthe US or mythology we say that theybring the babies and then of course youguy are not getting it all you even knowthere was a possibility. I don’t know Ihave not ever given it a try with likestop me.

I think it’s so beauty eatingmiss Cara Lee for animals right now we’re going to the home of aMekong based youtuber and he’s asked usto pick up some food for dinner freshrat meatOh oh my oh no it’s queueing it no Idon’t want to look at it Oh Wyattyeah it’s dinner oh my look at that youknow theater cut in a hand in it oh nooh wait no no no that’s that’s oppositethe site of rat meat would shock mostbut these rats grow up in thecountryside eating organic matter likerice and seeds it’s really no differentthan eating a squirrel lumps childhoodexperience with rat meat wasn’t a goodone I did try it without knowing it itwas rat but other drying and my fathersaid he’d rat and it said one apartmentI wanted to throw out here oh we can allagree that tricking someone into eatingrat should be classified as not cool butperhaps today will be the day hereconciles the past and finds the joy ineating rat meatI saw your reaction.

I understand it Ithink we could do a little bit of good Ithink we should buy one of these turtlesand let it go would that make you feel alittle better yeah of courseall right let’s do it you want to pickone so I all right. I’m gonna pick thisall right this is the one I think youshould give it a name what’s gonna benice name for her to let you sell ininame hey buddy since we’re gonna set youfreeyou’ve been wronged. I hope youunderstand and I hope that you feel alittle gratefulthat’s. Oh cat on you I think heappreciate it I think we decided to geta second turtle maybe she could beturtle a choose girlfriendwe’re coming in at 3 kilograms offreedom enough fun it’s time to buy somerats where did you get these reps from sopeople actually brought it to her arethey getting it from the city or fromthe countryside.

I can only assume that the best way to keep rat meat fresh in aplace like this is to keep it alive avendor could say the meat is fresh butreally how would we know unless weactually see it being dispatched oh areyou done after placing our order the ratvendor goes to work doing what she’sdone a thousand times before this is on a full-time youtuber based inthe Mekong Delta documenting villagelife and countryside food cultureI have his specialties hunting trappingand cooking what’s your favorite animalto catch any fish oh okay with his expertise he’ll be ourhost our guide our chef and show us themost unique food here in Long Anprovince starting with these bugs oh manwhy are they not flying right now. I’mtelling you my childhood fear thisdoesn’t bother you I got to tell youwhere. I’m from we only have him in thesummer oh yeah one time I was like 11 Iwas like I want to take up gardening andthen.

I dug in the ground for about fiveminutes I saw one of those and, I waslike f gardening I’m never doing thisdo you fry em alright so they’re gonnaput a peanut in in Zak and then a deepfry Wowthis is a very fancy preparation soundsnice it isn’t so nice for the bug butyou know what are you gonna doon our menu tonight June bugs rat andone more creature that we’ve yet tocatch we’re on our way now to the ricepaddies where we’re gonna lay out somestork traps oh honey is that me so coolseeing you jump like the Mekong Olympicshere okay here we go and in life whensomeone extends their hand to help it’simportant to not pull them on top of youplunging yourself even deeper into themuck of existence we have the trap hereit’s kind of like an old-school rat trapso he’s gonna put it open set the pinover top of it and then also ifsomething barely touches it it’s gonnago off can he put it down and do anexample of what it looks likehistoric oh and, I’m Cod yeah right therethere are many stork species here thatare not endangered and that’s what we’reafter here today in addition to storks unn has anothergenius bird catching device what there’sa bird in here yes.

What’s the idea tocatch a couple you must already have acouple to lure in a second cockle oh wowoh yeah it’s a beautiful bird they eatthese yeah is it like pigeon meat youknow hmm hang a couple cages on the treefind a place to hide and wait so badthing gonna bang this art form has beenpracticed here for generations and thefirst guy who figured it out was prettypumped about the number of cockles hetalkedoh wait we gotta goare there two in there so let’s go oh mygosh they pulled it off I’m proud of youman you did it I thought you were nutsfor the whole time I want to be honestoh it is a trapwell, I thought it would go end the cageWow how would this bird is stunningshe’s a heavy dopemaybe she’s pregnant no you know he’sout really like duty if she actuallyrevenant a person get pregnant are youkidding me they lay eggs cockle trap agreat success as for the storks no luckbut at least we’re not going homeempty-handed dinner preparation is on the waybirds are being feathered and cleanedand marinated in garlic sugar MSG andfish sauce the rat meatremember the rat meat half of the rat isbeing marinated with chili paste fishsauce and msg and half is boiled withcoconut water and cassava in themeantime those junebugs need some workthere’s a whole giant metal bowl full ofbugs guests do this a lot Wow only oncea year at the beginning of this rainyseason really yeah oh it’s so nastytheir feet are so sticky.

We’re gonnashove peanuts up their bum right it’slike a peanut enema the idea here issimple if you want to put something inyou gotta take something out it’s greatin our respect all cultures next we’regonna put the peanut in the button youtake the peanut and you just shove itright in so I’m gonna get a nice big oneand then we’re gonna get a nice smallnut I don’t know man how do you do itokay I got half a nutdid I sorrywhat started as nightmare fuel in a bagis now starting to look like food theseget tossed in hot oil until they’recrispythe bubs really cooked down it seemedlike so many bugs but now I could eatthis in I don’t watching a football gameor something I’m gonna grab one here ohit’s still freaky and they’re warm andthe body is leathery I was hoping itwould be crispy Jersey why are you justwatching me.

I mean that’s quitedelicious long yeah the crunch is fantastic isn’t it yeah it has awonderful roasted sensation kind of atexture and flavor and then thatcombination of a little bit sweet littlebit salty how many now for the main coursethe birds are deep fried in oil and that marinated brat gets barbecue now that it’s on the grill it looks almosteatable right okay. I think luckily these rats are so huge so there’s a lot of meat on there you don’t want to have like a super bony experience you know well let’s see I can turn it interest now okay gentlemen thank you so much for your huge generous contributions in catching and cooking and providing this mealtoday Thank You mole hi ba yo we have a littlebit of everything here we have ratcooked two ways rice we’ve got the bugsI want to build up to the rat so. I didn’t try these birds first is that this swallows oh wow oh is that the cat hits better than you know the rest ofthe body but I feel like you know any thing no oh but you’re gonna do it right okay all right let’s try it out school you know everything mmm good texture I like tha tone you know crazy crunchy the bird we caught today it’s called a Bing bongs and bean beep beep beep beep yeah can.

I try some of the bin baby power. I couldn’t believe that we got that today yeah that’s awesome let’s try it out[Music]mmm oh my top and chewy it’s a bit chewyit’s been a while since it’s been done but the flavor itself it’s nice but it’s just so tiny well when you were a child you were traumatized by your father hegave you some meat and then at the lastminute he said ha ha ha that is actuallyerect yeah since then you’ve not beenable to lay eyes on a rat with outthinking of pop horrifying in that moment was now we’re here the rat iswonderfully cooked before you can you doitsubtract it and slip it to that right myside Cheers Wow you get a meat you get I got a who leliver okay that’s even crazier right all right Cheers you’re doing me stop youk now mm-hmm wrong home oh really how often do you eat right yeah date a lotare these bigger than the ones youusually see they see the beacon side really yeah it’s the biggest one.

I’ veever seen in my life yeah they’re huge wow that’s a tremendous amount of meat from a ratdude it is tender and it’s kind of sweet it’s like chicken but better you agreeno chick any better[Music]we have a multi-tiered mission here int he Mekong Delta have you ever heard of this coconut religion tit cousin a malehe’s know that there’s a temple rightthere and islands that he did not really know you know in detail Wow you know thereligions arms are just moving furtherinto the mekong delta to the bench aprovince there we can find the remains of the coconut temple and get closer to learning more about the people who oncefollowed the man they call the coconutmonk well thank you so much for being anincredible guide as always mom is a onetrip guide from the company called one trip one trip is the highest-rated tourcompany in Vietnam doing tours from north to south in all major citiesincluding Hanoi new Chiang Dananga.m. and Saigon you can experience food tours adventure tours and more to learnmore about one trip check out the linksin the description down below, I will see you next time peace nailed it good you don’t even need me.

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