A rare Dani dish in West Papua! (Previously not on camera)!

A rare Dani dish in West Papua! (Previously not on camera)!

West Papua is home to over 300 differenttribes including some still uncontacted people who come to pick up what do, I do- I shake his hand in Papua CentralHighl ands one tribe still lives today as they did hundreds of years ago and they’re known as the Dany people today I’m on a mission to learn more about one of the most unique cultures on earth all right we’re still working it out I’ll see how they live how many wives do you have and, I’ll experience how they eat many people are worth killing but alone taking on everything, from uncanny local fruit is show me how it’s done to a food ritual few outsiders have witnessedbe fore putting on some ferns between the Robster, it’s gonna kind of cook like anovenlet’s get started today we have traveled from Jaipur here to wa minna we’re about to meet the Dani tribe but first we have to pick up a gift it’s important if you ever go to a dinner party you bring asnack a glass of wine or like today alife piggy so the pics is really really valuableit’s the wealth of the doneghy tribes when you have a pig you can holding the lens you can marry more woman so if.

A rare Dani dish in West Papua! (Previously not on camera)!

I’m part of the Jenny culture I want tomarry a woman. I need to kind of give adowry of pigs right you must give moreor less like 10 to 20 pigs for one woman what do you think that would be in USD, you can imagine one pixel almost to a2.5 hundred US dollars Wow but allaround this market they’ve got pigsevery, where and everybody’s trying tosell their pig and we’re looking for theright one oh right here hello. I don’tknow I just came to pick a hard look like. I know what I’m looking for it looks good it’s a pig how long have you had this one this morning she justbrought from the village nice not bad he’s over like almost $120 looks like this is the best price.

We’re gonna get time to wrap piggy up and deliver him asa gift to the Dani tribe cheap we have just arrived here at the village we’ve got the piggy right here before we meet the chief is there anything. I should know about the people here thevalley people our wedding the peniscorpsethe Danny people where very littlecovering for men it’s simply a gourdsnuggly lodging their nether regionsit’s a traditional clothes for the Dannypeople we call a cot eka just wearing the penis core so they doesn’t need laundry that’s nice I was gonna meet him the chief and his closest counsel come to the edge of the village to meet uswea ther will actually be welcomedremains to be seen and other people they always say what Walkmans hi nice to meet you welcome to my village my to my country everything so it means culture when they accept you, I feel very welcome thank you so much for having us hereit’s a huge honor for me and you speak English.

I’m sorry what a little bit of English well it’s pretty good this is Yali turns out I’m definitely not the first one to drop by his villagehe’s the chief of this Dani tribeleading a village of 170 people how manywives do you have you know it’s I have fun fine yeah it’spretty good yeah do you feel bad ever like four people maybe don’t have a wisecuz you got all the wives Robyn no problem yeah not for you yeah what is a penis Gord work do youhave to make your own penis. Gord can you buy it nearby the penis car is theyplanned it it’s just the fruits they canmake it dry and then they were it um Iwant a penis cord that’s kind of whatI’m getting into[Music]am I the first person asked for that yesyes yeah but is it use, I don’t want touse too I need a new one tomorrow. Oh certain thank you wha-wha-whawha-wha-wha-wha okay Wow Wowdo you want to come into wha what’shappening guys. I’m in a fever dream it’sawesome Wow okay damn it you’re a gooddancer so right now we’ve got some giftsand we’re gonna go meet the rest of thetribe and, I think there’s gonna be agreeting a special greeting let’s findoutokay what’s happeningdid you see that why do you food huhokay it’s pretending to kill me, Wow wahwah wah wah wah wah wah wah hug wehugged oh oh you know what sometimesbrothers fight but we got a squat yeahwah wah okay.

This is the Danny welcoming ceremony deep in the highlands of West Papua lives one of the world’s most is olatedtribes one can’t help but to think that this is how people may have livedcenturies ago no plasticno steel ingenious tools engineering and techniques that utilize only what can befound in nearby jungles and the only required piece of clothing is made from a gourd chief of preparing a penis corebased on your size huh a bit, I don’tlet’s take a look let’s take a look is this supposed to be a super loose fit okay so it’s not supposed to be tigh tcool then I think this will work for meto day. I’ll witness a rare village feastpot-bellied pig sweet potatoes and pop ,Wars alien looking red fruit what’s mostremarkable is the way they cooked the irfood cleverly combining natural elementsto create an earth oven, fire is readyrocks are heating up time to come around here pigs our currency and pigs are statussacrificing a pig for a meal is only reserved for important social locations, and rituals the slaughtering of the animal is still done today as it’s been done for generations but do you know.

Why they don’t just cut the neck many people always kill it by Aaron, well one is it good to the heart is that morerespect ful yes the chief removes and saves the ears and tail as a token and reminder kept in the village home that only the highest-ranking men may and don’t know yes that’s the secrets of keeping this and women never entering the Woodmanhouse how many do you have really keep it secretly if you won’t even tell me. I’m kind of a man no it’s see you came up it’s like the woman’s start building the earth of it by layering straw and leaves and ashallow pit the men used bamboo knives to clean the pig and prepare forroasting and the red fruit guy prepares the red fruit here we have that insanered fruit that we bought yesterday where do you even get this it looks like a fruit from Avatar and the first step is to split it open super of course tough skin that he’s got to use this like thick steel blade to get through crackit open.

I get a little slap on guys check this out this guy’s got a joint some kind of tobacco rolled from with aleaf can Ioh yeah a little too bad go bus. I’m no treally a smoker okay here you go it’skind of mild so now we’re taking out the center piece do you eat this eat know this okay my sign language tells me he doesn’t eat it but what do, I know maybe they do maybe they don’twe’re gonna find out right now we’rea bout to put the pig in an earth oven here, they’ve heated up all these rocksare blazing hot they’ve absorbed all the heat from the fire and they’re usingthese giant like wooden tweezers to movethe rocks to this earth oven over here and then throw the pig and everythingelse inside oh it’s not easy as it looks. Oh actually it’s not that hard but, I gota tiny-ass rock you can see there’s apit already forming with all these rocksso now they’re putting on some fernseven more foliage between the rocks.

I think so there’s not such direct heat soindica putting in some potato these are sweet potatoes oh there’s a little bit of everything what and then they put even more leave son top of all these sweet potatoes and more rocks they need my help it’s the whole layered oven starts with foliagerocks sweet potatoes foliage rocks and then the pig on top this is our final product right here the earth oven it looks amazing it looks beautiful. I’venever seen anything like this I’m told we just need two hours for it to cook inhere hopefully everything inside is ooked but. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing you by year them odern world creeps closer to the onceuncontacted Danny people but evidence of their early culture can still be seenevery where women in the tribe who used to removesections of their fingers each time aloved one died a village elder using fresh pig intestine to cushion his nosebone and of course the practice of usingall natural tools to cook up a feast foran entire village right now they’retaking all the stones off apparently this is the job of the women and they’rejust using a stick to kind of pull outall the foliage or grabbing the rock sthrowing them to the side and the pig is right here looks like it’s probablycookedoh yeah here’s a piggy oh look at this this is the whole pig right here now in this next layer is the red fruit.

Wow that is beautiful okay there’s nooven mitts what are you eating hmm what is this this really so they’re eating this be sure they look like birds I see themshowing the fur but it tastes almostinedible it is so hard still the women continue unpacking the ovenretrieving steaming hot sweet potatoeswhile the men section the pig the bigpieces of meat are divided up by the cheese yes he just chopped this wholepig in half with a bamboo knife Wow eatevery body yes baby and boy everybody andme yes well you oh thank youthough jobs are divided everyone eatskids are the first to get a taste a fewelders disperse sections of the pigensuring everyone gets their fill[Music]you can see like this thick-skinned fatright here oh thank you Wow from the hind leg huge piece of porks ome fatoh it’s really good Oh hot hot hot hot yeah very hot oh wow this looks so good oh thank you wow these guys are so kind of dated whoa. I want to share with some other people too hmm here there’s a huge piece of skin thick fat it’s like rubbery itlooked like a wild boar this pig do you eat this eat this the skin let’s try it[Music]that’s actually pretty good thick skin all that fat inside it just bubbles and juices up I’m telling you man piggies doone animal you can get away with like nosalt no seasoning just roast it up andit’s still going to be good it’s like anatural cooking vessel this is a sweet potato Wow look how soft it got my gosh it’s been cooking upsteaming underground super hot still mmmis really good I said an airplane we’reso far out how could it be airplanes out here as with many of life’s best diningexperiences the cooking is intense and laborious but the eating is over with in a matter of minutes this is going to beour dessert for today although.

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