A giant omelet in India- A hard-to-see egg dish!

A giant omelet in India- A hard-to-see egg dish!

He’s cooked down the onion and tomatoand he’s gonna kind of push them out and then he’s going to crack it just tonsand tons of eggs in here. I mean ifyou’re gonna cook for a lot of people atonce this is the way to do it today. I’mthe best ever full review show we aregoing on another fun food adventure thistime we are in Mumbai India this city is home to some of the mostgigantic Indian food. I have ever seentoday we are hunting down some food on ascale like you have never seen beforelet’s do it today we’re doing it big inMumbai Indiastarting off with the world’s biggestdosa it’s a little unwieldy then India’smost gigantic non-veg thali platterfeaturing over 45 items. Oh jeepers andfinally we’ll witness the creation of anomelet using 250 eggs we are here inMumbai India looking for the biggestbaddest food which is brought us now toDakshina jaan where they’re making theworld-famous world-record-breaking dosabut let’s go eat it.

A giant omelet in India- A hard-to-see egg dish!

We’re headed into the kitchen to see howthis thing is made let’s check it outright this wayoh it is busy in here right now I’m inthe kitchen with the chefit’s our bun nice to meet you thank youso much today he’s making this giantdosa here known as the family dosa buttoday it’s gonna be made for our familyof one right here this guy let’s do this this is freaking massive that’s like ameter longI just realize some of you might noteven know what a dosa is so we’re gonnajump to a different location and I’mgonna show you we are at this streetside dosa stand when we’re making just ahuge crazy variety of dosa one of whichI’m about to get a dosa is like a kindof crepe but made with finely groundrice and lentil flour batter it can beserved plain like the giant dosa we’reabout to try or with an endless varietyof topping combinations do you wantshredded beet root go ahead how aboutpotato we can do that tooor how about American chop suey dosalet’s see what that is so right awayhe’s gonna come with the batter thensome cabbage spring onion onion oh thisthing is loaded up but so far so goodand then the nudes we’re dropping somenoodles tomato sauce Szechuan sauce redchili powder garam masala salt tomatochutney and a heaping scoop of butterand that’s what.

I like to see a lot ofbutter on almost everything I’ve seenhere it’s amazing all this random stuffthat hopefully together he’s gonna tasteamazing let’s ask these guys over therebuddy yeah yeah all right it’s bubblingup you can see the little bubbles inslow motion right now it’s making youhungry you’re salivating you’re clickingthe like button you’re subscribing ifthis is the most important part hereyeah ah a flip and a chop and he’s gonnatoss that right here and from there acouple of sauces we’ve got a coconutchutney and some bog and just like thatthank you sir. I’m cutting it up with a spoon getting anice big scoop I’m gonna put it in ourcoconut chutney here one of my favouritechutneys of all the chutneys try it out yo buddy uh yeah buddy buddy uh verynice but that is a storm of a heartburnI could actually top this with somepepto-bismol and then it would be aperfect balance the flavors areoutstanding tomatoey peppery and thatdosa is it like nice and kind of softready little bretty little crunchy onthe outside so now that we know what adosa is we’re gonna go back and see the giant dosa and now.

We’re back so that’s what a don’t say is and this is a hugeversion of that right here he’s gonna becurling this now he’s just slathering itwith a bunch of butter that’s myfavorite ingredient okay so now he’srolling it up oh what a move this thingis like a meter longhe’s just rolled up the whole thing kidthis is the really sensitive part itrequires two plates. I’m following thatguy the moment has arrived here finally thisgigantic dosa this is just the plaindosa but we’ve had some nice differentassorted dipping sauces here tomatochutney a coconut chutni onion chutneyand then here this is kind of a stewsambar oh maybe I could dip the wholething this is probably the mostpractical way you got to put it in alittle bit of sauce if this is right waythat you did mmm that is terrific. I gotsome in my eyeit’s like a giant creep but more crispysuper buttery oh he was given somebutter love to this thing.

I just wishit’s a little unwieldy it’s kind of hardto hold perfect there’s no good mmmthere’s so flaky and crispy and butteryand it just turns into nothing you haveto be careful to chutney once in a whileyou’ll get one that’s just like puregarlic and it’ll it’ll choke you outit’s very nice light refreshing creamycoconut in this one I could eat with aspoon it’s so delicious I’m gonna keepworking on this but let’s go check outsome more giant food I’m next up thebiggest thali you will find in Mumbaiour mission continues looking for thehugest food here in Mumbai India whichbrings us now to mini Punjab’s lakesiderestaurant where they are making agigantic tally tally literally meansplatter but when you order the thalihere you get a gigantic assembly ofdifferent cups bowls plates of all kindsof different foods all together let’s goinside and learn more about it thisplace has food bloggers knocking downtheir doors but.

I was lucky enough toget a behind-the-scenes look with theman who created this magnificent beastright now we are in the kitchen withNashawn the creator of the giant thaliwhich is actually called the NevadaSingh Patti for you ice can you talk tome about this awesome platter definitelya giant artisan Carly26 to 28 inch sorry okay which comeswith more than 40 items qualified to beprecise we’ve covered different citiesokay from the northern region which is like. I’m rich Delhi Rajasthan and we’veget the favorite dishes from thosecities a head chef here is preparing themore Musallam rice it’s basicallysteamed rice with a particular gravy which is called as more Muslim so he’sjust added the chicken pieces as you seea long with the spices this basicallycomes on a plate of steamed rice along with the Muru Musallam has a gravy withchicken pieces served on top this is allportion will be on the pattern yes like this by it self already looks like itcould be a homey oh definitely if you can finish the entire platter the poly then no one will start essentially it’sfilling if.

I could eat the whole thingyes it’s gonna be free exceptionally howmany normal people can this feed I don’twe’ll be late for can I take down thewhole platter stick around to find outcan we try this one no definitelydefinitely this is made fresh before oureyes I cannot wait so we’re gonna trysomething right now right here in thekitchen a lot of pressure there’s about20 people watching me right now are youthose guys over there let’s try it out[Music]that is ridiculous I mean just taste theskill like the number of spices I heartoday that worked so well together justa great like a singular flavor soamazing and you can see right here Indiajust has such beautiful vibrant spicesflavors aromas everywhere you go andespecially right now in this kitchenfrom here we’re going to see themassemble this giant thali Assembly has begun but you think whatit’s done you think.

I’ll be able to takedown the whole thing. I feel yes let’shope for the bestokay and see how great your appetitethis all right let’s see at first glanceand with an empty stomach taking downthis platter in 20 minutes seems prettydoable. I mean it’s just some differentbreads a bunch of curries and they’reall served in these tiny bowls andthere’s the chicken and rice and thisand this I’m not feeling so sure anymorethey are right now putting the finaltouches on the dolly downstairs in thekitchen we are waiting for its entranceoh my god right here it requires twopeople do you guys need a hand you gotit oh sure yeah yeah let me let me getout of your way Ohjeepers look at this thank you thank youWow guys good work the main reason. I came here was just to be able to samplea ton of different stuff but it turnsout this is also a food challenge it’ssixteen hundred rupees so it’s coming injust under 25 dollars that seems like apretty good value to me if you can eatthe whole thing it’s free the only catchis you have to do it in under 20 minuteseasy the rice here the rice is the mainissue and then here there’s like anotherclay pot full of rice that’s not fordecoration we need to eat that a coupleother standout items here we have a lambcurry yogurt.

I love lamb I love curry Ilove yogurt I’ve never had all thosethings together but it’s about dang timeso we’re gonna see how much damage I cando in 20 minutes starting right now sohere we have a mutton kabob and ifyou’re like me I didn’t even know whatmutton was until I came here and so thatmeat is called lamb and an adult lambit’s called a sheep and it’s meat it’scalled mutton and it’s gonna go in mymouth that’s delicious it’s been a minute 30already. I haven’t done anything so herewe have a mint chutney with coriander -we’re gonna put our mutton in there hmmoh wow as powerful fresh salty and thenthis is um this is like drinking yogurtoh my god how could anybody rush thismeal. I can’t I just want to enjoyeverybody. I do want to try it myfavourite kind of yogurt here of courseit is the lamb curry yogurt try that outoh it’s tremendous it’s like a littlelamb meatball in there am.

I almost doneoh here we have some fried fish it’slooking a little spicy on the outsidebut let’s find out mmm now to wash itdown with some yogurt we’ve got somedelicious bread here you have every kindof curry here except for Steph Curry isthis what is this what is this a hotdogcurry just kidding if I made Curry’s I’dmake a hotdog curry mmmfive minutes have gone by while we’regetting there we’re really we’re almostdone what is that somebody made a drinkout of cucumber oh okay some chickenthat huge cast-iron pot he wasn’t onlycooking the bread in there but he putalso inside the chicken we’re gonna putsome of the chicken in this chutney nowmove all the powerful I need to chase itcut it with some rice okay this is asoup but it’s in a cup so you can drinkit that’s the best soup drink I’ve everhad here they have white butter.

I justwanna try the butter it’s so creamy it’salmost like cheese flavored butter we’regonna put some of this green curry onthere slap it all together just get itall nice and sloppy on there we’re gonnaroll it up like a little Indian burritommm dip that into the yogurt or rawbutter chicken onion green chutney wegot to combine it all together Oh almostdone chicken budyonnyhere we go amazing it’s so fragrant wegot it we got to pick up speed oh andhere they have pickled chicken guys theypickled the chicken this is breadstuffed with potato okay let’s try thispickled chickenwell it’s delicious you got to drinksome yogurt though look at this thisbread there’s stuff with potato this isalready like half a kilogram itselfthere’s so much I haven’t even tried yetput it with the bread what is thisoh man.

I’m full 17:30 it’s almost overhey thank God they have a time limit cuzI want to die alreadyso here we have khichadi a mix of lentilrice and vegetables this and a littlerice is already a meal oh it’s likesavory that’s like comfort food thiscomfort food is making me feeluncomfortable I’m very full we have oneminute remaining we’re still in the gameguys hope I can do this there’s a lot offood I’m gonna try some with the ricehere mm-hmmthat’s very filling – I tried almosteverything now I have some more fishbread little bit soggythat’s it I can’t do it 20 minutes hasgone by now listen I thought this wasmaybe possible what I just saw theselittle bowls of stuff Oh what is this isthis more food yes but I want to saythanks but I also want to die right nowis this part of the challenge theybrought in the extra six tits I likethat they thought.

I would even get closeto finishing this well listen um we gaveit our best try and so always rememberchase your dreams next time you are inMumbai why don’t you come to mini Punjablakeside to try this whole feast foryourself it’s sixteen hundred rupeesit’s under 25 bucks so even if you failyou still have enough food to bring homeand eat for the rest of the week that’snot bad the end the three-day trip let’s do it anywayfor today’s last stop were hunting downin Indian mega omelet we’ve came to ourfinal location and here they’re making agigantic basically like an Indianscrambled eggs okay we’ve got eggstomato onion and it’s like well what’sso special about this oh. I don’t knowthat there’s gonna be over 250 eggscooked at one time on the skillet righthere behind me the prep is underwaythey’re cutting onions they’re cuttingTomatoes we’re gonna go inside and seeexactly how it’s done my man right here cutting onions nobaubles no productive anything and notears this is a real man how do you doit sir how do you do it with no tearscan you ask him ha ha he’s just like EEEno tears not since 1984 we asked him whyis he dog crying he said it’s destiny.

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