5 Crazy Fruits of Southeast Asia!

5 Crazy Fruits of Southeast Asia!

Fresh fruity and a little party, the king of fruits the smelliest fruit in A sialet’s give it a try I am with Joe. I do high jump is making me drive because she she does that you don’t like driving noI like that. I cannot drive anyone on the back of my motorbike so no that’s cool it’s like kind of low-key fat-shaming. I’m okay with that since you’re in the max if you have the helmet cam you have to introduce the show everyone today on, FX ever quickre view show we’re gonna shoot sabout some crazy in it now and then says ome thing funny and then say some thing funny was that the funny thing okay that was pretty good well here we are jump in this beautiful organic garden and my favorite parta bout walking shots is seeing if the cameraman will fall um he’s going to good so far right now we are headed toour first fruit I don’t mean me.

5 Crazy Fruits of Southeast Asia!

I mean from a tree this is a jackfruit this is gigantic look at this you wouldn’t think it came from a tree oh and here’s some little one look how cute these are little bit spike even not to spiking. I would say spiky but stillinviting can we go find a jackfruit that we can eat yes let’s gowel come so here we have this giganticjackfruit, and is going to show me how to open it ready go so we’re gonna dig in toit oh that’s a late hikes we don’t eat that huh gosh what is it time is chockfull o it that’s worth on them more surprised good this looks complicated this is way more complicated than an apple. I’ll tell you then we’re going to quarter it oh and then we’re cutting itano ther time and we’ll cut it in half aninfinite amount of times until there ‘sno jackfruit left a lot of white chipsobjects inside.

I mean look at how much work this is there’s a ton of these little seed pods in here but to get to them you have to get rid of all this latex get rid of all this kind of rhyme part but you would have like it’s almost like the white part of an orange right and then we get down to the little pod with the sheet in it then you take out the seeds and then sitting it’s ready okay. I’m sorry I’m like jackfruit is actually my favorite fruit in Vietnam in Southeast Asia it’s fruity it has a Melanie kind of flavor for more firm nice texture not overly watery, that was jackfruit but we’re going to go checkout some more fruits today right all right we’re going to the market do here is a marketdodj right now we are in a high-end market this place is abuzz with activity we’re looking for something calleddragon fruit dragon fruit so right here, we have ourfirst crazy fruit and this is a dragon fruit they don’t even boring fruit names.

okay like great great yeah great it’s aboring name guys dragon look at how crazy this fruit looks first of all it’spretty beautiful it looks a lot easier to eat than the check truck gets here the a delay our new Tect on meets in side take the meat or I like it we don’t just call it fruit we’re calling it meat so the lady has beautifully sliced open ourdragon fruit and there’s no giant seed in side or anything like that veryradiant it’s kind of a beautiful color let’s give it a try are you ready hey hold on do you ever do that in real life hit food together no I don’t know why are we doing that is it it’s very weirdlet’s stop let’s right.

Oh mmmreally soft yeah it is not a strong flavor very juicy a little bit sweet then it tastes like you’re eating juice okay um next this is one of the most extreme episodesI’ve ever done and it’s packed with vitamin C we found a lady she’s got alot of fruit here we’re trying to see ifshe has mangosteen so here we have the mangosteen. I have never seen this before and I’ve never eaten it it is kind of alittle heavyit’s got some heft to it intensity itspurplish on the outside it’s got this cute kind of clover II looking thick green leaf top there are two ways to get in to the mangosteen you can either cut it this way with a sharp knife gettingthrough that thick skin but you preferto go the natural route and open it byh and I will put my thumb’s here give ita little push in and out.

Okay that is the mangosteen kind of white, this one’sa little translucent smells a little like chlorophyll okay it has a bit of agrassy smell and then what you just eat the whole thing is there any seed inside of that and that is, it’s the same enzyme okay so let me try to bust mine open what here we go the outside is thick and brittle and then there you go and you got the fruit right there there are some weight isn’t that’s even.

Okay so someone to watch this has to eat the domed oh my god you look like a mother bird feeding her young mmm really soft a little bittart a little bit sour and still sweet of course the aftertaste is much like an apple mangosteen is one of the mostexpensive my brilliant yeah so this bank that we bought it’s half a kilo but it costsaround 1.5 dollar fruit number four number four as we go on today it’sgetting crazier and crazier and now we have this thing which is called rambutan do you know what this looks like.

I don’treally have an idea you just laugh I made a joke right again that’s an inside joke for us guys but it does look a lot like that right yeah yeah oh yeah this looks like it could be from the movie Avatar it’s super bright it’s got all these kind of wispy stem things stickingout of the side so what we’re going todo now is learn how to open it up aren’t you just going now to push it a littlebit to cut it by your nail okay so one thing is you need to goahead and have nails I don’t really have nails only women can eat this fruit or men with nail it’s super easy to peel off what you crack it open the first time and look at that it looks like abig ring drop I’m guessing there’s a big seed inside there a lot of foods that involve spitting today that’s fun and then you kind of bite around the seed and yes you don’t is there a polite way to spit out the seeds or you just likes pit it out you can do it slowly to make it more polite slowly or you can do itreally slowly to make it sexy thangkaokay .

I’m sorry the easier way if you give it one biteat a timeI drove up one I would say it’s actuallya little bit like a hair has a littlebit of hair flavor a little bit sweettiny bit tart a little bit mild okay it’s not this is not an aggressive fruit but what we’re going to try next the king of fruit very aggressive and infact this next fruit is not even allowedin side of buses that’s how wild we’re getting today[Music]all right so now we found the big bad boy of them all the durian and tell me is this also used to punish childrenmaybe adults not true yeah maybe like ahardcore criminals this thing is sharpas heck so here we have it the king of fruits and they wrapped it up like agift for me and I think that’s importantbecause durian is known for being thes melliest fruit in the world right yeah so smelling that it’s not allowed in buses in hotel lobbies phone booth now.

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