10 foods that are great for your lungs!

10 foods that are great for your lungs!

A healthy set of lungs is  crucial for a healthy life.  Imagine your lungs as a cog in the wheel of your  body that is responsible for smooth functioning. However, there are several factors like  environmental toxins, cigarette smoke and  an inflammatory diet that can take a toll on the  lungs. If you’re already suffering from conditions  like asthma and pulmonary disease, it can worsen  the situation. There is research that proves  making lifestyle modifications like choosing  the right kinds of food protects the lungs.


Let’s start by talking about a kitchen staple.  Adding garlic to any dish adds an earthy taste  to it. Eating it raw just twice a week lowers  the chances of developing lung cancer by over 40%.  Research also shows that it may have the potential  to become a chemo-preventive agent in case of  lung cancer. Apart from that it is packed with  antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that  are helpful for people with bronchitis and asthma. Do you know about any other natural health  benefits of garlic? Tell us in the comments below!


Just like garlic, ginger  is widely used to add a burst of flavor to food  and drinks across the world. The anti-inflammatory  effects have been recognised for ages. And when it  comes to lung health, it helps bronchitis patients  breathe easily. Ginger breaks the mucus buildup in  the lungs which provides some much needed relief.  It even makes circulation in the lungs  easy while also reducing inflammation.


Seafood like oysters and salmon  are loaded with lung friendly nutrients and  minerals. From zinc to selenium and B vitamins,  oysters do a great job of undoing  the harm caused by years of smoking. Smoking lowers certain important vitamins  in the lungs which oysters are packed with.  They also contain omega 3 fatty acids  which don’t just keep the lungs healthy,  they also strengthen the immune  system and fight off inflammation.  Combining them with other lung friendly foods will  be a deliciously healthy way of staying in shape.

Swiss chard.

Swiss chard is a superstar when it comes  to healthy foods. This dark leafy green vegetable  is loaded with antioxidants and magnesium.  Magnesium is one element that provides relief to  the lungs by relaxing the airways and preventing  any sort of airway restriction. This is done  by strengthening the tiny airways in the lungs  known as bronchioles. People who suffer from  lung disease have very low levels of magnesium.  Adding swiss chard to your regular diet  will stop this condition from worsening.


Beetroot is one of the  most vibrantly colored vegetables out there but it  is more than just a colorful addition to salads.  It contains plant based compounds that  enable your lungs to perform their best.  Beets and beet greens contain huge amounts  of nitrates which relaxes blood vessels,  reduces blood pressure and maximizes  oxygen content. Potassium, vitamin C and  carotenoids are some other essential lung  friendly nutrients found richly in beets.


Apples are one fruit whose benefits  we have known since a very young age. It is not  a myth. An apple a day does keep you healthy,  especially your lungs. Eating them  regularly promotes lung functioning.  They are associated with slowing down the  decline in lung function. Also, eating at  least 5 apples a week substantially lowers the  risk of developing lung diseases like asthma  and cancer. The credit goes to the presence  of vitamin C, flavonoids and antioxidants.


Turmeric has been  used as a natural healer since ancient times.  Out of all the spices present in your diet,  it is the most beneficial for lung health  due to its antiseptic and medicinal goodness. A big thanks goes to curcumin,  which has anti inflammatory  properties that actively improves chronic  lung conditions. This happens because turmeric  relieves inflammation of the airways and chest  tightness that is associated with asthma. This  herbal remedy will also break down excessive  mucus production and expel it from the lungs.


 When it comes to lung health, foods rich  in carotenoids and vitamin C are essential.  Pumpkin has both, making it one of the  best lung friendly foods. Research shows  that the higher the carotenoid content  the better it is for lung function. The brightly colored flesh is rich in  plant based compounds and antioxidants  which helps bring down inflammation.  People who smoke significantly have  very low levels of antioxidants and  carotenoids. Pumpkin can help reset this. Chilli peppers You may have heard that eating peppers clears out  the sinuses but they’re even better at clearing  out the airways. The active component of pepper  is called capsaicin, which gives them a stinging  bite and provides some serious respiratory relief. Other than that they are highly concentrated  with vitamin C and antioxidants which greatly  assists the lungs. In fact, it should be  noted that a diet rich in spicy foods,  like pepper, substantially lowers the risk  of death associated with respiratory disease.


 Oranges or any other citrus fruit for that  matter, are great for maintenance of the  lungs. The tangy taste of orange and orange  juice comes from all that vitamin C. Eating  them regularly gives a good boost to immunity  and increases the capacity to off any infection. Your body gets continuously attacked with free  radicals and this vitamin clears out the lungs,  reduces wheezing and makes breathing easier.  This is especially true for people suffering  from long term and chronic lung disease. Pineapple Pineapple is the go to fruit for lung detox.  While vitamin C reduces the production  of phlegm and makes it easier to breathe,  it also reduces swelling in the lungs  which reduces coughing. Additionally,  it contains a special enzyme known as  bromelain which detoxes naturally by  getting rid of debris inside the lungs. You  can eat it as it is or squeeze out its juice.  You can also add some peppermint to it. It  will soothe and relax the respiratory tract.


Yogurt is often associated  with an improved digestive system. However,  eating it regularly is also great for the lungs.  Calcium, potassium and selenium are the  dominant minerals present in yogurt.  All these vitamins and minerals work  together to fight off lung disease.  In fact, it increases calcium in the body which  lowers the chances of lung disease by over 30%.

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