$ 1 food in Saigon is loved by many young people!

Now there look at the fortunate today onthe best-ever full review show we’regoing on another food adventure thistime in saigon vietnam i am with my manLao who last time he brought me out forsome delicious cow intestines and queensremember that and as much as I enjoyedthat spleen and intestine I asked himlong today can you please take me outfor some Saigonese streets back andthat’s why right now we are headed toHong Kong to walk which is an Englishname right on a total length on TurtleLakeSaigon’s is a city of street food youcan’t walk down the street or alley waywithout stumbling upon some kind of foodsaltTurtle Lake is no exception withscattered mobile cooker ease alldelivering quick tasty treats at a lowcost and a high level of yumminess todaywe’re doing another test to see if thecamera guy can walk backwards withoutfalling in the water so far successfultell me about dislikes dizzy actually avery popular hanging out photo a localresident yeah and you can see now manypeople on our gathering already.

but it’sgoing to be more credit later at my townbasically people who want to chill andhave a snack you can even see elderlypeople here as wellreally yeah I find one of those okay weare on the church for our food oh yeahI’m sayinghi there lady how you doing you get asnack do you like punching them yeah Ilike so hot oh is this one for me and Igot the butter but I got in quail eggand rice blend it all together in thereright and then he’s got his kind offilling for the inside pre-made oh therewe go we’ve got the spring onion driedonions shrimpy green a little bit ofpork right you got it and that’s a Picoright people I’m better than a normalone that we make Leroy it light up butdefinitely really hard yeah it’s reallyand in the end he’ll put on some chilisauce there are a ton of these places onthis pathway around for the lake andwhat you notice right away is thateverything is movable and what I heardis it’s because these food stalls areactually illegalso they make everything really easy likeall of them to like move quicklywhenever they which a change by likesecurity or yes are we supportingcriminals we know not that seriousbecause you know that’s the way thatpeople make their life.

I know the liveinside it and not only these people buta lot of you in the city you know itwould something like pits and stuff howlong can you sit like this I can’t feelmy legs anymoreoh alright thank youhow are you again handling you owetwenty thousand it ten thousand eachweek fifty centsone two three little bit now hmmso crunchy you wouldn’t believe theamount of crunch here is them hmmyou believe me now if you believe me nowyou think I lied about the crunch asidefrom being extremely crunchy there’s anice blend of the richness from themargarine the chili sauce in therereally look they’re all simple basiccheap ingredients but when you put themall together and you grill them up it’stasty attack you can taste a little bitof the pork there’s a little shrimp easein there it gives you a whisk you awayto in Oceanside I Island that’s a nicething too about it also if you I meanit’s simple it’s cheap and what we’regoing to do next is find some more yummysnacksthis next one is really good if you likea protein so what we’re looking for nowis barn children.

I’m huntin bug John nono don’t don’traising pause okay thanks I get downhere okayholy crap really our next one Wow she’sgoing to put in a bit of butter intoeach single wedge those six pieces ofbutter those quail eggs 103 it looksokay it looks pretty good yeah and thenon top of that he put in a similarmixture to what was in the bunch andright so should be four times threeonions yep we’re gonna wait for this guyto cook up interesting part yeah look atthis he’s fortunate this is my favoritepart because I sit the badass blowtorchit’s taking the food to the next levelif you ever cooked with a blowtorch Ihave not tried oh it’s great you can useit for toast all right I’m going to knowwhere to get one of these specializedwedge hands oh that looks yummy it’ssomething that we don’t have a lot inthe West which is quail egg.

I don’t seea lot of people eating quail egg and nowshe just dumped a bunch of chili sauceon it and some white mayonnaise da nashe is smothering this thing and we havethe bun jungnam which basically meansgrilled egg cake grilled egg cake allright put my stick in there all rightmaybe you can pick one Li off Vietnamesecoriander oh that’s a good ideaoh you want to do Cheers right yeah Idon’t do that okay I don’t you I don’thit the food together whoa hi mm-hmmit’s almost like if you got a bunchingknown and but you said no rice paperplease I’m going low carb just the eggmany other fillings it seems to me thatyou refer this one not matter to thefoot one it is correct people rightactually each one will get better todayobviously very eggy that’s the mainthing in there but you can taste thepork and a little bit of the seafoodcase coming through and especially thecoriander makes it really fresh in theend on the bigthen you’re going low-carb this summergetting ready for the beach season thentry that[Music]next food I mean either five in it thehunt continues for the best streetsnacks and all of Saigon.

I see it herethe time oh yeah she knew itoh is this called chili rice papers yeahthe caller from Julie but he’s not thatspicy she put in some of the chorioncoriander garlic and onions and swingsas well and she’s gonna roll this uplike a little burritoyou know what burritos I don’t knowwhat’s that you don’t know what burritosare it’s Mexican truth yeah oh yeah yeahso here she is giggle ah me get intensefocus I didn’t mean to interrupt her catinto pieces and it’s amazing she hastons of ingredient yeah everything isjust in little jars the topping it’stime for the topping I’m Irene popKeeley fast and my unique event you likeit my rap name is actually mr.mayonnaise really no this is papaya youknow mingle let’s do it again so Idahojump oh this is mango yeah Ohshredded mango reddit mingle and that’sa dried fish no please let Juanita meetjokey in a bit of your clock park rightquail egg so all these little placeshere a lot of them are using similaringredients and just kind of makingdifferent things it’s like how Taco Bellonly really has 14 ingredients that theymix and match them in different waysit’s like that you know Taco Bell I gotto introduce you to some Mexican food mybrain yeah.

I have no idea about likecorn and wheat and we’ve got some peanutpeanut rock and then that’s it yeah myfavorite food in the last food for todaythis is the punching spoon I’m thankfulyou can see this has a ton of stuff init a little Rowan has like 12 differentingredients that it let’s give it a tryit do you have a good strategy you justgo in so I’m going to take a little rollup I’m thankful that I look so when Ican’t wait I can’t wait let’s go for itokay mmm so that is so good such an awesomemix of flavors and textures really thatbest part of this dish is it is a ton ofdifferent great textures together andthe best is that this roll is rolled sotightly and it’s a little bit thin ithas a nice chewy texture to it butinside as you’re chewing it you can feelthe fried onion coming through which isnice and savorythen you have some sweet elements therewith the mango and with the chili sauceand then together all together just oneit you make would you say this is yummylong long one well wagger thank you Ilike the combination up on the plate noforget it no savory mean sour and as youwork your way around the salad you’lldiscover new flavors the ones that arereally pronounced.

I mean just driedsquid it’s actually fairly powerful alittle bit fishy but I still like itI like a little bit of fishing it do youlike a little bit of fishiness and Ithink I do we got some mango you’ve gotto roll up I especially like gettingsome peanut in there toolook at that look at it Ron mmm-hmmthe food review business is verycompetitive and whoever has the bestyummy face is who when contracted it Ican never beat mark Wiens yummy faceoh yes the best yummy face of all but Ican trythank you for showing me all these coolclothes and for you guys if you areinterested in this kind of insiderVietnamese foodie experience let me tellyou you need to have one trip they’reputting on food tours and I am in Saigonthey’re deliciousI’ve done the food tour myself they takeyou all over Saigon things for that arein the description down below if youlike this video go ahead and subscribeto this channel I’ll see you next week.

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