1 day challenge to earn seafood under the sea in Japan! Delicious food in Japan

1 day challenge to earn seafood under the sea in Japan! Delicious food in Japan

This Japan series is made possible with the support of by we eat that part or not[Music]today our cross country Japanese food tour continues moving from Kanagawa to Shizuoka my goal you got to be a psycho to eat this in search of a food so strange most local people have ne vereven heard of it this is an ice oppa a creature living on the ocean floor hundreds of meters below the surface a creature created by Satanhim self a creature man was never meant to see let alone eat this should beillegal right today we’re hitting the high seas haha hawaiting through the rolling waves and hoping for a lucky or not so lucky catch. I’m stuck in an ocean nightmare.

1 day challenge to earn seafood under the sea in Japan! Delicious food in Japan

I won’tanswer welcome to Shizuoka home of the famousFuji mountainbut we came here for something much morespecial sir thank you so much for havingus here this morning we’re about to jumpa board your ship do you have a cute name of your boat it’s called tall Conniemutter what does that mean it’s a boat name okay how long have you been a man of the sea since he was 16 and is now 17although he’s not 17 so for one year mr.Hasegawa has been working on a boat his whole life he started as a deep-seashark fisherman and later transitionedto isopods now he and his son providedeep-sea tours to adventurous isopodcraving travelers like me but how did they come up with this isopod businessidea one day he started getting them for aquariums and we tried cooking them in this pipe over here and it turned out that it was really delicious TV crew came and that’s kind of how the popularity spread and now you can evenget rice crackers made with isopods by the way you’re 70 why do you have more hair than me it’s because he’s drinkingextracting the sharks that he catches and his hands are beautifulare there other benefits for men his wife gets tired of him because he’s soenergetic energetic we failed with the isopods.

I’m getting some shark extract[Music]leaving the docks fresh ocean air in myface feeling hopeful only one hour onthe high seas separates me from the goalalso Chizzy is definitely excited to bea winner oh no everything was fine a second agonow we’re in the actual ocean I’m in theworst boat I don’t know if you guys cansee how crazy considering Japan is oneof the most strict rule followingcountries in the world I am now shockedthat mr. Hasegawa didn’t even give us ashort safety brief warning us about this10 meter long deathtrap he calls a boatseasickness is inevitable morale isgoing from good down to why the hell didSonny bring us here this is by far theshakiest abode I have ever been on.

I don’t know how we’re gonna actuallysurvive being on the boat but it’s all for a good purpose it’s to show you guy sone of the creepiest craziest strangest foods they have in Japan it’s called anisopod they’re known as the janitors of the seacarnivorous crustaceans munching on all the dead sea animals that fall to theo cean floor they’re part of the circle of life essential to ocean ecosystems if you were wondering what happened to your dead goldfish you pushed down the toilet when you were 5 these guys probably ateitwe’ve come here to their buoy we’vedropped an anchor it’s a little bit lessrocking out but still not that greateveryone’s feeling pretty sick how are you feeling right now.

I’m trying to fend off the emotions like this oh yeah yeah how deep is it right here I can see land400 meters away that is crazy feet below us ply their isopod trapslong black cylinder is filled with bait the isopods can crawl in but they can’t crawl out right now the trap line is slowly being lifted we don’t know what its gonna come up it’s gone like a metera second while we wait let me share some tips on how to shoot a show on the water tip 1 make it fun says like that or the level of fun tip to cast a fearless and articulate host our Dark Ages down there they’ve got a big cage they had a buoyto mark where the cages as soon as theybring this cage up it’s gonna be a bigcage any minute if this cage is gonnacome up here and maybe we got a bonuscage tip 3 research you should knowexactly what to expectah here it is so it’s not even a cageit’s a cylinder.

Oh what are thosecreaturesoh no it’s got little ISO punch it’slike a cross between a cockroach lobsterand a nightmarethese isopods look strong active andready for eatin first they must bedispatched slice down the frontexpelling a toxic putrid ball of oceanicwaste from their guts it’s the worstthing I’ve ever smelled the camera guycan confirm that what’s that the ISOpowder the ocean sickness I don’t knowguys can we keep going I don’t know ifwe can keep going this isn’t really whatI had planned today was supposed to be afun food adventure on the high seasinstead morale is low but it’s notalways about fun we’re on a mission todig up Japan’s most bizarre food and nowwe have enough isopods for a lifetimethe seas are a bit choppy the crewstaking a hit we had a little bit of afuel problem here and there I mean wedid accomplish one mission we got thesea bugs.

I don’t think you’re gonna findthis anywhere else in the world if thesecreatures weren’t strange enough waituntil you see how the captain cooks themthe gutted isopods are tossed in a wirecage and the cage is set in the boatsexhaust piperoasting or rather scorching thesecreepy crawlers in fumes that can reachover 2,000 degrees before we chow downwe’re heading back to the dock so theteam can get a much-needed escape from the oceans never-ending onslaught of choppy waves guys we have just got backto landoh sweet land look at it it’s right there oh I love that land so now that we’re not rocking so much I can get acloser look this is the isopod it’s gotthis little tail under similar to alobster and then its mouth what does itsmouth even doing this whole part is soft and it’s full of food every animal that dies and just drift to the bottom of theocean these guys munch on that it’shonestly like God told Satan you candesign one creature he made this andthen he goes okay great but that canonly be on the bottom of the ocean[Music]shizzy is out the producer is out thecamera guys are out they tousled withthe ocean and lost.

I found a deckhand to hold the cameraand chezy’s loss has become captainHasegawa game as he joins me for aseaside continental brunch let’s jumpinto it can you show me how to do italright so he takes the head he kind ofhollows that out then he cuts that awayit looks like there might be a bit ofmeat in there now cutting away the restof the hard top whoa we can eat that meonly me oh what about Dana she knows ohI don’t know what he’s saying but Iunderstand what he’s saying he’s sayinghey you’re the one who paid to go onthis trip I never wanted to eat isopodsokay I’m gonna eat this one I’ll do itI’ll do itah so I’m gonna just grab the meat herewe go but she so sweet a little bit ofexhaust fumes and charcoal and then alittle bit of crabby kind of flavor andI think we’re good and I think you guysfeel good you feel resolution we wentout there we got the thing I ate it dowe capture the moment enough okay I’mgonna get one mark.

I made a rule a longtime ago early on when I was in thePhilippines it said if I can eat one ofsomething I can eat two of somethingit’s weak to take a bite and then justrun when they have Japanese TV crewscome out here they’ll actually take abunch of these and go stir-fry them butI kind of like his chimney smokingmethod more it’s kind of romantic[Music]are you gonna eat with me happy to ityes Cheers hi hi colt psychoyou got to be a psycho to eat this butactually psycho means excellent inJapanese from here do you have any ofthat down shark extract I’m gonna see mygirlfriend in a few days and I want tomake her happy I’m a psycho[Music]oh my god shark oil should I drink it orwhat do I dodrink no all right oh my god try let’stry it up oh yeah it’s like this wellhey hey don’t don’t no don’t swim down too much we’ll get to you monetizeedible experience thank you so muchyou’ve killed itmaite got that gozaimasu isopods taughtme more than I could ever learn aboutthem they taught me that even if yourgoal is hard.

I’m almost definitely gonna puke today look forward to that even if the ocean is fighting against your way even ifyour crew will never speak to you again you’re part of the story down sometimes you need to push past the pain inpursuit of something bigger if you’retraveling to Japan let me recommendbooking an experience to buy food calm now offering over 250 experiencesthroughout the country you can find food tours cooking classes tastings and more and for each booking made by phu khamcontributes funds to children in needthrough their food for happiness projectkebabs and iran fund me in vietnam a lotof boudin sausage in the US are. I’ve alot there’s one thing that connects usallit brings out the best in us showingthat despite our differences you want totestify at the end of the day we’re all people sometimes very hungry people so this is an ode to the part of life that unifies us all from researching andshooting to editing and mastering our10-person best ever food review show team works hard to roll out thehighest-quality travel foodentertainment twice a week if you like what we do here please considersupporting our patreon patreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysum and receive a load of extras likebrutally video releases private q anda’s and beyond to learn more about ourpatreon check out the link in thedescription box down below and if youcan’t give or don’t even feel like it that’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here that is itfor this one I will see you next time thank you so much for watching a priestfight thank you whoa let’s get some more.

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