I have been to your web site  after opening your email this morning, about 2 hours ago and have had the most agreeable morning reading your writings and thoughts and enjoying your life’s questions and ponderings, many of which parallel myself. Most interesting the past life, which I also spent some time exploring and was left with an inexplicable back of the mind, deep within the soul peace of the unknown known. I could go on but hesitate, I enjoyed reading it all very much, from the birds to Leichhardt, all painted pictures and have given me some thoughts to carry for the remainder of the day and a sense of fulfillment.” – Douglas, Katoomba, NSW, 2013.

1. Favourite Quotes

Favourite Quotes

Including Enya, Joanne Fabri, Kahlil Gibran, Joel Goldsmith, Gay Julian, John Lennon, Mark Twain, White Feather.

2. Thought provoking incidents




3. Spiritual Experiences



 4. Selected Published Articles

Paradise Parrot                                        Australian Natural History magazine

The Explorer and his Wine (Leichhardt)  Newcastle Herald Weekend Magazine

Leichhardt’s Telescopes and Clock Investigated Text only

 Leichhardt’s Telescopes and Clock Investigated (Complete article with color illustrations available in the Queensland History Journal, from the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Brisbane)

 5. Affirmations

Accept (Affirmation1)


6. Histories

Brand History James, Robert and Sydney Brand, 1822-1976.