Welcome to Rod Julian Photography and Writing. On this site you will find:

1) Some samples of the prints currently available, mainly Australian Landscapes and restored historic prints, predominantly of the Blue Mountains district.

2) Accounts of just some thought-provoking experiences, my favourite quotes, and a few published articles.

The Prints

The prints are made on acid free, Ph neutral material, normally 310gsm Gallerie Pearl exhibition paper.  All prints are carefully packed. Practically, almost any size can be printed from the master images. Just ask.

The Photographer

I have been learning the art of photography for many years. The main interest has been Landscapes. but portraits are also a challenge, as people tend to talk back! I have been fortunate enough to learn from some very talented photographers, including:

Jacqui Dean and Tim Dean, Julie Willis, Steve Preece, and David Myers.

The Driving Force

I believe that in today’s world, we are so busy in our everyday daily routine we are driving ourselves further and further from our roots – from our soul connection to The Earth. The pace of life today is stressful, with demands and expectations all around us. For many of us, we tend to live in an artificial environment, inside air conditioned rooms, out of sight of the spectacular natural world over the horizon. Our thinking and focus is often on what we have to do next, where we have to go, what deadlines or targets we must meet. In the end, we need to reconnect with nature, to maintain a healthy balance, to ground ourselves, and to regain motivation.  The best inspiration available, is out there – in nature, and our soul connection to it.


Feedback: “Got it! Thanks very much Rod – it looks fantastic!” – Corey, January 2016.

Congratulations on your exhibition, the quality of production and choice of original subject is superb.” Geoff and Val, September 2017.

Contact me if you wish to purchase a print. You can call me within Australia on 0400687227 or email me using the contact form.